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Introducing The Whiteboard

The Whiteboard is a new blog that will cover Television, Music, Video Games, and maybe some other things at times. The idea sort of came about after a night of catching up with my friend Omar about TV. It is something we usually do once a week and after talking for a bit we decided we’d like to have a place to share these thoughts. After a couple of weeks of brainstorming and getting my brother to join in, we are ready to get this going. We wanted to start by just introducing ourselves a bit.

I’m Matt Thompson. I have been blogging for the past few years elsewhere mostly about video games. When it comes to games, I’m mostly into third-person platformers and action/adventure games, but I play other genres at times as well. My favorite series include Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, and Prince of Persia. I’ll be giving some impressions of various games and doing some other game-related features here. My main reason for wanting to do this new blog was that I wanted to branch out into blogging about television and sports. I have really gotten into scripted television more than ever in recent years. I think I slightly prefer drama to comedy, but ideally I like a combination of the two. My all-time favorite shows are Fringe and Scrubs. I look forward to blogging about those shows and many others, both new and old, here on The Whiteboard. I love sports too, specifically football and basketball. My favorite team being the Philadelphia Eagles, but I love Florida State football as well. I am not exactly sure what kind of sports blogs I will do, but it is something I would like to chime in on from time to time. Okay I am going to hand things over to the other guys now.

My name is Omarey Williams or Omar for short. I really love music, television, and sports. I am excited to be able to discuss some of my favorite TV shows, albums, and concerts. I am a big music fan and I listen to many different genres. I like rock, rap/hip hop, and metal. My favorite artists are Thursday, Motion City Soundtrack, Kanye West, and The Chariot. I intend to cover the spectrum of new releases and do some features about music including my top albums of the year lists. I also plan to do some reviews of concerts that I attend to give you an idea of how the shows were. I have always loved television and I am a huge proponent of the dramedy format. I love the mix of humor and drama. My favorite shows are LOST, Fringe, and 24. I plan to cover those shows as well as current airing shows like Person of Interest and Happy Endings, and cancelled but consistently overlooked gems like Daybreak. I also love sports and I am a huge Steelers and Phillies fan. From time to time, I might cover some significant sports story here as well. Finally, I watch movies rarely but on the occasion that one really piques my interest I will cover that here on The Whiteboard too. My favorite movies include The Ten Commandments, Inception, and Anchorman.

I’m Mark Thompson. I’ve had a couple of different blogs that were in fact total flops, but it is something I’ve always wanted to do. Now with the power of my blog partners in crime here at The Whiteboard, I feel like it won’t be something I just want to do, but something that will get done. Of course, I’m super excited to share my thoughts on TV, movies, games, and music with all of the readers that find this site. TV is something I’ve gotten more into over the past year finding that I like a lot of Showtime Originals like Californication and Shameless.  Movie wise I love Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, and just about every awful movie Jason Statham is in these days. I’ve always loved video games from the NES to the PS3. I’ve fallen in love with a lot of games, Castlevania and Grand Theft Auto being two of my favorite series of all time.  Finally what I’m really excited about is blogging about music.  I’m a huge fan of tons of indie rock and old 90s alt-rock from Weezer to Bon Iver. I really can’t get enough new music sometimes.

Okay so that gives you a little information about the three of us. Starting tomorrow we will have some real content going up on the site and will have something new up each day until Friday. There will be something on music, games, and TV this week, so it should give you a good feel for the kind of content you can expect from the site. Thanks for stopping by The Whiteboard and keep an eye out for new posts throughout the week.


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