TV Roundup: Week of 3/4 to 3/10

This round up is a quick look back at this past week in TV. We pull no punches and Matthew, Mark and Omarey will give you their funny, angry, sometimes disappointed but always succinct thoughts on the shows they watch. SPOILER ALERT- Please only read things about shows you have already watched to ensure you don’t ruin your experience. Here’s a look at our thoughts about the week of 3/4 – 3/10

 The Walking Dead

This week only proves my theory from last week. The less that sweat faced troll Carl is in the show the better.
This episode did the impossible: Made me hate Carl even more than I already did. I wish the zombie would have eaten him.
Omarey: Dale finally stirred some emotion in me for the first time in this show and unfortunately the last time too.

Once Upon A Time

I can totally understand why Grumpy is grumpy. Also, Amy Acker is not only a tremendous actress but she is also incredibly gorgeous.

Comic Book Men

Ming tries so hard but can never win! He has great ideas that flop so hard.

Eastbound and Down

Killing off one of the funnier characters wasn’t my favorite move but some how I feel like Kenny Powers will come out on top.

House of Lies

Clyde and Doug have become a likable, funny pair and Doug’s coaching backfiring on him was really funny.
Omarey: Jeannie was 100% right when she said to Marty “You have some serious issues.” He might not even be a fun scumbag to root for.


Hank having to take on what is a version of himself getting with his own daughter is an amazing dynamic. (Editor’s Pick Favorite Episode of the Week: Mark)


Honestly a great episode this week just for the struggle between Fiona and Lip.


Episode 1- I liked the case. It was cool to see how they executed such a good plan but it was ultimately foiled.
Episode 2 – This week’s inmate, Sonny Burnett  is a truly such a sick guy. One of the worst yet.


Cooper dealing with both his addiction and his new partner is great television and Benjamin McKenzie punching dudes in the face is always good.
Omarey: I really liked the “Around here you gotta wear your colors” conversation. Also, the storyline with the lady that shot the black guy was sad for all involved.

Survivor: One World

I was literally covering my face with my hands muttering, “This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen” during the final fifteen minutes of this show.
Omarey: How are they gonna let Colton run stuff? He needs to be gone ASAP.

Happy Endings

Jane’s manipulative plan and seeing Dave and Brad try and catch her in a lie was excellent. Meanwhile Alex has become just as funny as the rest of the cast.
Omarey: Fiscal year of Penny.  “Group baby is that a thing?” Overall kind of a mehtastic episode for me though, sadly.

The River

Best episode of the show so far. It was great to get to know Emmet better finally. Throw in Lena finding her marking, her admission about the beacon and the cliffhanger ending and I just loved this episode. Glad the dog is okay too.

Parks and Recreation

Making fun of Ben at the bar! Their Ben impressions were great. “They would make the most amazing superbaby to rule us all.” – Andy. Ron Swanson is a pimp.  Leslie –  “That’s so sweet. I’ve never had a boyfriend threaten to commit arson for me before.” Donna-“Ugh, It gets old.” (Editor’s Pick Favorite Episode of the Week: Omarey)

30 Rock

This one couldn’t have been much better. Kaylie is an awesome nemesis for Jack. In an episode full of great lines I’ll spotlight her, “I just had Fruit Roll-ups for dinner… at a strip club.” (Editor’s Pick Favorite Episode of the Week: Matthew)

Omarey: -“Who among you has power to censor the censor.”  Also, Kenneth Toilethole might be the worst name I have ever heard.

Big Bang Theory

The recurring whip app gag was great and somehow managed to make me laugh each time it showed up. This episode also did a good job of utilizing the whole cast including Raj who in the last one I watched was pretty much nowhere to be found.

Person of Interest

Working dual cases is cool. I love the interactions between Carter and Reese, and Reese and Finch too. Hilarious picture for Finch. “John? John? You trust him with a baby?” -Carter. Babies playing with grenades. Also, when they were bickering over the baby like a married couple was hilarious.


Best parts were Britten interacting with his family. Not sure what to make of the ending (people from The Event being involved doesn’t help).
Omarey: Last night’s episode was great. Not a huge fan of Laura Innes but she wasn’t awful or anything.

Join in by leaving your thoughts on the shows you watched in the comments. Check back next week to read our thoughts from this week in TV.


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