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TV Impressions – Touch

The following are impressions of new FOX TV show, Touch. The show airs tonight, Thursday, March 15 at 9 pm EST. These impressions are based off of an early viewing of tonight’s pilot episode. These impressions contain mild spoilers but we recommend that you watch the show first and then read our thoughts. Enjoy.

I am a huge fan of Kiefer Sutherland. I watched all 8 seasons of 24 and although I might have complained a few times during its run, it remains one of my all-time favorite shows. Despite an extensive career Sutherland has been typecast as Jack Bauer in my mind and in the mind of countless others. This show has the opportunity to change that perception. Are there similarities to his previous role? Absolutely. The difference here is in the kind of storytelling and situation here is unique, and should allow Sutherland to redefine his character. It does seem as though there will be some action, but as evidenced by a run in with a firefighter in the episode, Martin Bohm is no Jack Bauer. The show also features Gugu Mbatha-Raw whom I fell in love with on Undercovers. A talented and gorgeous actress she will be great to have on the show. I also really like Danny Glover but I doubt that he will be a series regular, though it would be good to see him in that role.

I also really liked Heroes. Once I heard that Tim Kring was the creator, showrunner and executive producer of this show I knew that I would have to check this out. I enjoyed his show, Heroes but thought that it wore out its welcome after the first season. There were moments after the first season that were great but the quality definitely diminished as time went by. I hope this show succeeds where Heroes failed, maintaining its high quality for years.

The concept of Touch is really interesting. A child named Jake Bohm doesn’t speak and is some kind of savant. He is able to see patterns in the world. His father, Martin Bohm is a widower that lost his wife on 9-11. He is struggling to deal with the loss, a son he doesn’t really understand and the ever changing world. As this episode was unfolding I didn’t realize that the innerconnectivity of  our world was going to be a reoccurring theme. I really like shows that address things like that.

The best part of the episode was the scene where Martin starts to put it all together. The voicemail, the story about the bus and the firefighter. It was just a great emotional payoff. It was so cool to see. The scene with the man seeing his daughters pictures in the least likely place ever was also awesome. Connections like these are sure to make for really interesting, drama-filled moments in upcoming episodes as they did here. One of the other parts of the pilot episode I really enjoyed was one of the guest stars of the show, Titus Welliver. He is typically stellar in guest roles and continues that streak in this episode.

There are plenty of emotionally rich moments on the show. Sutherland does an phenomenal job as usual, being emotive without being cheesy. Your heart truly breaks for him at the prospect of losing his son. He is also stellar in the final scene of the show where he shows his love for his son by fighting his fear of heights to get to his son and finally connect with him. It was a beautiful moment.

I loved seeing all of the connections that were made in this episode revolving around the lottery numbers, 318, and the cellphone that was traveling the world. Watching all of it come together was a neat reward as a viewer. It was also neat to see how there are so many ways our lives could be connected to others that we don’t even notice. It is awesome to think that if we knew what we were looking for we could see these ties that bind us all together just like Jake does. That is a cool thought. I also really like the idea that we could not only make a total stranger smile but also save his or her life, that is an incredibly uplifting message that the show has presented.

There is so much heart in this show and it seems that the premise could lead us to some very interesting storylines. I am excited for the ride this show is sure to provide.

2 thoughts on “TV Impressions – Touch

  1. The way everything came together at the end kind of won me over. Hearing the message on Keifer’s answering machine and the father seeing his daughter’s pictures on the big screens were great. Pretty interesting pilot and concept. Hope it turns into an interesting show.

    Also I take it the Japanese girls talking about an Ando and Tekezo was a little easter egg for those of us who watched Heroes.

  2. I hope there are more fun easter eggs like a Kristen Bell cameo in the future. I agree about the way things came together it was so endearing.

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