Favorite and Least Favorite Characters on LOST

This is our look at our favorite and least favorite characters is inspired by They are doing a greatest LOST character ever bracket and numerous discussions about this show’s characters. Make sure you vote for it and check out our thoughts on our favorite and least favorite characters below. These lists are our personal thoughts on on our favorite characters. This is based on who we enjoyed seeing on screen. There are some characters that we just enjoy and others that we just can’t stand to see. We ranking them from  5 being the least to 1 being the most.



5. Richard Alpert

He was a man who was seeking religious redemption. Richard is the embodiment of Jacob’s dream and mission. He carried out Jacob’s orders and he consistently believed in the goodness in people. His ability to not age and the general air of mystery that surronded him made him such a fascinating character to watch.

4. Sawyer

He experienced a tremendously traumatic incident at such a young age that definitely had a huge effect on him. Despite the horrible circumstances of his youth he was able to be a strong leader, and protector on the island. He also had such a charming and humorous nature he was someone who also added to any time he was on screen. One of my favorite Sawyer moments was the gun stealing con that he pulled in the Long Con. Brilliant.

3. John Locke

Such a heartbreaking story but also a story of extreme progress and working hard to improve your life. Especially in the beginning of the show it was hard to dislike John Locke.  He was faithful to the end, even when it costed others their lives. Because of his healing he truly believed in the island and did not want to leave. It is a shame he died at the hands of Ben because I truly felt he had more work and good to do.

2. Jack

He is the story’s hero and he goes through the most dramatic transformation. He is an amazing leader and he assumed that role so comfortably, like it was always meant for him. He always had problem with being obsessive and needing to fix things but on the island he learned to let go. It was always easy to root for Jack because he always had everyone’s best interests in mind. If it wasn’t for his “Live Together, Die Alone” speech the survivors might have done just that.


Ever since the first time he appeared on my screen in Man of Science, Man of Faith, I knew that Desmond David Hume was something special. He is the kind of guy I can relate to and his love story with Penny is something that I would like to experience one day. His accent and how he calls everyone ‘brotha’ doesn’t hurt either.


5. Vincent

I thought about putting Locke here because I loved a lot of his episodes and his backstory was fascinating yet sad, but I never really liked Locke the character all that much. I thought about including Sawyer because he was funny with his nicknames and I enjoyed seeing some of his cons played out on and off-island. But then I thought given who my number one is I’d leave them both off my list and throw Vincent on here. He was great to whoever he was with and dogs are awesome.

4. Benjamin Linus

Ever since he first appeared as Henry Gale, I have been entertained by Michael Emerson’s Benjamin Linus character. Incredibly manipulative and deceitful, he played the villain so well in his early days. And even when he became less of a villain, I still enjoyed his character. Emerson was one of the better actors throughout the series and he did a great job playing both sides of Ben’s character and could make you laugh as well.

3. Richard Alpert

I think it was the way Richard carried himself along with the mystery involving him seemingly not aging that me made like his character so much in his earlier appearances. There is just a certain way about him. And while there is a time at which he seems less cool than we all originally thought, I think “Ab Aeterno” kind of makes up for that. The extended look at Richard’s backstory that this episode gave us was excellent, extremely well-acted by Nestor Carbonell and one of the highlights of the last season of the show and maybe the show as a whole.

2. Desmond Hume

It is hard to imagine someone not liking Desmond. His introduction was brilliant and his form of consciousness-jumping made the episodes that focused on him feel fresh and unique compared to the typical flashback-based episodes. And while many of the show’s relationships could be a bit (read: very) dysfunctional, you could always root for Desmond and Penny. I do kind of wish he was in the show a bit more, but otherwise Desmond was an excellent character.

1. Jack Shephard

Jack has always been my favorite character. I liked that he was always trying to do the best for the group even if some of this was misguided at times. The episodes that focused on him were usually my favorite each season and I (almost) always enjoyed his flashbacks (and other flashes). Most of all, I loved the growth we saw in his character over the course of the series. Things were bumpy at times, but to see his character arc from beginning to end was quite amazing.

Least Favorites


5. Radzinsky

I was excited to find out about him when he was first discussed and then when he appeared I was horrified at the fact that he was one of the worst characters on the show. He is just annoying and every time he was on screen it just grated my nerves. He was always making these rash decisions that would affect all of Dharmaville, without a care in the world. He also had absolutely no people skills or personality. Luckily he was only around for one season, which was coincidentally my least favorite season…


To be so annoyed with a pregnant lady seems wrong, unless you are talking about Claire. She is just so annoying. Her cuteness and Australian accent aren’t even enough to keep me from cringing. When I side with Charlie in the “baby stealing fiasco” that just goes to show you how little I enjoy her. If it isn’t her incessant complaining it is her making up stupid plans that could never work.


Kate was not only tremendously annoying but just generally bad for the show. She was always making situations worse and increasing tensions. Kate killed her step father without remorse, took and raised another woman’s baby to quell her own loneliness and constantly bounced from Sawyer to Jack and back effectively confusing and frustrating both of them and me at the same time.

2.Susan Porter

There are a lot of infuriating women on this show but she is my most hated. I am not really a fan of Michael Dawson but whenever Susan was onscreen it made him seem like my best bro. She refused to marry him, forced him to give up custody of their son, moved his son away from him, and generally treated someone she said she once loved, like yesterday’s garbage. Women like her are the reason why some guys have developed “Bros before Hos” mentality and rightly so.

1. Anthony Cooper

The worst dad hands down on the show. Actually he is the absolute worst dude on the show. He abandons his son, tricks him into stealing his kidney, and throws him out an eighth story window. He also consistently rebukes John Locke’s advances to reconcile and refuses to even explain why he did what he did to him. Not only did he destroy Locke’s life but he is also a heartless con man that destroys people lives including Sawyer’s without remorse. He is the very definition of the worst.


5, Anthony Cooper

I felt compelled to include Anthony Cooper as he is an absolutely terrible human being. Much worse than the characters ahead of him on this list. I truly loathed this guy. The reason he is not ahead of these others is I feel like this is what his character was supposed to be (and to be honest I don’t enjoy making fun of him as much). We are supposed to hate him, but because of how awful he is, I will include him anyway. It is hard to choose his worst transgression, but the kidney thing with Locke stands out in my mind when I think about him. It was hard to watch.

4. Lennon

After all the talk of the temple, I was really looking forward to getting there. Then we got junk like Lennon when we got there. He’s a translator to another largely forgettable character… who doesn’t even need a translator. Ugh. And his persona was just weak as a whole. This guy couldn’t get iced soon enough.

3. Dave

I am going to just blame Dave (Hurley’s imaginary friend) for the episode “Dave” which alone makes him one of the worst characters on the show. I don’t think I need to say anything else.

2. Shannon Rutherford

Shannon just felt so useless during her time on the show. Vapid, annoying and kind of a waste of space. I mean she translated some stuff I guess. My memories of her flashbacks mostly consist of her being a bitch to Boone. Her relationship with Sayid always felt a bit weird to me and including it in the finale in some way didn’t help matters.

1. Claire Littleton

“MA BOYBEE! MA BOYBEE!” Ugh! I have always found Claire extremely annoying. Her backstory is forgettable. Her episodes are typically quite bad (and usually anything good from these episodes has little to do with her). Writing about this now, it feels like Shannon might have been worse, but Claire is around a lot more and well I have always said she was “the worst” when it came to this show and I am sticking to that.

Leave your thoughts in the replies and make sure you vote for the greatest character in LOST here.


5 thoughts on “Favorite and Least Favorite Characters on LOST

  1. Great choices for both lists. Only surprise for me is to see Jack so high on both lists. He is pretty cool, but I think being in the spotlight so often makes it so he has some really annoying moments too.

    He is definitely the character that felt the most “real” to me though. As much as I love a lot of the Lost characters, many of the best ones almost feel like over the top caricatures. Jack is very grounded, and feels like someone I could actually meet one day.

    • Well Jack is certainly a flawed character, but I think that is a good thing and it kind of makes his growth over the series even better (to me at least).

      Do you have a favorite or least favorite character Westen? We’d love to hear who they were.

    • Thanks! I would be interested to hear your lists. Jack and Desmond feel like people I would actually hang with as well.

  2. Love this! I’m surprised Desmond is on the ‘liked’ list. He annoyed me at times, though “see you in another life, brother” is one of the best lines. I would add Sayid and Jin on my favorite list. And I would add Man in Black to my least favorites.

    • Thank you so much for checking out our blog! It is interesting to see who people like and don’t like. I immediately loved Desmond. There was just something about him. Sayid and Jin were both awesome though. I liked the Man in Black for being so good at being bad.Thanks for sharing your list!

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