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Thoughts on Last Night’s Fringe “A Short Story About Love”

Fringe (my favorite show in the whole wide world!) returned last night. It has been on a break for the last month and I was very happy to get to see a new episode. I’ve wanted to write something about Fringe on The Whiteboard since we started it, but have been kind of unsure what to do. I thought about doing something on the season so far or spotlighting an old favorite episode of mine, but ultimately I decided I will be doing posts about new episodes the Saturday after they air for the rest of the season. I am going to shy away from recapping or any type of exhaustive review of the episode in favor of just picking out some of the major takeaways for me from each episode. So here are some thoughts on last night’s episode, “A Short Story About Love.” (Spoilers for last night’s episode ahead obviously. Do not read if you have not watched yet).

The Last Scene: My enjoyment of this episode jumped up a bit with that last scene. And maybe I am caught up in it a bit, but I’m just happy that Olivia is happy again and that her and Peter are together again. Just a nice scene. I’m sure some thought it was cheesy, but I just loved it. The looks on their faces when Olivia and Peter saw each other was great.

Peter is Already Home: This episode confirms what I had been suspecting for a while (and became convinced of since the last episode aired): that Peter is already home. I’m not going to sit here and say this is completely satisfying. I would have gone in a different direction with the season as a whole, but I am not the creator of this show and so, you know, am just along for the ride. Now that we know this, I think the show can move forward a bit more. Olivia has her memories back and I’m guessing Walter will get his back soon. And we will see how it plays out for the other characters. But along with moving forward in this aspect, we can move onto other conflicts I hope. Robert David Jones being one and maybe some other things I’d like to think (like that man who was going to kill Olivia perhaps).

All that Observer Stuff: September putting something in Peter’s eye to give him information was quite cool. Peter finding all of his stuff and then the Beacon was great too. The conversation with the September wasn’t quite as good I suppose as what he was going to say was so predictable at that point. Certainly not as good as the conversation that occurred in his mind last episode. I like the idea that Peter couldn’t be erased because of his care for the others and vice-versa though.

Callbacks to Earlier Seasons: One cool thing about this season has been all the callbacks to previous seasons that they have been able to do. Along with bigger stuff like bringing Jones back there have been lots of little things. This episode gave us the Beacon which was introduced back in the fourth episode of the show “The Arrival” (it appeared in “Brown Betty” too, but that was just a story). And there was the, “Be a better man than your father” quote popping up in a slightly tweaked manner which has been in the show a few times now (“A New Day in Old Town”, “Entrada” and “The Last Sam Weiss” come to me off the top of my head). Enjoyed both being included in this episode.

Creepy Killer: I guess I should say something about the case tonight though it has taken a back seat in my mind to the other elements of the episode. Our killer for the week was just ridiculously creepy. His first scene where he chokes, then kisses, then wraps the woman’s face in plastic wrap was really messed up (especially when we had no clue what he was up to) as was the scene where we see what he does to the husbands. Oh but he totally lets that one couple go because they have a kid. He clearly has a heart of gold…

Five more quick things:

  • It sucks to be blue Lincoln apparently.
  • I could have done without that hashtag that Fox planted on the screen while it aired. Probably because I was so convinced Peter was where he belonged, it felt like almost like a spoilery confirmation.
  • I know she was all sad, but man Olivia looked super hot in the opening scene.
  • A couple funny jokes this episode included Walter’s beaver line and Nina’s line about how they were developing something at Massive Dynamic to make time move faster. Good stuff.
  • The score was excellent last night. I have really grown to love it as the series has progressed.

“A Short Story About Love” was a very good episode of Fringe. Peter realizing he is where he is supposed to be should push things forward for both the characters and the plot. This should hopefully lead to a great final stretch to the season. The week’s case wasn’t the greatest, but the villain was suitably creepy and it connected in with everything else going on enough that it worked. I am still unsure about the direction of this season as a whole, but it is great to have Fringe back and I am extremely excited to see where it goes from here. Feel free to share your thoughts on the last night’s episode in the comments (though I don’t watch previews or look at info for upcoming episodes, so if you could leave that out for my sake, I’d appreciate it). Thanks for reading! Check back in a week for some thoughts next Friday’s episode.

One thought on “Thoughts on Last Night’s Fringe “A Short Story About Love”

  1. Fake Season 4 is still superior but I feel good about the direction of the season.

    I agree with you the callbacks, Peter and the observer stuff, and the end were absolutely amazing. The killer was the absolutely creepiest in Fringe history. I defy someone to disagree with me.

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