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Thoughts On Last Week’s Fringe “The Consultant”

I’m a bit late getting to writing something up for the last episode. But this was one of the season’s better episodes and the season really seems to be building towards the end, so I wanted to make sure I got to it. Here are some thoughts on last Friday’s episode of Fringe “The Consultant” (Spoilers for the episode follow, make sure you have seen it before reading on):

The Two Sides Working Together: One of the exciting parts of last year’s finale was the promise that both Fringe teams would be working together to heal the worlds and I assumed solve various cases. But the two sides haven’t even been interacting all that much this year. This episode was exactly the kind of thing I was expecting from this season. We have Walter on the other side working with Lincoln and Bolivia while Olivia and Peter work on this side. And in a great move they have the Astrids together acting as the in-betweens in one scene so each side can communicate with each other while investigating a pair of linked crime scenes. This is definitely something we should have been getting more of this season.

What Jones is Up To: The case involved the deaths of people and their alternates on the other side happening at once. And it seems it is a test (well two) for a much bigger event. All this Jones’ stuff has been building to a big a finish to the season. And based on what Walter says at the end it might involve Jones’ attempt to collapse both worlds. Not sure what all this will involve, but it should be a fun finish to the season.

That Scene: The second test takes place about halfway through the episode in a taxi. In a really awesome scene, we flash between the woman in the taxi and her counterpart on the other side while she is shopping. It is really neat to see them quickly flash between both sides leading to their two deaths. I just really loved the way they did this scene.

Broyles’s Deal: We finally get to see what was going on with Alternate Broyles. It turns out he was working with Jones in return for him helping to heal his son. I’m glad to find out there was a good reason for why Broyles was helping him out. It leads to a great conversation with Walter about what he did for Peter so many years ago. The way it resembles his situation is one of the cooler connections the show has made between various characters. I think the idea that it includes a character we know like Alt Broyles makes it even better than the typical one with someone from a weekly case. It was also nice to see his son Chris doing better after getting to know him a bit last year. And while it was tough to see Broyles being put in jail at the end, I think him coming clean was the right thing for the show to do.

The Funeral: While they didn’t handle Red Lincoln’s death the way I would have liked last week, they did a good job with it in this episode I think. I was glad they showed the funeral and how it was affecting Bolivia. Her drinking and the ensuing scenes with Walter were fantastic. Still not happy he is gone or the way he went out, but they did a good job with showing the after effects this week.

A few more things:

  • Lots of funny stuff this week, but my favorite was finding out that they have domesticated badgers on the other side and seeing Walter’s reaction to it. The part between the Astrids and Peter and how Walter wasn’t sure how big the device would be was pretty good too.
  • The part where Astrid gave the other Astrid coffee was really nice.
  • The amount of different versions of the characters some of these actors have played is crazy. And the differences between the blue and red versions make it seem like the same people aren’t even playing them when they are in the same episode. Really great work by the whole bunch of them that have to do this.

“The Consultant” was a lot like I expected much of this season to be and I loved it. I don’t really have any complaints about it. Seeing the two Fringe teams work together was excellent. The situation with Alt Broyles was handled well as was the fallout from Red Lincoln’s passing last week. Fringe has been great lately and I look forward to seeing how this season ends.


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