TV Roundup: Week of 5/13 to 5/19

This round up is a quick look back at this past week in TV. We pull no punches and Matthew, Mark and Omarey will give you their funny, angry, sometimes disappointed but always succinct thoughts on the shows they watch. SPOILER ALERT- Please only read things about shows you have already watched to ensure you don’t ruin your experience. Here’s a look at our thoughts about the week of 5/13 –  5/19

The Killing

Matthew: Having my favorite part of the show missing or in a hospital bed for most of the episode is a good way to make sure I enjoy The Killing even less than usual.
With Holder sidelined it exposed the show and its weaknesses even more. I did like the emotion Linden showed for Holder.

Modern Family

Matthew: The way everyone got into little feuds and then how it all unraveled at the end was well-done. I particularly enjoyed the storyline about Phil’s attempt to fire Mitchell and all of his co-workers referring to Mitchell as the lazy guy.
It was a pretty funny episode especially Phil he was on. The show has been on a good roll lately.


The scenes with Sammy were really sad. Definitely tough to watch. I think Nolan shouldn’t have been as confident as he was after he set up the surveillance  in the white haired guy’s house. It was obvious he was onto him. This episode definitely put us in position for an exciting finale though.

30 Rock

Very enjoyable finale. I like what they’ve done with the Liz/Criss relationship this year. Kind of disappointed in the Jack/Avery breakup though. I think I said here just last week how much of a good match they were. It’s been a highlight of the show in recent years.
It is a shame that Avery and Jack are they were a great couple. I loved the stuff with Dr. Cornel West and Tracy. Awesome!


Really liked the first and third episodes they aired this past week. It was fun to see all the nods to various video games in the first and the ending to the last episode was really well-done. Troy was hilarious throughout.
Omarey: I enjoyed all three episodes. The quality was great. My favorite was probably the video game one. I also liked the heist movie scenario one. I am interested to see what they will do next year.


Really awesome finale! Billy was just off the chain this episode. I liked how the team pulled together for Quinn or whoever she is. I think that will be a neat thread to pick up on next year.


Omarey: The story with the Israeli and Palestinian couple and how it related to Martin Bohm’s story was very neat. This show is so consistently good.

Person of Interest

Great finale. The revelation of who Root is amazing. I am interested in how Reese gets Finch back. The team effort was really awesome. I love having Zoey back too.  (Editor’s Pick Favorite Episode of the Week: Omarey)


I was on the edge of my seat throughout this one. Completely riveting episode. I loved the way they handled moving between both realities and Britten’s interactions with both versions of Bird and Hawkins. Can’t wait for the final episode. (Editor’s Pick Favorite Episode of the Week: Matthew)
Britten was awesome pulling this case together. I yelled at Britten and Bird when they went to the captain. I am intrigued with how all of this will wrap up in the finale and I am so sad it did not take off and is not coming back next year.

Join in by leaving your thoughts on the shows you watched in the comments. Check back next week to read our thoughts from this week in TV.


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