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The Whiteboard’s Summer TV Awards | Part 1 | Characters and Acting

We here at The Whiteboard have decided to do some TV Awards this summer. We will definitely pick some favorites at the end of the year too, but with most network TV show seasons taking place across two different years, we wanted to do something now that could include their past seasons in full. So these awards will take a look at some of our favorite and least favorite shows, episodes and other stuff in TV and anything that happened in the “Emmy Period” from June 1st 2011 to May 31st 2012 is eligible. We will be stretching these awards across four blogs which will be posted during the next two weeks. Today’s blog takes a look at characters and acting performances.

Favorite Returning Character

This award goes to our favorite returning regular character.

Matthew’s Pick: Chuck Bartowski, Chuck – It seems kind of silly to say that Chuck is the heart of a show called Chuck, but he is. And that is as true as ever in Season 5. We get to see Chuck as a secret agent, but without the Intersect now which is cool. But we also get to see once again the effect he has on the characters around him, like softening up Casey just a bit for instance. And even know I wasn’t in love with how the show ended, Chuck makes me hopeful for the things that would happen next. The final season was a good swan song for not just the show Chuck, but the character Chuck as well.

Omarey’s Pick: Ben Wyatt, Parks and Recreation – Adam Scott is a shining light and a great addition to the cast of Parks. His chemistry with Leslie Knope is not only wholly believable but also heartwarming. His facial expressions are spot on and one of his greatest assets. He is able to convey what he is thinking without uttering a word.  His nerdy nature makes him somewhat of a punching bag, this can suck for him but is definitely worth a few laughs.

Favorite New Character

This category is for characters that were introduced for the first time this past year whether as a new character in a old show or just someone in a new show.

Matthew’s Pick: Emily Thorne, Revenge – First let me clarify, I mean the Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke that is the main character on the show. The cute blonde one played my Emily Van Camp that does all the revenge-y stuff. I know it can all be a bit confusing, but anyone who watches the show should know which would get this award. She has a fascinating backstory and I just love watching her scheme and pull off all that sweet revenging she does. Her partner in crime Nolan Ross would be a close second for me in this category as he absolutely cracks me up, but Ems gets the edge for having a revenge sensei and rolling into a fight with a shiny silver axe. That’s just awesome.

Omarey’s Pick: John Reese, Person of Interest – John Reese is a tough but kind-hearted man. He is compassionate and caring while also being tough and rugged. His CIA background gives him the skills needed to do the things he needs to but he does it in a way that is caring for the persons of interest that he must protect. He is also really intelligent, clever, and thinks well on his feet. His adaptability makes it easy for him to figure out whether the person is good or bad and how to deal with that situation.

Favorite Guest Character

This award goes to the our favorite character in a guest role whether it be for an episode or an extended arc.

Matthew’s Pick: Kaylie Hooper, 30 Rock – Chloe Moretz returned to 30 Rock this year as Kaylie Hooper. Kaylie once again proves to be a great rival for Jack. It’s such a fun dynamic to see a young girl matching wits with Jack Donaghy as a change of pace from his typical nemeses. She gets kids drunk, manipulates Jack with her high school drama stories and delivers the line, “I just had Fruit Roll-Ups for dinner… at a strip club” (all of which make more sense in context). All this makes for a fantastic guest spot even if she was only in one episode this year.

Omarey’s Pick: Professor Marshall Kane, Community – Michael K. Williams is fantastic in this role. It was clearly written exactly for him. He does a great job as calm, cool, and collected biology professor Kane. His callbacks to the Wire are fantastic and they do such a great job with incorporating them into this role. He was exactly who we expected him to be in this universe. After all, “A man must have a code”

Funniest Character

This category is for the character who makes us laugh, giggle or just smile the most when they are on screen.

Matthew’s Pick: Alex Kerkovich, Happy Endings – This was a really tough category. There are so many funny characters even on Happy Endings alone it is hard to pick a favorite. In quite a surprise, Alex was a huge highlight for me this season. After being the weak link in the first season, the writers really figured out exactly what to do with her. Most of her humor comes from how ditsy she can be and her making dumb mistakes, but she is just a lot of fun too and always willing to help the group out to hilarious results. I kind of wanted to include her sister in here as a sort of double pick, but figured it was kind of a copout, but I loved Jane this season just about as much.

Omarey’s Pick: Brad Williams, Happy Endings – Damon Wayans, Jr is a fantastic actor who has done a great job in his role. His chemistry with Eliza Coupe is great and if you need evidence of this see the episode, Party of Six, where Brad and Jane fight and then make up. So good. He has so many memorable lines that are just great. I love when he gets excited about stuff like the baby clothes, in Big White Lies, it really makes me laugh. I think his crazy antics like BlackASS and his love of rom-coms are certainly admirable traits.

Worst Character

This category is for the character we hate. Not the one we love to hate. Just the terrible character who is simply the worst.

Matthew’s Pick: Carl Grimes, The Walking Dead – Carl is the worst for me. He’s annoying. He’s whiney. He’s unappreciative. He’s badly written. He’s always doing stuff he isn’t supposed to. He is always somewhere he isn’t supposed to be. He makes every episode of The Walking Dead he appears in worse. Just when you think your dreams are going to come true and it seems like a zombie is going to eat this dumb annoying kid, Carl gets away and manages to get some much less terrible character killed instead. Hopefully the writers decide to let Carl get eaten next season (alternatively they could write a less terrible character, but that seems far-fetched).

Omarey’s Pick: Ben Chang, Community – Not only is he just a terrible character but Ken Jeong is simply not an actor that I enjoy. His performances are over the top and he is often obnoxious. It is not even like he adds to the storylines. He often feels like he is an add on character and that he is being shoehorned in. Whenever he comes on screen I groan audibly. That is never a good sign.

Best Actor

This goes to the male we think had the best acting performance throughout this past season.

Matthew’s Pick: Joel Kinnaman as Detective Stephen Holder, The Killing – There were plenty of fantastic actors this season and this was a tough category to choose. I am going to give the edge to Joel Kinnaman for his role as Detective Holder on The Killing. Unlike other people that came to my mind, Kinnaman excelled on a show without the best writing. His physical acting performance was a joy to watch despite how frustrating The Killing could be at times and he was by the far the highlight of the show.

Omarey’s Pick: Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock – Benedict is Sherlock Holmes, moreso than anyone else I have ever seen play him. He embodies him in a way that I envsion when I am imagining Sherlock as I read the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels. His mannerisms and dialogue seem to fit exactly into the picture of the character that I create in my mind. His performance is so engrossing that I sometimes forget that the show is set in modern day England and not in the original time period.

Best Actress

This category is for the best acting performance by a female during this past season.

Matthew’s Pick: Claire Daines as Carrie Mathison, Homeland – I don’t remember the last time I watched Claire Danes in anything to be honest, but she was really fantastic as troubled CIA agent Carrie Mathison in Showtime’s new drama Homeland this past year. Whether it was her complicated investigation into US Marine Nicholas Brody or her issues dealing with her bi-polar disorder, Danes did a great job in this role.

Omarey’s Pick: Lana Parilla as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Once Upon A Time – It is so cool to see Parilla in a main role as I have only seen her in supporting roles in previous work. She takes some very difficult work and makes it seem effortless. She must play two characters but in a similar fashion where they feel like the same person. She also is dynamic as she plays a wonderful villain but also weak, frightened and vulnerable at other times. She is just snarky enough without being bad and she can be warm in a weird way as well. She does excellent work!

That will do it for Part 1 of our Summer TV Awards. Let us know who your favorite characters and actors from this past season were in the comments below. Be sure to keep an eye out for Part 2 of our Awards later this week which will look at our favorite episodes, scenes and moments. Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “The Whiteboard’s Summer TV Awards | Part 1 | Characters and Acting

  1. Sounds like I really need to watch Happy Endings. That description of Carl makes me not want to catch up on Walking Dead, his character actually brings up really good stuff with how the zombie outbreak makes him lose his innocence. Not sure if I’d agree Chang’s that annoying too. He definitely deserves some flack, but Britta protesting him was one of the best bits this season.

    • Carl is fine in the books from what I have read which is why his handling in the show is rather frustrating. Lori sucks in the show, but she sucks in the book, so it bothers me less. Definitely check out Happy Endings if you ever get the chance. First season is okay, second season is a riot.

      • Whoops, just realized I didn’t clarify, I meant that’s how he is in the books and that makes me not want to watch the show.

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