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The Whiteboard’s Summer TV Awards | Part 4 | Shows of the Year

We here at The Whiteboard have decided to do some TV Awards this summer. We will definitely pick some favorites at the end of the year too, but with most network TV show seasons taking place across two different years, we wanted to do something now that could include their past seasons in full. So these awards will take a look at some of our favorite and least favorite stuff in TV and anything that happened in the “Emmy Period” from June 1st 2011 to May 31st 2012 is eligible.  In our final awards blogs, we look at our favorite and least favorite TV seasons we watched this past year.

Best Show

With the Best Show category, we are trying to give the nod to the show we think is objectively the best. It might not be our personal favorite or the one we most enjoy to watch, but we recognize just how great it is.

Matthew’s Pick: Breaking Bad – The fourth season of Breaking Bad picked up where Season 3 left off delivering more top-notch television. Whether it was watching Walter and Gus match wits, Jesse trying to deal with what he had done or just whatever cool stuff Mike was up to, Breaking Bad was always compelling. It was once again one of the best acted, best shot shows on TV. It may not have been my favorite show to tune into weekly (though it’s up there), but there is no denying just how fantastic this show is.

Omarey’s Pick: Homeland – The quality of this show is extremely high. It is one of the best shows I have ever seen. It is emotionally strong. The stories are truly thrilling and compelling. I love the motivations of the characters, they are all so real. The actors are able to rise to the level of their work. The fact that you could empathize, in a weird way, with the terrorists is unbelievable but they somehow make it possible. The stakes of the show are really massive and it gives the show a huge scope and weight. I am intrigued how it will work in the second season. This show seemed built to be a mini-series. It could be like Howard Gordon’s other show 24, where it seems like a one-trick pony that actually is sustainable for multiple years at a really high standard.

Worst Show

This simply goes to the show we watched that we thought was the worst.

Matthew’s Pick: House of Lies – I’m sure there are worse TV shows on than House of Lies, but of the stuff I watch it is the worst. It did get better towards the end, but it still feels like a waste of a very talented cast. If it weren’t for my love of Kristen Bell, I’d probably have stopped watching. It’s really not my kind of show.

Omarey’s Pick: House of Lies – This show had a few moments where it was funny but overall it wasn’t really good. The characters were so grimy it made it hard to really get behind them. The stories were pretty uninteresting. I thought that with the cast it had it would be amazing. I was sadly very wrong.

Favorite New Show

This award goes to our favorite show that debuted in the past year.

Matthew’s Pick: Revenge – As a fan of night time soaps, Revenge really hits the spot. Emily Thorne’s quest for revenge in the Hamptons is just so damn enjoyable to watch. The show never tries to be more than what it is, but it just does what it does so well it is hard not to love it. Whether it’s watching Emily take down those that have wronged her, seeing her tangle with Victoria or just hearing Nolan’s hilarious quips, Revenge is just delicious soapy fun and I love it.

Omarey’s Pick: Person of Interest – I was very impressed with this show. I liked the producers of the show, and the cast but I was really surprised at just how good it was. It is most definitely a procedural but the way the show was formatted is great. The stories that they tell are heartfelt. They also routinely have really fun twists. There was also very cool overarching elements in it.

Favorite Old Show We Watched for the First Time this Year

This award goes to a show we first started watching at some point during the last year. It could be a show that has finished airing or something that is still airing that we just got into with its older seasons from past years.

Matthew’s Pick: The Vampire Diaries – This past December when I first started using Netflix I gave The Vampire Diaries a shot. I had heard it was good, but was surprised to see it grow into one of my favorite shows on TV. It starts off a little rocky, but by about halfway through the first season it really finds itself. Its pace is relentless. It’s shocking just how much plot they run through and yet it manages to sustain this pace. The series goes through a number of villains which have all been great. Sure there are some trappings of teen drama here, but they are well-done and it is more of a genre show than it is a teen drama. And I just really love it. Also it has Nina Dobrev in it. Yeah…

Omarey’s Pick: Alias – I used to see commercials of this show and I figured I would not enjoy it. I was very wrong. I picked it up by chance to give it a try. I loved the cast, the stories that were told and was entranced by the serial storyline within seasons and throughout the show as a whole. They even had some awesome finales and premieres. They did a great job of weaving everything together and did a really awesome job with twists and turns. For a action spy show there was a tremendous amount of drama and heartfelt moments. It is definitely a must watch show.

Favorite Comedy

This award goes to our favorite comedy this past season.

Matthew’s Pick: Happy Endings – Happy Endings isn’t the most unique setup. It is about a group of friends and their weekly antics. But sometimes all you need is to take a simple concept and just execute it really well. And that is exactly what Happy Endings did in its sophomore season. Week in, week out no show made me laugh like this one and it didn’t relent all season. The writers found out exactly what to do with all their characters and the result was my favorite comedy show season of the last few years.

Omarey’s Pick: Parks and Recreation – This show has only gotten better and better. The campaign storyline was a great background for this season but there were so many great stories to tell in all of the character’s lives. This show might not always be laugh out loud funny but there were definitely a lot of funny moments, see the dunk in “The Comeback Kid”. The show’s bread and butter is its heart warming moments and it is so good at them.

Favorite Drama

This award goes to the drama we thought had the most enjoyable season this past year. It was our favorite if not necessarily the objective best.

Matthew’s Pick: Fringe – Fringe wasn’t at its best this season and this is something I have been pretty vocal about (not so much on this blog, but elsewhere). And a couple of things they did in Season 4 still kind of drive me nuts. But while it didn’t live up to the expectations set by the first three seasons of the show (which is a difficult task), it was still a fantastic season of television in its own right. It was particularly strong in the back half as the DRJ plotline heated up and the two universes started working together more. Throw in the awesome future tease in episode 19 and some of the surprises in the episodes that followed and this ended up being my favorite drama show of the season. There really was no show I enjoyed watching more than this one week in and week out.

Omarey’s Pick: Sherlock How could a show that only has 3 episodes per season be my favorite show? It is amazing to think that this show is able to pack so much in such a short time. The 90 minute episodes are packed with thrilling moments, bits of humor, and intriguing and thrilling  stories. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman ARE Holmes and Watson in my mind. They have trumped every other version of them to me. The rest of the cast is amazing in their roles as well. The writing is funny and witty but also sincere and dramatic as well. All of the episodes are stellar adaptations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tales. There are really cool callbacks to those stories and how they are able to be so authentic to the originals despite retelling them in the modern era is amazing.

And that will conclude our Summer TV Awards here at The Whiteboard. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the best and worst in TV this past year in the comments below. If you missed any of our previous awards, I have linked to them below. And be on the lookout for new content on the upcoming TV season soon. Thanks for reading!

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