Our Most Anticipated Upcoming New TV Shows

The new network TV season is upon us and with it comes a smattering of new shows we’ll be seeing for the first time this season. We have each picked out the five we are looking forward to checking out the most. They can be network or cable, Fall or midseason, as long as they are new and coming out during this upcoming season. Here they are:

Omarey’s Picks

5. Save Me: I am not the world’s biggest Anne Heche fan but after I watch this show I might just become one. The concept of a woman that is having a Joan of Arc talking to God experience is not new but interesting. It seems like a  light, more heartfelt take on it. It feels like this show will follow in the tradition of Early Edition and My Name is Earl. It will probably be a bunch of heartwarming tales with a bit of moralizing. And I will be just fine with that.

4. Go On: Matthew Perry is the fucking man. He was my favorite part of Friends. I think this show will be a nice dramedy. It will be serious at times but also very silly and fun. This show reminds me of Scrubs, a little. If it can be 1/5 as awesome as that show was I will be really happy with it and I think it will be. I also look forward to cameos from athletes that should be cool.

3. Nashville: A show about the country music industry. How could this be a show that people seem to be so into? I am really excited for it though. I like country music, the cast looks great and the buzz is big but tempered. I can handle that. I was really disappointed in Hayden Panetierre’s previous work, as she was one of the weaker parts of Heroes. This role looks like it will be perfectly set for her. Eveyone else seems like they are perfectly cast for their roles.

2. Last Resort: I was really disappointed to hear that Terriers was cancelled. I also got into The Chicago Code just as it was being axed as well. I plan to watch The Shield as well. Shawn Ryan is becoming one of “my guys”. I also looked at the cast of this show which includes Autumn Reeser, Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman and figured with all of that talent that I would be overwhelmed by this show’s awesomeness. I was not blown away by the trailer. I still have it ranked this high because of the potential it has based on the people involved. Heck, I even mocked The Chicago Code before I gave it a chance and I am very glad I did.

1. Revolution: This was easily my most anticipated show of the year. I am sucker for anything that has J.J. Abrams’ name attached to it. The concept of the show is actually kinda neat too. I liked the trailer and the cast seems pretty solid. I like Billy Burke, and Elizabeth Mitchell. I have high hopes for this show and it feels very much in the vein of shows that I like with elements of mystery, sci-fi and action, like LOST and Fringe. I think this will definitely be a favorite show for as long as it lasts.

Matthew’s Picks

5. Last Resort/Nashville: Am I copping out here… maybe. But it is less that I am trying to include both and more that I’m not that excited for either. I’m supposed to be looking forward to Last Resort. Shawn Ryan (who I like) is making it and it has a good cast, but its premise just doesn’t look very appealing to me. I hear Nashville is fantastic. I like soapy shows. I love Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights. I am intrigued by seeing Hay-Hay in something better than Heroes turned out to be (and her role here can’t be worse than in Heroes). But I really don’t like country music. Like at all. So I don’t know. I will check out both of these, but am sort of mixed on my excitement for them. Hopefully one (or both) of them wins me over.

4. Go On: This was going to be on my list anyway, but it is one of a handful of shows whose pilot is available to watch as of this writing. And watching it helped sell the show a bit for me. Go On finds a group of individuals brought together that normally wouldn’t be hanging out via group grief counseling. Despite what could be a downer of a premise, there is a lot of fun to be had from what I have seen and it looks to have some silly antics developing from this unlikely group of friends. Definitely looking forward to watching more.

3. Hunted: This is going to be on Cinemax though it is a BBC show it seems, so I am not sure when or how I would watch this, but I am intrigued. Like most of this list, it has a creator I care about in Frank Spotnitz, who wrote for one of my old favorites, The X-Files. The show focuses on a spy named Sam Hunter who is back to work after an attempt on her life. So she has to do her job and figure out who was out to kill her. Not exactly the most original sounding show, but I liked the trailer a lot and that is enough for me. Hopefully I will be able to watch this one way or another.

2. Revolution: The premise for this one is pretty cool. The power goes out and we pick up fifteen years later to see what is going on with people who have been living without it all this time. The pilot didn’t light my world on fire, but it was good enough. It ended with a couple of cool reveals and I am a sucker for mysteries that may or may not have unsatisfying answers later which this show seems to have. But hey I’ll enjoy the mystery and trying to figure it out for the time being. Throw in a talented writing staff and a partially good cast and I am looking forward to seeing where they go with this show.

1. The Following: I am a big fan of Kevin Williamson from his work on the Scream movie series and The Vampire Diaries TV series. And a serial killer TV show from him like The Following just sounds like a great idea to me. With TVD, Williamson really shows a great handle on serialized storytelling and pacing, so I am hoping to see that translate to this show. I’ve heard this has a good horror vibe of sorts to it as well which is a plus for me. I loved what I saw in the trailer and Kevin Bacon as the lead should be really cool. This is definitely the new show I am looking forward to the most at the moment. Unfortunately this one isn’t coming until midseason, so I will be waiting for a while to check it out.

That will do it for our look at our most anticipated new shows of the season. Feel free to tell us what new shows you are looking forward to checking out. We’ll be back soon with a post about the returning TV shows that we can’t wait to see the new seasons for.


13 thoughts on “Our Most Anticipated Upcoming New TV Shows

  1. I haven’t heard about The Following, but Revolution is something that I’m personally looking forward to. Sadly, I feel like it’s just being so overhyped that it just might flop. Is there a reason why you guys didn’t include The Walking Dead? And what did you guys think about the series: Falling Skies (if you’ve seen it)?

    • Hey thanks for checking out the blog! I have not seen Falling Skies. Is it good? I really like the Walking Dead and I am really anticipating good things from the upcoming season.

      • No problem. I’m a friend of Matt’s, and I enjoy GOOD tv shows. Hahaha. My parents have watched all of Falling Skies, and I got started when the second season started and it was surprisingly good. It got us through most of the time, waiting for The Walking Dead.

        As a matter of fact, it’s also an “apocalyptic” series, but involves aliens instead of zombies. I highly recommend it. It’s not exactly on par with The Walking Dead, but not too sub-par from it, either..

      • Also worth noting is that The Walking Dead would fall into our upcoming returning shows blog. You make sure to tune into that blog Lenny where I mention five shows that are better and more worth your time than The Walking Dead :]

  2. Saw the Revolution pilot on Hulu. It was pretty good, there’s enough interesting things going on with the premise and good enough action to keep me interested. The characters were bland though outside Giancarlo Esposito’s, and that’s because that guy’s such a great actor. Hopefully they improve that later on.

    • That is pretty much how I felt. It wasn’t great, but it was good enough. They have compiled a really good writing staff. So I hope it gets better as it goes on. Pilots are tough because you have to set up a lot of stuff.

    • I feel the same way. Everyone is kinda bland. I like Capt. Neville (Esposito) and I also like Miles (Billy Burke’s) character. They are the best part of it. I also liked the twist with the power sources and Monroe. There is enough to be excited about that will keep me watching.

      • The Monroe reveal at the end was probably my favorite part. I really didn’t like the romance-y stuff between Charlie and Bow guy either. I don’t typically mind that stuff, but here I was like… ugh.

      • That was my favorite part too. As for the romance, for some reason it really reminds me of The Hunger Games. Something about this show makes me feel like they’re going for that audience, not sure if it’s the aesthetic or Charlie/Bow guy’s hostile/lust relationship, but it just made me think of that.

      • Is the comparison to The Hunger Games good or bad? I’ve haven’t read the book or seen the movie. You could be right though. Might be going for that vibe a bit. Also… you know… Year of the Bow!

      • I loved the first two books and liked the movie, it’s just not the kind of thing I want to see copied. Teenage girl and boy who are supposed to kill each other, but don’t because of some tacked on love story, there’s a ton of things that could go wrong there. The romance bits were also the worst parts of The Hunger Games, so I’m going to be automatically skeptical on anything copying that part of them.
        Now that I think about it, Hunger Games could have started the Year of the Bow. I’m hoping Ratchet eventually gets a bow that shoots one eyed monkeys. With an upgrade that makes them give off electricity.

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