Our Most Anticipated Returning TV Shows of the Season

Last week we took a look at which new shows we were most looking forward to this season. Today we wanted to mention which returning TV shows (shows who won’t be in their first season) we are most excited to see come back on TV. Obviously how much we like the shows plays a part in this, but where they are at coming into this season also plays into how much we are looking forward to watching the new seasons for these shows. Here are our most anticipated returning TV shows of this season:

Omarey’s Picks

5. Once Upon A Time: This is one of my favorite new shows of last year. I love the fairy tale element of the show and how it’s told in a LOSTesque style. It is not LOST but it is very reminiscent of that show and that makes me happy. I like the style of partially revealing things about the characters through their backstories. It is a really neat storytelling device. I like the characters and think that they did a really great job on casting. My favorites are Evil Queen/Regina, Prince Charming/David, Belle, and Grumpy/Leroy. Excited to see what new characters and stories they introduce this year.

4. Homeland: This show was so awesome last year. It was surprisingly tense, exciting, and sad all at once. The crew did a great job taking me on an emotional rollercoaster and keeping me on the edge of my seat for all 13 episodes. Not only was it an enthralling experience but it was also extremely well written. The characters felt genuine and I was truly concerned with what happened to them. Based on the way things ended last season it seems that a lot of the tension,  and suspense will be gone this year but I hope that Howard Gordon can do with this show what he did with 24, make it completely fresh and new but just as compelling. Only time will tell.

3. Parks and Recreation: This is my favorite comedy on TV right now, which is kinda funny because it is less funny than it has been in previous years. It has grown more heart-warming and sweet during its run but I seem to be loving it more. Don’t get me wrong, Andy’s antics, Tom’s crazy personality, and Ben’s faces still totally crack me up but I think the heart is the focus of the show now. It’s definitely become the centerpiece of the show. I am excited to see how all of the changes at the end of the season will effect the characters, because I am sure it won’t affect the quality of the show.

2. Person of Interest: This is my favorite new show. I love the premise and think the show is executed really well. Jonathan Nolan, writer on the Dark Knight series of Batman movies is the executive producer of this show. It follows the same vigilante motif but in a more realistic, relatable manner. In addition to strong writing the show works so well because of the characters. They are really intriguing and you can get really invested in them. I am excited to see more persons of interest and learn more about the mystery revolving around the machine.

1. Fringe: I cannot wait to see what this last season of Fringe holds. I am so thankful to be even able to watch a fifth season of this show. I am glad it has been giving the gift of completing the story and not leaving us hanging. In addition to that the storyline and villians that they have chosen to tackle in this last year are perfect. I have pretty high hopes that they will tie a lot of things together and leave us satisfied with a great resolution. I trust the crew of the show to do just that. It will definitely be missed. Thank You Fringe.

Matthew’s picks

5. Happy Endings: If this was a favorite shows currently on TV list, Happy Endings might be at spot or two higher, but as far as most anticipated shows of the upcoming season, I will slot it in here. I loved the growth that Happy Endings showed in Season 2 which was my favorite comedy season of the last few years and I’m interested to see if they can either keep up the quality of last year or get even better. It will also be interesting to see how they handle Dave and Alex’s relationship going forward as well as Brad’s job situation after last year’s finale.

4. Game of Thrones: I really fell for this show this past summer when I watched its two seasons over the course of a couple of weeks. It feels like such a unique show in today’s TV world. It even made me go and start reading the books which gives you a lot of info you don’t get in the show. Season 2 leaves off with some really exciting teases for the next season especially up North beyond the wall but down south and with Dany’s storyline in the East as well. I also have heard that the third book (which I hope to get to before or around next season) is really great. All that has me pretty excited for the next season of Game of Thrones.

3. 30 Rock: I don’t get quite as excited for comedies to return as I do dramas generally, but it being the final season of one kind of ratchets things up a notch. And that is the case here with 30 Rock. This show has been one of my favorite shows in recent years and will probably be in the mix for my top five all-time favorite comedies when it finishes. And while 30 Rock is mostly about firing as many jokes at us as possible, I am curious where these characters will end up as the show finishes its run. Especially Jack and Liz who are just such great characters. And you have to be a little curious what will be revealed about Kenneth given all the crazy stuff they have hinted about him. Hopefully 30 Rock finishes out strong.

2. The Vampire Diaries: This is a last minute addition to my list. As much as I love this show, I had not caught up with Season 3, so couldn’t really be excited for Season 4 yet. But once I finished Season 3, I had to slot this in here (apologies to Revenge for getting bumped off). This show is just so addictive with its relentless pacing and crazy plot twists. And the end of Season 3 is a true gamechanger. I’m not even sure I fully liked the ending, but I am dying to see how they handle the show going forward. I’m sure this seems like a Twilight-type TV show from the outside looking in, but once you get into this series you realize it is a great genre show with some teen drama mixed in with a kind of stupid name. Can’t wait for the new season!

1. Fringe: It’s my all-time favorite TV show’s final season. Nothing could really be more exciting for me within the scripted television landscape than this. I also loved last year’s “Letters of Transit” which is basically the setup for this season. And while I would have loved for this show to last more than five seasons, I am really happy the writers know that this is the final season, so they can go all out and finish the way they want to. No need to hedge their bets in case they have to make more episodes. I will definitely be incredibly sad to see this show end and say goodbye to so many of my favorite characters, but I couldn’t be more excited to see how it finishes.

That will do it. Let us know what returning shows you are most looking forward to seeing this season in the comments below. We will be back with all sorts of TV coverage starting with the return of the roundup this Sunday as well as plenty of other stuff as the season continues.

8 thoughts on “Our Most Anticipated Returning TV Shows of the Season

  1. I just watched the first pilot episode for Once Upon A Time, now that it’s on Netflix, and I’m already digging it. I haven’t watched Fringe, but I probably should – since I hear people talk about it so much.

    On a different note, after watching the season premier of Revolution, I’m already disappointed. They could sway me later on, but right now – I’m not sold. :\

    • Welcome to Once Upon A Time, I really think that show is worth your time. Just like every show there are peaks and valleys but I feel like the good episodes are really good. Enjoy.

      Fringe is definitely worth your time to catch up on at your leisure since you probably won’t be caught up in time for the Feb 1st finale, maybe you will. Definitely highly recommended though.

      Sorry to hear Revolution disappointed. I really hope that it gets better. The reveals were neat I thought.

      • I had it, but let it expire. I’m thinking about getting it again, with the holidays coming up, but it streams for free on Amazon Prime? I never knew that. :\ Have you heard of Project Free TV? They have it on their website – so I may have to catch up on it sometime. :]

  2. I’m excited for Beavis and Butthead, Legend of Korra, and Happy Endings. Would be excited for Community, but I’m not sure with Dan Harmon gone. Everything else I’m either not excited but will still watch like Parks and Rec or just ended like Adventure Time or Wilfred.

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