TV Roundup: Week of 9/16 to 9/22

This round up is a quick look back at this past week in TV. We pull no punches and Matthew, Mark and Omarey will give you their funny, angry, sometimes disappointed but always succinct thoughts on the shows they watch. SPOILER ALERT- Please only read things about shows you have already watched to ensure you don’t ruin your experience. Here’s a look at our thoughts about the week of 9/16 – 9/22



Matthew: I think the best description for this pilot is: good enough. I’m intrigued enough to want to keep watching, but not really excited to see more. The actors and characters are pretty hit or miss (the lead girl needs to get better). I really liked the reveal about Monroe at the end though.
The pilot did what it was supposed to do and that was give me enough to be intrigued enough to continue to tune in. I want to find out more about Miles, Monroe, and the blackout and less about Charlie.

Go On

Matthew: This show hasn’t done a ton for me so far (it’s solid though), but I did really enjoy the ending of this most recent episode with all Ryan’s friends showing up at 1:23AM to help him out. Not just the group, but Steven as well. Ryan introducing the group to Steven was a nice touch too.
I really enjoy this show. Matthew Perry is very funny and this has a great ensemble cast. I like John Cho he is fun on this. Thr 1:23 am storyline had a really nice albeit predictable resolution but I really liked it.

The L.A. Complex

Kal’s storyline has been great all year long (heck for the whole series) and it continues to be the best in this week’s two episodes. The other storylines have been kind of hit or miss, but I did love Raquel and her film buddies sneaking the sequence in at the bank since they don’t have much money. Really funny segment.


Matthew: Ray Romano has been really good on here. I enjoyed Julia staying at the school to make her new son more comfortable even if that storyline has been kind of awkward. It will be interesting to see how the storyline with Christina goes.
I don’t like Ray Romano’s character moving in on Mark Cyr territory. He doesn’t deserve that.


 Somehow I ended up watching this again. It was actually an okay premiere I guess. Zane’s plan was idiotic in a way that was fun to watch and Angie is at least fun to look at. The 90 minutes was a bit much though with way too much talking and only one challenge.
Omarey: I hated how Russell talked about not being a leader and then proceeded to do just that, and Michael Skupin kept getting hurt, that was disappointing. Also, Zane had an  interesting strategy that he took too far. Also, 95% sure Russell had an idol? This will be a fun year.

Parks and Recreation

Matthew: It’s good to have this show back. I’m not exactly sure what to single out and mention, but it was a very good return where pretty much everything worked.
It was another good episode from this show. I loved the cameos and change of scenery too. It was cool that Sen. McCain showed up. Very cool of him.


Great episode to finish this three-parter. I loved seeing Louie nail the test show and his kids giving him the card was really cute. Even though Louie didn’t get the job, the end made it feel kind of like a win for him which was fun.
Omarey: I really liked the Late Show saga. There were some great cameos. SEINFELD, DAVID LYNCH and my main man, CHRIS ROCK. Louie proved that when this show is on its game it is awesome. The resolution was handled well too.


After almost a full-year since the finale of Season 2 aired, I kind of forgot where we had left off. The plot for the week was a bit ridiculous (this show’s often are), but some of the mythology tidbits given out were interesting. I hope they give this kind of stuff out at more than a drip feed this season.

Join in by leaving your thoughts on the shows you watched in the comments. Check back next week to read our thoughts from this week in TV.


4 thoughts on “TV Roundup: Week of 9/16 to 9/22

  1. I still say Parks and Rec should have ended at season 4 (that ending was too perfect), but between Andy being Andy and Ron bringing that pig to the barbecue, I can’t complain. Pretty much agree on Revolution.

      • There definitely is, I just don’t want it to turn into The Office where they set up all these cool new ideas that are either forgotten or get an episode to get rid of them. I especially hope Andy follows through on being a cop, I can only imagine what his training would be like.

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