Album Spotlight: Aficionado – Empty 7″ EP

This band is one of my new favorites. I found out about them because of my all-time favorite band Thursday. They opened up for Thursday’s farewell tour and I had the extreme pleasure of seeing them twice in a week. The first time I saw them I really enjoyed their set and a few of their tunes were stuck in my head. I went home and listened to their music almost nonstop until I saw them for a second time. This time, I knew the words to their songs and could sing along. This increased my enjoyment of their live show tenfold. I really enjoyed Aficionado the first time but I left the second show with my love for this band cemented.

Not only is this band amazing live but they are just as good on CD. The seven piece band isn’t just your typical alternative rock band. They are a post-hardcore/indie/alternative hybrid with dual male/female vocals and a flute. This band’s signature sound is unique and it separates them from their contemporaries. The back and forth between lead singer Nick Warchol and Laura Carrozza is great. The use of the flute could easily feel gimmicky but it fits in naturally and adds another layer to the band’s intricate sound. See songs like “Stir Like Hell” and “Confidence is Intimidating” for proof. The guitarists mix with the rhythm section and they add a dash of keys and piano to complete the recipe for some delicious tunes. I am consistently impressed with the songs this band puts out. Whether it is on their debut EP, When It Comes to Creation, their Self titled full length album or this new 7 inch EP they always provide an entertaining listening experience.

Check out a live version of their new song “Empty”

“Empty” is a catchy song but definitely still has a touch of post-hardcore in it. The chorus, which is a mix of Warchol’s “I can’t get full cause I’m empty” and Carozza’s “Ah ah ah ah ahs”, is instantly memorable. It has a playful bounce. The song feels like it fits in well with the band’s current discography and feels right at home in their live show.

Laura Carrozza’s delicate beautiful vocals dance across some deliberate riffing until the bass and the rest of the rhythm kicks in on the other track, “The Slack”. Warchol slides to the background on this track providing some backing vocals including “OHs”. This song is the lighter of the two songs but it still has a good energy to it.

This 7″ EP is definitely more on the indie side of their sound. The band are currently writing and demoing for their second full length album to come. It is great that they decided to put out this 7″ EP as a hold over and a treat for their fans. I am really excited to see what they come up with next.

Aficionado is:
Nick Warchol – Vocals
James Kehoe – Guitar
Chris Tenerowicz – Guitar/Horns
Chris Kehoe – Bass
Craig Dutra – Keys
Laura Carrozza – Flute/Vocals
Mark O’Brien – Drums

I definitely recommend this EP. Pick it up here: Empty EP
Also pick up their full length album here or here.


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