TV Roundup: Week of 9/30 to 10/6

This round up is a quick look back at this past week in TV. We pull no punches and Matthew, Mark and Omarey will give you their funny, angry, sometimes disappointed but always succinct thoughts on the shows they watch. SPOILER ALERT- Please only read things about shows you have already watched to ensure you don’t ruin your experience. Here’s a look at our thoughts about the week of 9/30 – 10/6

Once Upon A Time

Matthew: I think I like the idea of Emma and Snow being down in Fairy Tale Land. Might be a good shake-up for Season 2. Mulan seems like a good new character too.
Omarey: I am glad this is back. Mr. Gold is such a dynamic character. Mulan is quite awesome too.  “That’s quite the example you’re setting for your daughter there” – Regina, she’s still great. The LOST references are fun. Snow and Emma being in the fairytale land is a neat twist.


Matthew: This was a good start to the new season. I love the idea of Emily and Nolan as housemates. That should lead to some fun. I’m kind of sick of Fake Amanda. And no one ever thought Victoria was dead. Ever. Also… REVENGE!
Omarey: “Sounds vaguely Revengy” Oh Nolan, I’ve missed you. Ashley is hot but terrible. Victoria being back is predictable but it was still fun to see her pop back up. Nolan and Emily as roommates will be fun.


Matthew: Solid episode to start the new season. The family drama with Brody was good. The titular smile was like the third best smile on TV this week though to be honest.
Omarey: Yep, it is still as tense. David Estes is still a son of a gun. I have known people like Jessica before, it is crazy that people are so close minded. Saul is still the man!

How I Met Your Mother

Matthew: I’m just so not into this show anymore. The way they handled Barney and Quinn breaking up was pretty bad, but that was to be expected after that terrible finale last year.
It is always good to see Bob Odenkirk (Arthur). I thought the summer of love bit was good. I also liked the breakup season at least the Quinn breakup wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.


Matthew: This show is kind of growing on me. I liked the guest stars this episode and the flashback was really cool. Kind of neat to see that portable power source thing bring stuff to life at the end too.

Omarey: This show is getting better and better. I like the addition of Mark Pellegrino. So power still exists in some form? Neat. The last scene was a nice heartfelt moment. Also, was that Drew from Scrubs or a really convincing look alike? IMDB is not helping me on that one.

Ben and Kate

Matthew: A lot of times, I don’t like awkward humor, but I think this show does a good job with it. Kate’s issues with authority figures and the conversation about sex with Ben at the beginning were both good bits. The daughter is hilarious just because of the faces she makes too.
Euphemisms conversation. Her problem with authority figures was funny.  Principal Geoff and Ben’s conversation was great. I love how things keep unraveling.

Go On

Matthew: This was the best episode of Go On yet I think. Really funny. I am glad they actually had a plotline not involving Ryan this week. One of my issues with the show so far was that every storyline needed to have him in it.
This episode was okay. I don’t know how I feel about the wife showing up. It felt weird and almost out of place to me, she was hot though so it was okay. Also she had and caused a few funny jokes like the Itunes password and the shopping trip gag.

The Mindy Project

Matthew: This still isn’t that good, but the parts at the beginning and end on the subway were funny.
Omarey: Great cold open. Narration outloud is hilarious. The advice from the Today show segment, hahahaha.


Omarey: I love Carrie-Ann Moss. I enjoyed the takedown the jewel thief. “You can’t watch a watch.” Nice shot Dixon! It’s a procedural but I think the ongoing battle between Savino and Lamb will be a fun overarching angle.


Matthew: One of the best episodes of Parenthood to date. The n-word storyline with Jasmine, Crosby and Jabbar was the real winner of the week, but every storyline really worked. My favorite moment though was the smile Joel gave at the end of the episode when he was playing catch with Victor. Joel is awesome. Fun seeing Luke from FNL in this too. (Episode of the Week)
Omarey: Bold choice approaching the “nigga” thing. Race discussions were handled well here.”Sycamore elementary is a hotbed of racial tension” The talk, hahahahah. It was hilarious with Joel  talking about swimming, “It’s good for your heart … and lungs…” Max did a good job going up to people shame it was sabotaged. Max, “I am going to report you to the House on American activities.  “Apparently hunger games isn’t cool anymore.” “REALLY!?!”  Ryan York is a great addition, I hope he is a reoccuring guest star. Zeke making friends with him is cool. I know Victor has been just waiting to use the “You’re not my real dad card” but he really redeemed himself by making Joel smile with the game of catch.  (Episode of the Week)


Omarey: It is kind of cool to see Jeff Kent really getting into playing the game. I like his alliance. I still think his status as a former baseball player will be his undoing. The decision at tribal made sense but sending Angie home was sad because it lowered the overall hotness factor of the show.

Last Resort

Omarey: “Sometimes the enemy is the person keeping you from getting home” Captain Chaplin is always giving some advice that will put people in tough situations like needing to sacrifice themselves. Kylie Sinclair (Autumn Reeser) is so smug, UGH. I liked the reveal that the captain’s son died its an interesting thread.

The Big Bang Theory

Matthew: This one absolutely cracked me up. Sheldon was so good. Standing next to Penny’s bed when she wakes up. Talking about his love for hammerhead sharks and sword fish. Equating going to MIT to going to art school. Episodes like this are the reason I put up with the mediocre ones. It can be great sometimes. I wish it was more often

30 Rock

Matthew: I liked pretty much everything except for Hazel. She is just not a good character. All the cracks at NBC were great as were the new shows Jack was making. The idea of them trying to tank NBC this season sounds like a good plotline too.
Omarey: HILARIOUS!!!! The new shows were great!  I also loved the gag with Liz realizing to tank being Jenna’s bridesmaid and the ad for the show Tank It showing up on the screen.

Parks and Recreation

Matthew: Ben and April have been comedy gold together. Everything in the car with them was great. Ben’s mix CD, love of soundtracks and Star Trek Fan Fiction and all of April’s reactions were awesome. I also liked Ron’s storyline.
Leslie in student council is awesome. The Dixiecrats platform-“De-integrate baseball” April’s reaction to Ben reading his Star Trek fan fiction was amazing! Barely recognized Lucy Lawless, she was hot. “Ron, for the last time it’s Princess Rainbow Sparkles”


Omarey: President Grant is so harsh to Mellie and sometimes she doesn’t deserve it. The negotiation/payoff scene set to For the Love of Money was fantastic. Quinn/Lindsey is so indignant and is getting on my nerves. Huck is amazing.

Person of Interest

Omarey: Unfolding the story of Root was awesome. I liked the shoutout of Oregon Trail. It was cool to see the team out of town and I loved John interacting with the locals. I am so glad the team is back together.


Omarey: This episode was great. The case itself  was really well done. I figured out the culprit but did not know how it could work. I think the relationship with Sherlock and Watson will be fun.


Matthew: The contrast between Etta and Olivia in regards to the Loyalist was really neat. And I loved the impact that Olivia had on both of them at the end. Astrid’s reaction to getting a try with the laser was another fun moment.
Omarey: Great episode! I love how Olivia and Peter both had a nice parental impact on Henrietta. It was a shame to see that Simon was dead, I guess we will just have to deal with fake Simon. The loyalist Manfretti (played by Eric Lange) was fantastic. I also like the dynamic of the tapes that has been set for the rest of the season. It will be a fun ride.

Join in by leaving your thoughts on the shows you watched in the comments. Check back next week to read our thoughts from this week in TV.


2 thoughts on “TV Roundup: Week of 9/30 to 10/6

  1. That was definitely Drew from Scrubs which was awesome. He should be in more stuff. And I totally didn’t realize that was Lucy Lawless until I read your post here… haha. Woosh. Right over my head.

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