TV Roundup: Week of 10/7 to 10/13

This round up is a quick look back at this past week in TV. We pull no punches and Matthew, Mark and Omarey will give you their funny, angry, sometimes disappointed but always succinct thoughts on the shows they watch. SPOILER ALERT- Please only read things about shows you have already watched to ensure you don’t ruin your experience. Here’s a look at our thoughts about the week of 10/7 – 10/13

Once Upon A Time

Matthew: You know, they have sort of won me over on the characters having their Fairy Tale Land memories back in Story Brooke. I think this may actually work out better than I thought.
Omarey: Not as strong of an episode as the premiere. I love Regina but her back and forth with Charming just wasn’t super compelling. I did like the stuff with her mother and her introduction to magic and Rumpelstiltskin. The fantasy side was definitely the better story this week.


Matthew: This episode felt more like classic Revenge than the premiere. All kinds of twists and turns. Emily lying about it being Jack’s baby to Fake Amanda. The wild way in which Victoria came out as being alive to the public. Declan being the worst. Classic Revenge. And I loved it.
Omarey: It was good to see the white haired man again, sadly it will be the last time…he will be missed. I hope to see him more in flashback. It was kinda strange but awesome how quickly Victoria is back but having her back in the action should spice things up quite a bit.


Matthew: Really loved this episode. Particularly the Carrie side of things. As angry as I was at her for running back into the building it was so intense and led to the cool revelation at the end. Can’t wait to see where they go from here. (Episode of the Week)
Omarey: The end was tremendous. I am interested to see how everything unfolds. The chase scene was really tense in a good way. Good to see Carrie will finally be vindicated. She deserves it.

How I Met Your Mother

Matthew: It’s possible this has become my least favorite show I watch on TV. They have just lost me. Bangtoberfest was kind of funny I guess.
Victoria’s a slob? Ugh they need to end this arc quickly. She is just getting worse and worse. She was perfect in my mind when she left the last time. Bangtoberfest was hilarious as is rebound Barney, I hope they play around with him for a FEW more episodes.


Matthew: One thing I think has been handled well in this show are the flashbacks. I enjoyed british lady’s flashbacks even though I didn’t care much about her. The current timeline stuff is still a mix of good and bad though.
Omarey: I knew that she was going to die. I am intrigued as to what “Nate”s deal is. I like unraveling Miles’ story. Capt. Neville is fun because he has lots of depth. You knew he was going to recapture Danny but he made the right decision to save him.

Ben and Kate

Matthew: The whole Fox Hunt thing was a lot of fun. Them pushing over Ben. BJ’s new shoes and the fuss that was made over them. And her stabbing the basketball partly out of frustration and partly because she was curious what sound it would make. Really enjoying this show.
Fox Hunt was pretty nuts in a good way. Ben getting knocked over in the beginning was hilarious. I love how this episode unfolded and how Ben was afraid of birds.

Go On

Matthew: The whiteboard (yeah!) where they were writing all of Lauren’s problems was a great pause-worthy moment. Some really funny stuff on that board.
I liked the stuff with the Lauren’s boyfriend. Not a huge fan of the sympathy eating. I really liked all the Harborville stuff though.

The Mindy Project

Matthew: This is the first episode of this show I fully enjoyed. Everything really worked here from Danny’s dancing skills to the nurse’s weird duffle bag to the NBA players in the VIP. Great episode.
Omarey: I really enjoyed this episode. Every one making fun of Dr. Castellano only to find out about his awesome dance skills, Morgan the nurse moonlighting as a bathroom attendant and all of the stuff with the NBA players was awesome. (Episode of the Week)


Omarey: Another solid episode. Granted my expectations were very low for this but it has been solid. With each episode I think I buy Chiklis as a gangster a little more.


Matthew: The way they have handled the cancer storyline has been fantastic. Loved the ending. As for Victor’s hit, while it was predictable, I think the show needed a win this week, so it was the right thing to do. The other team just could not throw the ball all of the sudden though.
Omarey: Such a great episode. I will miss Julia in the office. I wonder what she will do next. I can’t see her as a stay at home mom. I also really liked the lunch scene with Sarah and Ray Romano’s character and the return of Ryan York. He could do much better than Amber but I am glad he is still around. The final scene with the revelation of the cancer to the family was crushing and beautiful like Parenthood always does. So good.


Matthew: I don’t know why but this episode had me laughing so much. The blue tribe losing again was absurd. Abi-Maria is such a paranoid mess and we have this one guy screwing with her and RC which was great.
Omarey: The tribe just getting beat is such a shame. I hope they just split them up amongst the two teams that are left and go from there, its getting pathetic. I really like the Jeff Kent/Penner alliance. I think that will be a good one.


Omarey: Such a good pilot. This is the only CW show I am watching and it is good. I have always been more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy but I enjoyed this. I liked Amell’s acting and the action scenes were really well done.

Modern Family

Matthew: I think Haley being away at college is a nice change of pace for the show. I loved the episode where she went away (I need a copy of Phil’s-osophy) and her on the computer worked well too (“Why don’t you go train a raven?”).
I liked both episodes. The stuff with Haley going away to college and the awkward scene in her dormroom were great. I also liked Gloria and Jay at the parenting class.


Matthew: I mean I liked it well enough I suppose. It didn’t light my world on fire, but I will continue to watch for a while longer. I wish any new drama pilot or show had grabbed me in a major way though. The Following can’t air soon enough.
Omarey: I really enjoyed this. I like all of the characters and I think they set up the stories really well. I do feel for Juliette a little because of her mother but that in NO way excuses her outrageous behavior. She is really hot though. Powers Boothe will be great in his role as both the father and the guy manipulating things behind the scenes. So good.

Chicago Fire

Omarey: This was exactly what I thought it would be. It was alright.  I admire firefighters so I think Iwill continue to watch.

Last Resort

Omarey: An interesting episode I didn’t think the captain would release the COB. I thought the storyline with the local drug lord was really interesting. There are a lot more dynamics to this show than I figured.

The Big Bang Theory

Matthew: Not quite as good as last week’s but pretty good still. I particularly liked all of Penny’s shots at Sheldon to Amy.

The Vampire Diaries

Matthew: I am very happy they did not cop out of turning Elena. I am still not sure if I’ll like it, but they needed to go through with it after last year’s finale. Everything Elena-related was great though so that’s a good start to this storyline. No idea what was going on with that ending with the pastor. Will have to wait and see on that one.

30 Rock

Matthew: I was dying at the part where Criss was pouring paper clips on Liz’s face. Also liked the further hints about Kenneth. Bryan Cranston’s guest spot didn’t do a ton for me though.
Omarey: Not as good as last week but still very funny. I liked everything except Tracy’s stuff. Also Cerie sighting!!!

The League

Omarey: This episode was so good. The cameos from the players (RGIII and Trent Richardson) and Jerry Jones! The dream sequences were great. Taco was great as always this week! Anytime Taco has a song it is great.


Matthew: A good episode, but not quite as good as the first two this season. I really liked the environment. The forest was a nice change of pace. Data cubes and the way these people recorded history was cool too. And Peter and Olivia’s conversation by the van was another great moment.
Omarey: I liked the episode. The data cubes were awesome. I didn’t see the resolution as much as it makes sense in hindsight. I think the tape dynamic will be neat to unfold all season.

Join in by leaving your thoughts on the shows you watched in the comments. Check back next week to read our thoughts from this week in TV.

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