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Fringe “The Recordist” Impressions

Here are some thoughts on last week’s Fringe episode, “The Recordist” (spoilers ahead so make sure you have seen the episode before reading on):

Road Trip: This past episode finds the team taking a trip to rural Pennsylvania. One of Walter’s tapes says something they need is there. I really love the forest setting which seems like a nice change of pace for the show.

The Recordist: While here they meet up with a group of people who have an ailment that makes a bark-like substance grow on their skin which has caused them to stay hidden away in this forest. But what they do is pretty interesting. They record history. Worried about human history being rewritten by their oppressors, these people have been keeping track of important events since the invasion. Apparently they record everything on these neat little data cubes. Pretty cool seeing this high-tech room underground in the middle of the forest too.

What are we here for?: So after Astrid got some more info from the tape and these people help give them a bit more info from their recordings, they figure out they are looking for some rocks that will be used as an energy source. This involves going deep into a mine, but that would apparently get our Fringe team all covered in bark. So they attempt to make a suit to allow them to go. But the Observers are coming… so time is short… and they need copper… what can be done? Ultimately, the seeming leader of these bark people, Edwin, decides to sacrifice himself so that the Fringe team can get their precious rocks and hopefully save the world.

The Ending: They have been going for some poignant endings this season it feels like and this is another one. First you have the part with River, Edwin’s son. A lot of focus was put on their relationship. And the end finds River recording in one of those sweet data cubes that his father had made history by sacrificing himself. You also have the Fringe team heading down the road in a good old station wagon. Lots of nice moments in this scene, like Walter putting on those sunglasses and Olivia reaching back to grab Etta’s leg.

The Tapes: I’m a bit confused about all this tape stuff. So they find the third tape first and head out for the rocks. Apparently the sixth or seventh tape tells them how to make those rocks into energy. So there are at least seven tapes. Do they all have something they need to get on them? Does that seventh one just have instructions? Tape #3 was in the lab… are the others scattered or are more in the lab? I am still trying to figure out how all of this tape stuff works because I like to think about where and how this season will play out. Looks like I will just have to wait and see.

More stuff from this episode:

  • This week in awesome Walter moments: He finds his stash and bong that he was using in the video and all of the sudden would like to stay in the lab as opposed to taking the trip. He first thinks the bark people are wicked tree dwarves. Upon being surrounded by them, he says, “Definitely not dwarves.” And Walter hears “mimes” when talking to a frustrated Astrid on the phone.
  • A couple more really nice moments for me were: Etta and Olivia’s conversation on the way through the woods. Etta says she always imagined going on missions with Olivia. When Olivia says that is tough to live up to, Etta says “She’s even more than she imagined.” And that conversation between Peter and Olivia by the van. We didn’t get an opening flashback this week, but this contained a small flashback and gave us a little more insight into what happened between the end of Season 4 and this future arc.
  • River really loves the Fringe team who he knows from their recordings of history. He even makes cool comic books about them. I’d like those comics… signed by the team… and a data cube while I’m at it.
  • Pretty much no Broyles or Nina so far this season. Oh but we did get a scene with Fake Desmond this week…

“The Recordist” wasn’t quite as great as the first two episodes of the season, but still a good episode nonetheless. No new Fringe this week, but hopefully the next episode will really blow us away. Feel free to leave any thoughts you have on last week’s Fringe or this season so far in the comments below and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to talk about the next new episode. Thanks for reading!

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