TV Roundup: Week of 10/14 to 10/20

This round up is a quick look back at this past week in TV. We pull no punches and Matthew and Omarey will give you their funny, angry, sometimes disappointed but always succinct thoughts on the shows they watch. SPOILER ALERT- Please only read things about shows you have already watched to ensure you don’t ruin your experience. Here’s a look at our thoughts about the week of 10/14 – 10/20

Once Upon A Time

Matthew: I somehow completely forgot that Alan Dale was in this show. It was kind of neat that in this episode we had Storybrooke, a flashback and a flash… sideways into current Fairy Tale land and all three got significant time.
Omarey: It was neat to see Lancelot on the show. It will be good to see more of his story. The fantasy land stuff continues to be the better side of the show. I liked the conversation between Snow and Emma. Cora is such an excellent villian! Cool to see King George in Storybrooke and the sword fighting scene at the end was nice.


Matthew: The flashbacks to Emily and Aiden’s time together in revenge training were cool. I also like the idea that Emily put him in a dumpster off-screen… haha. Another off-screen mystery, Declan goes from holding a necklace last week to straight up robbing houses this week. Way to go.
Omarey: Emily is amazing. This Aiden guy isn’t worthy of Emily. Fake Amanda routinely irritates me. I love how Victoria is back into the power position so quickly. She is good at what she does. I always admit when I am wrong and Matthew was right, Declan is the worst. Way to go on proving me wrong on that one Dec!

The Walking Dead

Matthew: Probably the best episode since the pilot. It really played to its strengths. Less whiny talking. More atmosphere. Rick is less of a wus this season it seems. And they just seem to be better at dealing with their situation after some time has passed (see the opening scene and the one where they circle up back to back when clearing out one of the inner fenced in areas). Please keep being this good Walking Dead.

Omarey: Such a good premiere episode. I haven’t been this excited for more Walking Dead since the series premiere. I have high hopes for this season and thus far they are batting a thousand. The prison setting looks great. I loved the scenes clearing the yard. It was a neat contrast against the exploration of the prison in the dark. Also, Carl was much better. I am excited for the addition of the new characters in the form of the inmates. Michonne is quite awesome too.


Matthew: Brody’s storyline was completely absurd. I can’t really wrap my head around what the terrorists or writers are doing with him. Carrie’s storyline was better if just because Claire Danes is so damn good. And she finally got to know she was right about Brody which was a great moment.
Omarey: The bomb maker was just begging to die and Jessica was just begging for an excuse to bang uncle Mike again. Brody having to bury the bomb maker was rough. It was also tough to have to watch Carrie get turned away at the CIA, her breakdown and suicide attempt. It was triumphant when Saul arrived. I don’t know where she planned to go but Carrie was looking HOT!!!

How I Met Your Mother

Matthew: I want to say something good about HIMYM again, but each week I struggle to find something good. There were some laughs from the game show… I guess.

Omarey: Lily in an evening gown was pretty good. I loved the bit with Barney, love lost and a brick. So funny! I think the moral or feel good moment was classic HIMYM-uber predictable but sweet. The rest of the jokes…were alright…


Matthew: Could it have been more obvious that Bow Guy was Gus Fring’s kid? Still loving the flashbacks though. The train sequence was alright too. Also Charlie looks like she is always on the verge of crying.
Omarey: I am enjoying this show more and more. The back story stuff with Capt. Neville was really great even though that means Kim Raver (meh). I didn’t see the twist with Nate, until the end, well done Revolution. I also thought the map and the division of the United States was really cool. It will be neat if they explore the different territories/battle against them. I thought the action sequences were good and I also like how Monroe is a crazed conqueror that wants to take over all of the lands similar to Napolean. It was neat.

Ben and Kate

Matthew: This show has been such a delight. A really wonderful combination of heart and laughs. BJ has been hilarious. Loved her interactions with Maddie and Ben this ep. And the end with Kate talking about her past Birthdays and them all having ice cream was a sweet moment.

Omarey: This show is just plain hilarious. Big High-Five to Matthew on suggesting this gem. The entire cold open was great. “All of you literally said party”. The trail off and the emotional payoff of the episode was nice as well.


Matthew: I hope Malcolm can hang around in his new tribe. He’s my favorite cast member this season. Dawson picking on Jeff Kent was funny, but then she got ousted. Though her exit interview was pretty good. So glad we finally got two challenges this week too.

Omarey: Denise might be a jinx. Kalabaw was my favorite tribe. No!!! Dawson!!! I hope Jeff Kent wins and gives Dawson her whole list in the post interview.


Omarey: Maybe I am just a fan of CW network, DC Comic TV adaptations. This show is great. I like procedural aspect with his father’s list as well as the overarching stuff and flashbacks. I really like his bodyguard and I am eagerly anticipating him joining his boss in crime fighting more actively.

Modern Family

Matthew: The standout moment for me was Luke using the smoke bomb to storm out of the room. Haley coming in to berate Alex via the computer was another good one. Cam’s first class was absolutely brutal to watch though.


Matthew: Great premiere to the new season. Eden is gone and barely mentioned. New George seems great. Loved the conversation with Tessa at the end and her playing the theme was neat. And the supporting cast was on fire. Lisa just sitting there in Tessa’s room. Ryan Shay as a cat. Dallas’ lines about shaking Dalia: “Because you know, I’m inclined to shake you.” Awesome. (Episode of the Week)


Matthew: I mean this show is obviously good, but still this much country music is tough for me. I like the show otherwise though. Juliette was better this week. I set the Over/Under on amount of guys she’d bang this episode at five and she went way under which helped tone down her ridiculousness to me (I mean she had sex with every guy in the pilot right?).
Omarey: “If I wanted these kind of problems, I would have a girlfriend.” The songs on the show are good. “A mayor with secrets is easier to control” Oh man this set up is good. The look on Juliette’s face when he asks for Rayna instead of her was priceless. The final scene at the bar was great.

Chicago Fire

Omarey: Seeing “Dale” on another show was neat. This Severide guy is too angsty for me. The stuff about the crest was fun.

Last Resort

Omarey: The show is just solid. I am hoping it can be a little more but I am content with what I get. Kendel’s wife is clearly going to be in the position to cheat on him. Kylie Sinclair is a waste of time and her dad is no better.

The Big Bang Theory

Matthew: People seemed to love this one, but it didn’t hit me the same way. I liked a few weeks back’s much better. I think having Howard home is good and Game Night got kind of absurd which was fun. Just didn’t blow me away like it did some.

30 Rock

Matthew: The cold open was fantastic. I really loved Jack’s realization that he was Zarina’s father figure boyfriend. Ryan Lochte was pretty funny in his guest spot too.
Omarey: The sex idiot storyline was good as was the montage of the two woman show.

Parks and Recreation

Matthew: Ben’s nerd moments always kill me and his robot impression at the end was great. Loved Tom’s tweets before and as he crashed his car too.
This episode was great. The robot senator stuff was hilarious. The cold open was awesome. Tom’s tweets were great. I love Tom describe his internet history until Ron told him to stop.

The League

Omarey: Amazing cold open. Taco picking up stuff off of the waiver wire was priceless. “Guys, I am not a human dick” “Actually, history has proven otherwise.” The waiver wire stuff and the ranking stuff was great. Awesome show!


Omarey: This show is awesome. I hate the way the President talks to women. Mellie got him back though. I wouldn’t cross her, she probably is a good shot. His scheme to get it was pretty brilliant. Huck tracking the little weasel down was awesome too!  (Episode of the Week)

Person of Interest

Omarey: It was SO GOOD to see Annie Parisse’s character again. I loved the stuff with Finch and the dog. The case itself was good. I love to see Reese beat people up. The POI was extremely hot.


Omarey: Rough case with child abductions. Scene with the abducted kid, Adam and Sherlock were really tough to watch but real. They had a nice chemistry. Well done. Good twist with him too.

The Vampire Diaries

Matthew: “I miss you too, buddy.” The scene at the end with Damon and Alaric was amazing. I (and this show) will miss their dynamic. I think the new villain will be good too. After the Klaus thing obviously wore out its welcome, they needed a new badass villain and I think this one fits the bill.


Matthew: This show is a real looker. Assuming the pilot is an indication of the rest of the show, this should be up there with Breaking Bad as one of the best looking and best shot shows on TV. I particularly loved the sequence of Sam training. Show itself is great too. Good start for the series.

Join in by leaving your thoughts on the shows you watched in the comments. Check back next week to read our thoughts from this week in TV.


4 thoughts on “TV Roundup: Week of 10/14 to 10/20

  1. Feels weird to hear good things about Walking Dead here. May have to check out season 3. I love reading what you call people in Revolution too Trip. I was surprised by Bow Guy’s relationship, but that’s just me. This also reminded me I really need to check out Arrow.

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