TV Roundup: Week of 10/28 to 11/03

This round up is a quick look back at this past week in TV. We pull no punches and Matthew and Omarey will give you their funny, angry, sometimes disappointed but always succinct thoughts on the shows they watch. SPOILER ALERT- Please only read things about shows you have already watched to ensure you don’t ruin your experience. Here’s a look at our thoughts about the week of 10/28 – 11/03

Once Upon A Time

Matthew: Whale being Dr. Frankenstein was a bit weird at first because it seems out of place in this show, but once I saw that black and white horror world complete with creepy music I was sold. Regina’s storyline worked well alongside this as well.
Omarey: Dr. Whale is really Dr. Frankenstein? LAME! The rest of the episode was pretty good. Part of that is because I just love Regina and this episode was focused on her. I like where Emma’s storyline is headed with Hook and the Beanstalk.


Matthew: I have never been a fan of Fake Amanda, but I liked everything about her, Emily and their interactions with each other and Em’s mom. The forgiving and coming clean (what there was of it) worked well for me. Still unsure about Nolan’s current storyline though.
Omarey: The return of Malcolm Treadwell was unexpected and kind of awesome. Oh snap Mason knows the truth. He has to GO!

The Walking Dead

Matthew: Not terrible, but not as good as the first two episodes this year. It seems after 7 or so months hanging out with just Micchone, it took everything Andrea had not to just reach over and grab the Governor’s crotch.
The governor seems nicer than I remember from the comics. It is probably going to go badly. I am not particularly jazzed about the return of Merle. Michonne seems neutered. I don’t think this will be the status quo for long…


Matthew: The CIA having Brody helping them going forward was pretty predictable after last week. And Dana’s plotline took a turn for the terrible. But the scenes with Brody and Carrie in the interrogation room were pretty fantastic.
Omarey: This episode was really good. Finn was a complete idiot but other than that everything worked. The scene with Brody and Carrie was amazing. Update: Saul is still awesome.


Omarey: Ugh Charlie is the worst but man did she look good…Sgt. Strosser is frightening. Drexel, the heroin grower is also the worst. What was Aaron’s deal, leaving his wife. Weird!

Ben and Kate

Matthew: BJ and Maddie are pretty much gold together. I loved BJ saying Kate could get an upgrade if Maddie was lost and the whole sequence at the end from BJ telling Maddie that she ruined her night through the story. Ben and Tommy’s plot was kind of a stinker though.
“Oh…is that the sound yours makes?” Oh BJ…It was neat that BJ had that nice moment after seeing the possibility of Maddie’s future. The trick that Kate finally played on Ben was cool. Kate’s new possible man is pretty cool.

The Mindy Project

Matthew: Pretty forgettable episode. I guess the way Jeremy got Danny a second road test was pretty funny. I guess.
Omarey: The cold open was great. Dr. Castellano  failing at lying was hilarious.

Happy Endings

Matthew: Jane was so good in this episode and her and Penny’s plotline was the winner this week. I loved Jane flashing around and randomly doing push-ups. Loved the pinata bit too. I really liked the idea of Dave and Alex getting back together, but their plotline was a miss. It feels like they work better with other characters, but I am probably just overreacting to one episode here.
Omarey: Jane’s multi colored nails. Are you a witch? Warlock?   The indestructable pinata was awesome. The Jackson 5 montage! BBF/GFF, Max at the support groups. Jane The tag with the car czar was hilarious. “You people are getting WAY too comfortable” So much funny.

Don’t Trust the B**** in Apt. 23

Omarey: “I should have called you Sherlock HO!” I love that James isn’t big on being scared and Halloween as well as his invite. “You’ve never seen the Wire? Let me spend the next hour telling you about it.” The video June made was amazing. I love the firefighter June  saw at the party and how it was everything she wanted but she still ignored him.


Matthew: Not sure why, but was hoping Pete got voted out. Would have been more surprising. I think Jeff is too hung up on getting Penner out. He should have stuck with his tribe plus some defections from the other tribe. Seemed like a smarter move.


Omarey: The ending was NUTS. I like Arrow and Diggle teaming up. This is really starting to heat up!

Modern Family

Matthew: Not a whole lot of laughs from this episode. Best part for me was all of Jay’s frustrations with people at the Yard Sale. “Can you break a $50?” “Get out!”


Matthew: Not quite as good as the first two episodes this season, but still good. I loved Dalia listing off all the ways George is inferior to Dallas’ former guys. Dallas’ comment about how the pony’s eyelashes are collected humanely was great too. And Ryan Shay had another good episode.

The Big Bang Theory

Matthew: Stephen Hawking mocking Sheldon was pretty great. Also liked Sheldon’s nicknames for Hawking.

30 Rock

Matthew: Kind of a down episode for this season. Pete’s storyline was good though. There really hasn’t been enough Pete this year, so this was nice.
Omarey: Funny but I think the first episode of the series was better.

The League

Matthew: What a gross episode. Between Rafi and his sister’s makeout and Mrs. MacArthur… ummm… getting a taste of Rafi too, this was a gross one. Not to say it wasn’t funny because it was.

Person of Interest

Omarey: My favorite episode of the week. Everything worked in it. It had a good story, and anytime we see Zoe is a good episode. (Episode of the Week)

The Vampire Diaries

Matthew: I like the idea of “The Five” and the hunter storyline still seems like a good one. “The Cure” could be problematic I suppose if it is a way to turn Elena back, but I suspect they will subvert people’s expectations here and go in a different direction with that aspect.


Matthew: I really liked the scene with Sam in the hedge maze. She’s awesome. I wish I didn’t have a hard time understanding the people in this show’s accents. I had to rewind more than I should have. Really love this show so far though. Really tense and the fight scenes are great. (Episode of the Week)


Matthew: This episode was fantastic, but I just didn’t really care for the end with Peter putting the Observer Tech in him. I will wait and see how they handle it, but it is the first thing they’ve done this season I wasn’t a big fan of. The conversation between Olivia and Walter and the home video were awesome though.
Omarey: Great episode. I loved everything about it up until Peter became “weaponized” and killed the Observer and used his tech. This does not feel like a good path but I trust the writers so I will wait and see. 

Join in by leaving your thoughts on the shows you watched in the comments. Check back next week to read our thoughts from this week in TV.


One thought on “TV Roundup: Week of 10/28 to 11/03

  1. Happy Endings was a huge step up from last week. My favorite bits were the pinata and Penny repeatedly crashing through the window.

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