TV Roundup: Week of 11/04 to 11/10

This round up is a quick look back at this past week in TV. We pull no punches and Matthew and Omarey will give you their funny, angry, sometimes disappointed but always succinct thoughts on the shows they watch. SPOILER ALERT- Please only read things about shows you have already watched to ensure you don’t ruin your experience. Here’s a look at our thoughts about the week of 11/04 – 11/10

Once Upon A Time

Matthew: What was worse: the CG in the giant sequence or the idea that throwing Emma in glasses and a ponytail would make her look 18? I liked the stuff with her, August and Britt though. Pretty good episode.
Omarey: Cap’n Hook is awesome. It was also good to see Neal (Michael Raymond-James) was great too. I really hope we see more of him. Emma was cute with the glasses. This was one of those great episodes I knew this show could do. Glad to see it.


Matthew:  I loved this episode. Emily back to some classic Revenging complete with black hoodie. Conrad getting arrested at his farce of a wedding seems like such a perfect thing for this show. And Mason Treadwell unraveling the Emily/Amanda thing is great. I like to pretend the bar plotline just doesn’t exist though. (Episode of the Week)
Omarey: I know its weird but I like Victoria and Conrad together. I like the fancy attire everyone wears on the show. Kenny Ryan is the biggest creep in the world. Mason Treadwell makes the show feel more Revengy and I like that!

The Walking Dead

Matthew: This episode makes me feel like I’m both ahead of the show with my book reading and behind it due to some of these events (but it got me to jump back into the books again at least). Also kind of a bloodbath this week which I can get behind. Sometimes people just need to die in a show like this. Seeing Rick reacting at the end was tough though.
This episode was rough emotionally and visually. I didn’t expect Lori to die so soon and so violently. This show is firing on all cylinders though. Everyone’s acting was very good this episode especially Rick.


Matthew: I assume that given the current trajectory of Finn as a character, it will be revealed next week that Abu Nazir answers to him. This seemed like kind of an unremarkable episode of Homeland though to be honest.
Omarey: The last scene was insane. I am glad nothing happened to Roya. I think she is a great character.


Matthew: I guess this one was okay. I think there is potential in the show’s mythology, but the week to week stuff still isn’t doing a lot for me. The flashbacks were pretty good though.
The dialogue on the show is punchy, ironic, and funny. It has been getting better and better. The action scenes are always good and this was a neat twist. I love the pendants and how they will come into play. Another awesome set of flashbacks.


Matthew: I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed an episode of Survivor this much. I don’t like Penner, but him winning immunity made for such a great unpredictable episode. Great move by Malcolm of showing and then not playing the idol. Idiotic move by Abi of showing her idol. Kind of wish Pete would have ended up getting voted out though. Entertaining challenges this week too.
The tribal council was completely insane. Jeff was one of my favorites on the show until I saw his post elimination video. Ugh. Also, Abi-Maria is still the worst.


Matthew: Finally caught up on this show for a roundup and it is one of my favorite new shows this year. This actually wasn’t the best episode I suppose, but I did like Diggle donning the hood to help get Oliver out of trouble.
Great episode. That new villian was frightening. I love the on island flashbacks they are so cool.

Modern Family

Matthew: The sequence that really killed me this week was this one: Phil mentions Legally Blonde isn’t real just an excellent movie, then he chews out Haley, and then when Haley asks where her parents are going, Claire says, “To get this man some waffles.” Loved it.
The cold open was great. I like taste testing. “It was a matter of time” “I am going to kill you!” Serious Phil was great. Gloria and Didi getting along was neat too.


Matthew: How weird Dallas was acting was actually a bit much for me and as a result this episode just wasn’t up to par in my opinion. I did enjoy some of the guys giving George some dap over what Dallas had been saying, but not a whole lot of laughs this week. I feel like there was a really random Homeland reference too, but I could be wrong.


Omarey: It was neat to see Kimberly Williams-Paisley on the show. Another solid episode. I like that Deacon didn’t take advantage of Juliet again. Scarlett and Avery are so frustrating, enjoying Gunnar and his new lady though. I am enjoying the setup of country music business and political stuff though.

The Big Bang Theory

Matthew: Drunk Sheldon is great. I also enjoyed Penny’s jokes about being bad at her job. Pretty much an average episode by this shows standards.

Parks and Recreation

Matthew: The gang being really defensive about Leslie and telling Ben he better not hurt her was probably the best part. I like Tom taking the business serious as well.
Everyone threatening Ben was hilarious. I agree about Picard, Ben! The twizzler vs red vines discussion was cool. Ben is great. I love Tom and his nicknames for people. “Rethink that move, son” -Ron Swanson. Jean-Ralphio is hilarious as always.

The League

Omarey: Andre’s clear life was hilarious. Taco! Not a huge fan of the lice storyline. I love anytime athletes can be on the show. Cool cameo from Ryan Fitzpatrick.


Omarey: Harrison is probably my favorite side character. Wow that was a crazy twist, who would do that. How they keep coming up with these crazy stories. “Dude, you hacked into the NSA mainframe, you can’t get yourself a dinner reservation.” I hope Huck can find some kind of happiness. Cyrus really is a monster. Wow another great closing scene! Awesome show. (Episode of the Week)

Person of Interest

Omarey: I loved this episode. I wish Zoe and John really were married. They were so great together. The episode was another in a long line of great episodes.

The Vampire Diaries

Matthew: Good action-packed episode. I will miss Connor and his super cool traps. He was a great badass villain and I thought (and hoped) he would last a bit longer. I am curious about where this Hunter storyline will go with Jeremy. Possibly a good storyline ahead for him? That’d be weird. Really liked seeing the contrast between the Salvatore brothers’ motivations as well.


Matthew: Needles to the eye are gross. Tailing a car on a bike is pretty awesome though! Pretty good episode this week. Crazy that the season is half over already.


Matthew: The Escher-esque pocket universe was neat and the “Inner Child” kid coming back was a nice surprise. The whole Peter/Observer tech thing wasn’t even too bad. Cool episode.
Omarey: A really unique episode. The pocket universe was very cool. It was so very cool to see the reintroduction of the “child Observer” I am also intrigued by the mystery of who Donald is. Peter’s observer neck snapping was aweseome!

Join in by leaving your thoughts on the shows you watched in the comments. Check back next week to read our thoughts from this week in TV.


2 thoughts on “TV Roundup: Week of 11/04 to 11/10

  1. Normally I hate Jean-Ralphio (even though that’s the point of his character), but every second he gets paired with Ron is gold. Also loved that cold open where Andy thinks they got engaged a second time- I love his stupid moments. That Modern Family bit with Phil getting on Haley’s ass was also great. It’ll be interesting to see where that show goes from here.

    • I think it does kind of stink for Haley’s character getting kicked out of college. I mean I guess that didn’t work for her being on the show a lot, but I was getting a total kick out of her being on via the computer and I figured holidays and other random times she could just come home. Seems like character regression. This shows characters don’t take a lot of steps forward so it does kind of stink for Haley’s. We’ll have to see how that goes.

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