TV Roundup: Week of 11/11 to 11/17

This round up is a quick look back at this past week in TV. We pull no punches and Matthew and Omarey will give you their funny, angry, sometimes disappointed but always succinct thoughts on the shows they watch. SPOILER ALERT- Please only read things about shows you have already watched to ensure you don’t ruin your experience. Here’s a look at our thoughts about the week of 11/11 – 11/17

Once Upon A Time

Matthew: I really liked last year’s Ruby/Red episode, but this one didn’t do a ton for me.
Omarey: I didn’t like Spencer/King George being a killer. I don’t mind him being a jerk but a murderer is too much. Him destroying the hat was a brilliant stroke though. Solid episode.


Matthew:  This was another great episode and the way Ems took down Mason was really cleverly done, but it is hard to ignore the absolutely absurd Gift of Revenge Target promos that aired during this show. They sufficiently weirded me out!
Omarey:  Mason is a real pitbull when it comes to Emily and Amanda. WHAT!!! Amanda reveal!

The Walking Dead

Matthew: They made a couple of the big reveals about the Governer in this episode that helped portray how messed up he was in the books and yet, he doesn’t feel messed up enough here yet. Not sure how I felt about Rick’s storyline this ep either, but can’t blame him for freaking out.
Rick was understandably messed up. Darryl is just the best. Glad Michonne is out of Woodbury. It is cool to see a lot of the parallells with the comics, in the show.


Matthew: I guess it is cool they are bringing the storylines together more. Still not sure I like all of them. And I’ve never been real comfortable with the Carrie/Brody romance angle, so some of that stuff doesn’t hit me the same way as others. I just haven’t been liking this show as much as the first season.
Omarey: “Like you haven’t seen a dick before.” Saul is great. I liked Carrie’s conversation with Mike. This whole thing is a mess but it makes for intriguing television.

How I Met Your Mother

Omarey: Solid episode. Barney’s revelation was great. I like to see them together. Just let it happen. So good. The team names were fun.


Matthew: Probably the best Revolution ep in a while. They have some really good mythology hooks that are starting to be revealed and the main story this week was entertaining. Very little Charlie probably helped. Oddly enough the flashback was a miss though which save Aaron’s disaster of a flashback I have generally liked.
  Nora splitting away was strange but kinda inevitable. Mia was terrible. Strausser was pretty good at his job.

Don’t Trust The B**** In Apt. 23

Omarey: Junezel Washington, Why does Chloe hate Brenda so much? This show just brings the laughs.

The Mindy Project

Omarey: The cold open was good once again. “The Lochness Morgan, cause I always show up blurry in photographs.” Condom etiquette conversation. “Cool that she can afford this place this place on a woman’s salary.” Morgan is pretty hilarious.

Ben and Kate

Matthew: Everytime BJ and Maddie are together continues to be wonderful. And Kate just does the “is super nervous and does stupid stuff” thing in a way that I am never embarrassed watching it and makes it very funny. Which I think is not always easy to do. It’s a fine line and she nails it.
Omarey: Operation: Crock Pot, BJ crying was hilarious, Ben’s entrepreneurial ideas,  BJ with the service bell. Ben was good at selling wine door to door. Kate – “Do we name too many operations?” BJ-“Yes”.  So many quotable lines.

Happy Endings

Matthew: I think the idea of Max and Brad as Bar Mitzvah Hype guys seems like pure gold, but some of it fell flat for me (like the hype off). I actually preferred the Alex/Dave story with lines like “They’re for your penis!” from Alex and “You fools, that only makes me stronger” from Jane.
Omarey: The bar mitzphah hype was good. Good stuff. The tag at the end of the episode was good.


Matthew: Not sure if you guys heard, but I found the Drew storyline to be completely absurd! Everything with the cancer storyline continues to fantastic though.
Omarey: C’mon Max be even less awesome. That’s not slow Amber! I love Adam but he needs to relax. Camille is pretty great. What is this girl with Drew about? Exes can’t be friends its just going to mess Drew up even more. I know it is so rare for Amber to be right but she is right about Drew it was the total wrong thing to do. It is cool that Julia is trying so hard. It is also good for her that she has a project to work on…


Matthew: I was pleasantly surprised to see Artis go. Both challenges were fun. Abi is a terrible human being. Did she actually say she thought she had treated Lisa with grace… haha. Oh and the reward was good. Penner being called Normal and his antics with the piñata pot thing. Both funny. And Malcolm used to teach kids in Micronesia before being a bartender… of course.
The group that won reward should be the last 4. Abi is the worst. So glad the good guys won. I just wish it was Abi and Artis. This season has been fun.


Omarey: The flashbacks continue to be awesome. I like Diggle being Oliver’s conscience. I like the way the story this week’s story went. The last scene at the burger shop was really nice.

Modern Family

Matthew: I’m not sure that Phil plotline landed that well for me. Which is weird because… its Phil. I thought Luke had some good moments despite being strapped to the occasional humor vacuum that is Manny. Overall not the greatest episode for me.
Matthew Broderick was a good guest star. His story was ridiculous but at least Phil figured it out in the end. “Gosh I taught Lily that song.” All three storylines seemed to work this episode. Loved the photo booth tag.


Matthew: This was a good episode for about two-thirds and then that finish happened which was amazing. The kind of emotional beats they hit here were surprising and excellent. Ryan leaving the titular wishbone for Lisa after her fight with Malik and Tessa’s talk with Alex both hit me hard. Alex fake falling asleep was really cute. There were so many other great moments that I don’t have the chance to mention. This one really blew me away especially after last week’s rather meh episode. (Episode of the Week)


Matthew: In case you weren’t sure already, Avery is the worst. The QB is like that shitty, former Gator QB I hate so that storyline is pretty much a non-starter for me. And Coleman getting caught with the drugs was ridiculous. I guess Rayna’s story is the current winner.
Man how did I know Juliette was going to get fake Tim Tebow  in trouble. So bad. SHOCK! Did Juliette Barnes just do something nice. So Avery was just waiting for an excuse to bang someone else. Awful person.

The Big Bang Theory

Matthew: I enjoyed that this episode focused more on just the original cast for a change. The Leonard/Penny plot probably worked better than usual. Liked the alternate universe joke too.

Parks and Recreation

Omarey: The open with Joe Biden was hilarious. Great episode. Ben was especially great in this one.

30 Rock

Matthew: Hazel has been a total downer on an otherwise excellent season. Everything else was great here for me. The Jack/Tracy pairing made for a lot of good jokes. Loved the idea of football adding to NBC’s diversity. “That’s pretty black, right?”
Omarey: I am not a huge fan of over-the-top Tracy moments but I liked his storyline. I hate Hazel but the “women driver’s joke was funny.


Omarey: I love when episodes delve into the fixers personal lives and this one dealing with Huck and his colleagues was really fascinating I love how this show makes you have those mini-Gasp moments. (Episode of the Week)

Person of Interest

Omarey:Great case this week. I like seeing Finch in the field. It was cool to see Ken Leung back as well. The stuff with Agent Snow is really intriguing.

The Vampire Diaries

Matthew: So that professor obviously wants Silas back up and going. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was Silas. I am guessing Elena and Damon will be more interesting together than her and Stefan. I am glad she knows about the cure. I am curious if her being with Damon will make her not want the cure. We’ll see. Also Katherine as a hallucination is a total tease! Need Katherine back for real!


Matthew: Peter’s Oberserver-isms were spot on and eventually started to creep me out a bit. It was good to see Nina again too. Not sure the tape quest this week was enthralling, but the stuff they are doing with the characters and mythology have been fantastic and I’m curious to see where they go next.
Omarey: Peter as an observer was fascinating. I like the Plateau similarities. I really hope he can get the observer tech out of his head before its too late. I was hoping to find out the meaning behind the numbers 52010.

Join in by leaving your thoughts on the shows you watched in the comments. Check back next week to read our thoughts from this week in TV.


4 thoughts on “TV Roundup: Week of 11/11 to 11/17

    • Thanks for checking out the post. We watch all of these shows because they are generally awesome! With your enjoyment of the Walking Dead recommend you try Fringe, Person of Interest, Revolution and Arrow.

      • I’ve heard great things about the Fringe but haven’t had a chance to get into it. I’m only just watching The Wire, if that gives you an idea of how far behind I am (though, halfway through the last season). I’ll definitely checkout Person of Interest, Revolution, and Arrow though. Thanks for the reccs!

        • Yes, Fringe is great! The Wire is also awesome. The good part about having all of that stuff to check out is you have all of that cool stuff to march.

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