10 Non Traditional Christmas Tunes To Get You In The Spirit!

Happy Black Friday! I view this day as the official start of the Christmas season. I love Christmas. It might be my favorite holiday. One of the best aspects of it is the music. Traditional Christmas tunes are played everywhere, malls, the radio, etc. As much as I love hearing from Burl Ives, Elvis and Johnny Mathis, I like to mix it up with more recent tunes. It is really fun to hear punk, metal, and rap songs at Christmas, its such a neat and refreshing twist. Below are 10 of my favorite tracks that might not currently be in your Christmas playlist but I will argue that they deserve to be.

Kanye West – Christmas in Harlem

I wanted to start off this post with a rap/hip hop Christmas track. It is one of my all time favorite songs. It has a great hook,  beat, verses, and comes from my favorite rap/hip hop artist of all time. What more could I ask for than this?

The Killers – A Great Big Sled

I love the Killers and they are awesome because they put out a Christmas song every year. This is my favorite out of the bunch. This song sounds like a classic Christmas tune mixed with the signature Killers sound even with some synths.

Coldplay – Christmas Lights

I love the piano in this song. I could just listen to an instrumental of it. The rest of the song is great too.

Fall Out Boy – Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

An acoustic jam from one of pop punk’s biggest bands. It is catchy and lyrically not as positive as other Christmas tunes. Teen emo angst at Christmas.

Number One Fan – Christmas Is Here

I love this song. It is a little known gem from a criminally overlooked band. It has great melodies and a tremendous build up.

Simple Plan – My Christmas List

This is a bratty young look at the holiday from these Canadian pop punks. It is a fun tune from a band that celebrates Boxing Day but has the idea of Christmas pretty much nailed down.

Blink 182 – I Won’t Be Home For Christmas

This is an anti-Christmas song but it is so so good. Catchy pop punk for those who might not enjoy the festivities as much as the rest of us.

Funeral For A Friend – Miracle of Christmas

This song is awesome for a couple of reasons. It sounds really good and has neat lyrics but it is also from UK hard rock/post-hardcore heroes FFAF and they have managed to slow it down and deliver this holiday gem.

Saosin – Mookie’s Last Christmas

This song is one of my favorites from Saosin. It isn’t really a Christmas song but the song talks about that time of year and is still memorable.

Austrian Death Machine – Jingle Bells

This song is my undisputed favorite metal Christmas tune and I doubt it will be replaced. Funny and awesome!

Check out the playlist on Spotify too: here
Enjoy the music and embrace the happy spirit of the Christmas season!

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