Most Anticipated Albums of 2013

The following are my top 5 most anticipated albums releasing this year, 2013, as well as some honorable mentions that I am anticipating as well. These albums were either confirmed with titles and release dates or just confirmed because artists and record labels confirming that new material would be out this year, or released details about studio time. I love music and it will be interesting to see how many of these releases actually fall on my end of the year lists.

1. Kanye West

Kanye West

He is my favorite rap artist of all time. He really takes this seriously. This is art to him and I know whatever he releases he will pour his heart and soul into it. He has touched on pretty much every type of rap/hip hop in his career and most recently put out some street/hood anthem songs. I hope that on this release he takes a more lyrical and introspective approach to writing lyrics, as I personally think that is when he is at his best.

2. City and Colour

city and colour

Dallas Green’s side project turned full-time gig exploded even more in 2012. He also decided to hit the studio in November of last year to record the  follow up to his album, Little Hell. Acoustic based solo songs and folky full band jams are what he provides. People generally prefer the former over the latter from Mr. Green but all of it is awesome in my opinion. Whatever we receive it should be beautifully crafted indie rock.

3. August Burns Red

August Burns Red

Listen to literally anything they have released. It has all been awesome. Technical but melodic metalcore is their specialty and they always deliver. I love their work both lyrically and instrumentally. They put so much passion into the music and words they create. I expect another furious album that is filled to the brim with melody. This band just gets it.

4. Coheed and Cambria
The Afterman: Descension
Feb. 5

Coheed and Cambria The_Afterman_Descension_album_cover

Coheed return with the second part of their Afterman series, Descension in February. The first part, Ascension was a refreshing return to form. It felt like the first three albums in term of overall sound, lyrical content and epic scope and feel. It feels good to have these guys back. Thanks to hearing an early release of “The Hard Sell” and an acoustic version of “Sentry the Defiant” I am extremely confident that this second part of the double album will be just as  amazing as the first part.

5. Taking Back Sunday


Taking Back Sunday are setting aside time in February to write their new album. I am very excited for this release for two reasons, first its TBS including Nolan and Cooper. I never thought I would have two albums from this group let alone, three. Secondly, because they just came off of the Tell All Your Friends tenth anniversary shows, of which I attended the Philly show. They were great live and had a strong energy, they also seemed to be having a blast doing it. That is a great mood for them to be in, to write, what could be a new classic. My only request, more call and response TAYFesque vocals from Adam and John on this one.

Also anticipating: Hatebreed, Funeral For A Friend, Paramore, Cartel, Jimmy Eat World, A Day to Remember, Third Eye Blind, Blink 182, Silverstein, Norma Jean, Senses Fail, Relient K, Saves the Day, Killswitch Engage, Justin Timberlake.

3 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Albums of 2013

  1. I’m pretty excited for new albums from Tegan and Sara and Phoenix. New City and Colour and Blink sound good too. Plus some albums I’m probably unaware are releasing because I’m so out of the loop.

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