Concert Review – Underoath (Final Tour)/Mewithoutyou/As Cities Burn/Letlive 1/17/13

I had the pleasure of attending the Farewell tour featuring UnderOath, Mewithout you, As Cities Burn, and letlive at Union Transer in Philadelphia on January 13, 2013. It was a great show. I have seen them many times, most recently headlining over Thursday and this is probably the best Underoath performance I have ever seen. Sadly it will also be my last. I have included the setlist for each band, a description of their set, and photos I took. NOTE: The photos I took were taken on my cellphone in the crowd. They are intended to give you an idea of what the show was like.


This band is an interesting one for me. I normally love chaotic post hardcore/metal hybrids like letlive. Bands like Dillinger Escape Plan and the Chariot are some of my favorites of all time. I love them. This band and their lauded album, Fake History didn’t seem to do much for me. Then a good friend recommended that I check them out more. We saw them live and I was impressed.

20130116_190243 20130116_190518 20130116_190654 20130116_190526

This performance might have been the one to really sell me on them. Not only was the band’s performance awesome, sonically tight, engaging, and filled with tons of energy but the band had a little something extra tonight. Lead vocalist Jason Butler gave a very sincere speech about why it is so great that people come out and support live music. He especially mentioned how much he appreciate the support for his band and the bands that were playing that night and how blessed they felt to do what they do. Musically the band managed to remain dynamic and interesting instead of just a wall of sound. I gained a deeper appreciation for their music and the band as a whole. I guess they are worth a third look.

  1. Le Prologue
  2. The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion
  3.  Renegade 86′
  4. Homeless Jazz
  5.  Muther
  6. 27 Club (New song)
  7. Day 54
  8. Casino Columbus

20130116_191517 20130116_191525 20130116_191548  20130116_192508

As Cities Burn

This is one band that I really enjoyed their debut and then they kinda fell off of the radar for me. I enjoyed their subsequent releases but soon after they came out they drifted back into obscurity. I was not destroyed about them disbanding like I was with other bands ie- Thrice, Thursday, Alexisonfire. When I heard they were reuniting and on this tour I was intrigued. My interest definitely paid off.

The band was remarkably tight and seemed to be having a good time. The crowd was ravenous and made me wonder how they were able to stay away this long. I guess the expression is true distance does make the heart grow fonder. The band fed off of the energy of the crowd, ripping through cuts from their beloved debut album, Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest. The set was so good I decided to delve back into their catalog and see what I had missed by only skimming their work.

20130116_195454  20130116_20035820130116_202008 20130116_200406

  1. Thus From My Lips, By Yours, My Sin Is Purged
  2. Love Jealous One Love
  3. Wake Dead Man Wake
  4. One: Twenty Seven
  5. Admission: Regret
  6. Terrible! How Terrible for the Great City
  7. Bloodsucker Pt. 2



Mewithoutyou was always a band that I mostly ignored until it was time to see them live, opening for another band. They opened for many tours that I was interested in so I would always look into their stuff. Also their album, Brother, Sister, was released when I was Rock director for my college’s radio station and I spent a lot of time getting familiar with them, in particular that album. It didn’t really pay dividends because I never fell in love with this band. They put on a good live show but that wasn’t even enough, until last night.

20130116_205025 20130116_205410 20130116_205926 20130116_205922

They were even more enjoyable last night than I can remember previously. Maybe it was the night, or the company or I was just in the right mood to be receptive. I don’t know but I enjoyed the whole set (They could have played A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contains” and really blown me away, but whatever). The band was energetic, the music was tight and the crowd was hot, jumping up and down and singing every word. The local boys provided Philly with an awesome show and one that gained them a little more respect in my book.

20130116_205943 20130116_210303 20130116_210543 20130116_211301

  1. Bullet to Binary
  2. Paper Hanger
  3. East Enders Wives
  4. Tie Me Up! Untie Me!
  5. Fox’s Dream of the Log Flume
  6. February, 1878
  7. My Exit, Unfair
  8. Fiji Mermaid
  9. O, Porcupine
  10. Bear’s Vision of St. Agnes
  11. All Circles

20130116_212557 20130116_212243  20130116_210547 20130116_212653



This is the reason why I was so excited to go to this show. This is one of my favorite metal bands of all time. Heavy and melodic they were always amazing. The crowds for their shows were always furious and that made the experience that much better. Having to say goodbye to such a great band was tough but at least I got that opportunity.

20130116_233153  20130116_233220 20130116_232000 20130116_231938

Spencer Chamberlain, lead singer, was the lone spokesman for the band talking about how much the band would miss playing together and bring music to all of their fans. In a funny moment he was so distracted he kept thinking the show which occurred on Wednesday was actually Tuesday. The crowd quickly corrected him. The crowd was also vocal in showing their love for the band. They filled any and every silence with “UNDEROATH”, “I Love You Guys” and “Thank you So Much” chants. The band was all smiles and looked to be having a blast. Lead singer Spencer also alluded to a side project saying, “I will be seeing you guys soon”. He was emotional and didn’t really know how to put into words how much the fans support meant. You could tell he was sincere.

20130116_225716 20130116_225412 20130116_223835 20130116_223704 20130116_223652

The show was sold out and packed. The crowd was rowdy and ready and Underoath really brought it! The band played an hour and a half tour de force playing a nice mix of new and old tunes. They even played “Unsound”,  one of the last songs they wrote and recorded as a band.  My highlights were the songs from They’re Only Chasing Safety especially, “Young and Aspiring” and rarely played “Reinventing Your Exit”. The set was a blast, the band was tight and full of energy, running all over the place and jumping up and down. Towards the end, Spencer jumped into the crowd and was screaming and crowd surfing. This show was both exhilarating and  exhausting but worth every second.

20130116_221415 20130116_221652 20130116_221845 20130116_233111 20130116_222532

  1. Breathing In a New Mentality
  2. It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
  3. In Division
  4. In Regards to Myself
  5. Unsound
  6. Illuminator
  7. Driftwood
  8. Emergency Broadcast: The End Is Near
  9. Young and Aspiring
  10. Paper Lung
  11. Moving for the Sake of Motion
  12. Who Will Guard the Guardians?
  13. Reinventing Your Exit
  14. Everyone Looks So Good From Here
  15. Casting Such a Thin Shadow
  16. A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White
  17. Writing on the Walls

20130116_232020 20130116_231936 20130116_224854 20130116_225618 20130116_222525


2 thoughts on “Concert Review – Underoath (Final Tour)/Mewithoutyou/As Cities Burn/Letlive 1/17/13

  1. Yes, great show! However I was disappointed that ACB didnt’ play music from their other albums. Songs such as “Widow” “Timothy” or ” Made Too Pretty” are brilliant. Of course these aren’t in the same vein as SILYAYD, but are incredible just the same. You owe it to yourself to check out their last 2 works, Come Now Sleep and Helll or High Water.

    I disagree about MeWithoutyou. The crowd was booing them, and they were an odd choice for this type of crowd. I was in the balcony listening to people cussing at MWY and applauding when the lead singer said he was only going to sing 2 more songs.

    ACB knew NOT to play from their last two albums, since they had no screaming and a alternative/post-hardcore feel. Underoath made a bad call choosing MeWYou.

    This was my 3rd time seeing Underoath. Great show, but ACB was my highlight.

    I too, was impressed with Letlive. Jason’s energy is infectious, and his love of performing was evident. Jason even gave me a hug, before the show!!

    • Thanks for checking this out. I loved the show too. Like I said in the review I have been rocking ACB since the show. Mainly SILAYD but I have been checking out the whole collection.
      I was all the way up front on the floor and there was a contigent of about 5 people that were rocking out to Mewithoutyou. I agree with you that they were a strange choice for the show but both bands are pretty tight from the solid state connection and Underoath really like them.

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