TV Roundup: Week of 1/13 to 1/19

This round up is a quick look back at this past week in TV. We pull no punches and Matthew and Omarey will give you their funny, angry, sometimes disappointed but always succinct thoughts on the shows they watch. SPOILER ALERT- Please only read things about shows you have already watched to ensure you don’t ruin your experience. Here’s a look at our thoughts about the week of 1/13 – 1/19

Once Upon A Time


Omarey:  Solid episode. I was worried I wouldn’t get to see my girl Regina good thing I had my other girl Belle to carry this episode.

House of Lies


Matthew: This show shines when they are all sort of bouncing off each other and just joking around. This week’s assignment where they had to try and figure out who Pinkus was showed this aspect off well. Still not sure about the Jeannie/Marty storyline, but it did give us that fun part where Clyde made a model based on whether they slept together.
Omarey: The Pinkus stuff was great. I routinely rail this show for the characters being scumbags so it makes sense that when they dialed that back a bit, I enjoyed the show more. Here’s hoping that trend continues.



Matthew: Well, I guess the initiative stuff is improving. Padma being part of it was kind of predictable. The bar plot continues to be awful, but I think Conrad running for public office is hilariously awesome. Aiden referring to Nolan as Q was a pretty witty retort from him. Well played.
Omarey: It sucked that Padma was a mole, I kinda liked her. The Bond stuff was pretty funny. Aiden grows on me with each episode.

How I Met Your Mother


Matthew: I just feel like Barney and Robin are sort of boring as a couple. They were before and they are now. The lead up was fun, but I’m not really liking it now. Seeing Rachel Bilson is always good though. Always.
Omarey: The confetti thing made me laugh. The roof scene was a nice serious emotional scene the show does well. The mother tease at the end felt right. I like feeling that we are making progress on that again.

Don’t Trust The B**** In Apt. 23

Omarey: Dating Games was hilarious. It was funny how June went through all of that and didn’t even keep the guy. I like the Mark and June storyline and I am glad it will have time to develop. Chloe was amazing as always!

The Mindy Project

Omarey: I like Danny and Mindy together. I also liked the workers at the office going behind Danny’s back and sending the letter then immediately regretting it.

Ben and Kate

Matthew: Ben and BJ were spectacular at the party and Kate continues to do awkward humor in an awesome way. A lot of times awkward comedy bits are tough for me to watch but she does it well.
Omarey: Ben’s business partner was great. I liked seeing Tommy with a girlfriend but I will miss him pining for and playfully hitting on Kate.

Happy Endings

Matthew: EP1- It was fun to see the group altogether for a plotline in this one and a kickball tournament is the kind of thing Happy Endings can do a lot with. Loved the confusion over how to say Xela. EP 2- Penny’s storyline was kind of a miss, but the other two were pure gold. Brad’s reaction to his ex being at the door and to the two girls kissing at the end killed me, but I liked the other storyline even better. I love that Dave had all the right ideas for tracking down the roommate and Mark-Paul Gosselaar was perfect casting for him. I hope he makes a return.
Omarey: EP 1-The kickball tournament was great as was the cameo from Lance Briggs. EP2-I would have loved a roomate like that and predictably the group screwed it up. I am excited for more from Mark-Paul Gosselaar though. Brad and Jane’s storyline was hilarious. Brad makes some of the best faces ever.


Matthew: Crosby’s talk with Julia kind of stole this week’s episode. I am glad it will be working out with them and Victor. Nice to see Ryan back as well. I can’t wait for Sarah to lose both guys. Also the Skittles shower was a bit much.
Omarey:  It was cool that Joel gave Ryan another shot, Joel’s just cool like that. Sarah doesn’t realize what she has and if she keeps messing around she will lose both guys.


Matthew: Wasn’t really digging Oliver not wanting to get back to being Arrow early on, but it was still a fun episode. The shot where he comes in with the hood during the final fire… in front of a batch of balloons was a little silly looking to me for some reason.
It was weird to see Oliver holding back not Diggle but I was happy he changed his mind. Really good case this week.

Modern Family


Matthew: I loved this back and forth, Claire: “Trust me on this.” Phil: “I want to, but you’re just so wrong about so many things.” This happened right after Phil almost took some hedge clippers to Rafi’s pony tail. Brilliant. The moment at the end when Phil finally loses it and goes after his daughter and her hugging him afterwards was very sweet too.


Matthew: After an off week, it’s no surprise to see this show back on its game. Tessa going crazy from the anesthesia was a riot. Her freaking out and spouting off about the numbers on her crazy Carrie Matheson-esque wall board was great. And then the show had one of those sweet moments it does so well with Ryan tying a sock around Tessa’s head at the end.



Matthew: This sentence came out of my mouth while watching Nashville this week, “Avery is the worst.” I feel like that was a pretty accurate assessment.
The lead singer of the Rebel Kings is the worst, glad Deacon is done with that. I like Juliette and Rayna playing off one another the tour was such a good idea.



Omarey: I love their flashback episodes and this was another great one! Mellie is super awesome. Great casting with Fitz’s dad he was a real tool. You understand his motivations more.

The Vampire Diaries

Matthew: I’m so sick of the love triangle in this show. It’s become too much of a focal point this year and really bringing down Season 4. The hunter/cure plotline has a lot of potential. Push the love triangle to the background and get the genre side of the show back up front again. Please.

30 Rock


Matthew: Well any show with the line, “Let me boil a pot of hot Gatorade” can’t be bad. Everything with Liz and Jack’s trip to Florida worked quite well.

Parks and Recreation

Matthew: That Bachelor party was just amazing. It was just so much fun. What a great episode for Chris too.
The Bachelor Party was awesome, plain and simple! Loved all the cameos! The Bachelorette party was okay and had some funny parts, I love the joke about bachelorette parties having lots of penis shaped objects.



Matthew: An excellent finish to an excellent series. I got just about everything I could have wanted here. The alternate universe. Tons of callbacks to various things throughout the series. Olivia using her powers again. All kinds of great emotional Fringe moments and crazy science-y Fringe moments. And the nice happy ending for Olivia, Peter and Etta I wanted. Hard to imagine a finale much better than this. I loved this show so much and I shall miss it dearly. (Episode of the Week)
I agree with everything said in Matthew’s review. Check it out if you haven’t already. Farewell Fringe you will be missed! (Episode of the Week)


Join in by leaving your thoughts on the shows you watched in the comments. Check back next week to read our thoughts from this week in TV.

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