TV Roundup: Week of 1/20 to 1/26

This round up is a quick look back at this past week in TV. We pull no punches and Matthew and Omarey will give you their funny, angry, sometimes disappointed but always succinct thoughts on the shows they watch. SPOILER ALERT- Please only read things about shows you have already watched to ensure you don’t ruin your experience. Here’s a look at our thoughts about the week of 1/20 – 1/26

Once Upon A Time


Omarey: I liked this Frankenstein story better than the last one. Dr. Whale was great in this episode. I loved the conversation between him and Red.

House of Lies


Matthew: So this show is totally enjoyable so far this season. It’s nice to see Kristen Bell each week and it not be a chore. I loved everything about the scene with Doug and the shrimp.
Omarey: “She’s kinda like a black Jeannie” Doug getting apprehended was great and the story was even better! I liked the addition of Tamara (Nia Long). Marty sharing the news at the end made me laugh especially the drumroll.



Matthew: This is one of those episodes where I realize this show just isn’t as good as last season. At least we have an idea of what The Initiative is up to. And Emily looks hot every week. Oh and the Shamu-cam is back.
Omarey: Charlotte is lovely. Conrad ending the bar plot line is another reason I dig him! I hope it sticks and he doesn’t get in with the Ryan brothers they are the worst. I hope Aiden’s sister isn’t dead.

The Following

The Following 3

Matthew: A bit ridiculous at times, but really cool otherwise. Liked Bacon and Purefoy in it. I’m even sad Maggie Grace won’t be back. The horror elements should be fun on TV.
Omarey: Great show. But it was far too gruesome for me.

How I Met Your Mother


Matthew: Mediocre like usual, but I did like how Ted and Carly turned the whole winking thing around on Barney at the end. Also we can put that Barney’s half-sister is the mother theory to rest. I was never buying into that one anyway.
Omarey: “I have a date later”, “With some hand cream and the internet?”; I agree Lily, none of that would ever happen to Robyn. Barney putting ideas in Ted’s dream journal was hilarious. The significant other spotlight was sweet.

The Mindy Project

Omarey: What’s a thunderstorm shower? Haha. Brendan playing Landslide was so hilarious. The makeout got REALLY AWKWARD.

Ben and Kate

Matthew: I knew its cancellation was coming, but I was hoping we’d get a full season first. This was by far my favorite new comedy of 2012. BJ and Maddie together has been my favorite part of this show and they had a spectacular episode this past week. Their conversation about accents was classic. Going to miss this show!
Omarey: I loved the Rail Mall presentation. Kate was great in this one. I didn’t really like the BJ/Maddie storyline.

Go On


Omarey: “I’m a prosecutor, I put sleeze bags in the chair and divorce them from existence.” Mr. K was great this episode. Terrell Owens was great. Piper Perabo was great. “I could have did without Fausta saying I got next”


Matthew: I think maybe the writers were hedging their bets on whether they’d get renewed or not. Because it felt kind of like they were wrapping everything up for a series finale just in case this episode was one. And I’ve been saying all year, Sarah ends up alone which she deserves after jumping between Mark and Hank all year. What an excellent season though. The show’s best yet.
Omarey: Ryan is the best. Good for you Drew.Congrats to Parenthood for taking on cancer this season. Mark Cyr is the most awesomest. Sara had two great choices but it sucked for Mark. Oh this show and its musical interludes…Good for Jasmine and Crosby! The Braverman’s are a great family. (Episode of the Week)


Matthew: Thea is hot, but really just kind of annoying. Lots of interesting stuff going on in the island flashbacks with a legitimately good twist at the end. Can’t wait to see where that goes next.
It was weird to see a dispute between Diggle and Oliver. The action sequences were great as always.

Modern Family


Matthew: Phil tapping into his bad side has always been great. When he played the role of Bad Cop for a change as a parent in a previous season. Or recently when he was going to head after Haley’s new terrible boyfriend. And now we have this great Godfather parody tonight. Phil is just the best.


Matthew: Tessa and Ryan make such an odd couple, but are a lot of fun together. Her running through the paper at the end was hilarious as was Ryan’s saying that running through paper was why so many of them played football.



Matthew: I was kind of thinking that scene where Avery was driving was going to end in a car accident or something. Or maybe I just wanted it to? It’s okay, he’s a fictional character and an awful one. I can hope terrible things happen to him.
Juliette was awesome this episode. I liked seeing Avery being on the outside, looking in. Deacon joining Juliette on tour was cool.

The Vampire Diaries

Matthew: Well a step in the right direction with the love triangle taking a backseat this week though the sire bond still looms… why did the writers ever do this? Also I’m starting to think both Salvatore brothers are better characters when they aren’t with Elena. Stefan sure was this week and him telling off Elena was fantastic.

30 Rock


Matthew: This show is hitting some nice emotional beats on its way out despite not really being that type of show. Kenneth getting the President of NBC job and Liz’s kids being like Tracy and Jenna felt like perfect moves for this show. Looking forward to how they wrap all of this up. (Episode of the Week)
“Boy women who try to do stuff sure do get killed a lot” “You’ve got Lemon, make lemonade” The convo with Liz and BroBodyDouche was hilarious. I loved the Willy Wonka parody. “We could replace them with David Allen Grier and Miss Piggy”. Everyone quitting for Liz was great. Liz’s kids were perfect.

Parks and Recreation

Matthew: I don’t even know exactly why, but this episode really had me rolling. I am not sure what the general reaction has been to softening up Ron over the years, but I loved his whole storyline with the kids and the ending was really cute. Ann’s inability to interact with the girls at first and then messing with Ron at the end were great too.
April joking about sexism was hilarious. “Google Earth always taking pics” Tom trying to play basketball was hilarious. “Been a baller since birth son,  now I’m an athlete” I like how the girls liked Ann by the end. Loved the tag with Tommy’s ad for Rent-A-Swag.


Join in by leaving your thoughts on the shows you watched in the comments. Check back next week to read our thoughts from this week in TV.

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