TV Roundup: Week of 1/27 to 2/3

This round up is a quick look back at this past week in TV. We pull no punches and Matthew and Omarey will give you their funny, angry, sometimes disappointed but always succinct thoughts on the shows they watch. SPOILER ALERT- Please only read things about shows you have already watched to ensure you don’t ruin your experience. Here’s a look at our thoughts about the week of 1/27 – 2/3

House of Lies


Matthew: Unfortunately House of Lies turned back into old House of Lies about halfway through this episode. I think the turning point was when Marty’s Ex finished making out with her chef (or housekeeper or whatever) and asked, “What just happened?” to which the chef said, “Everything.” To which I said what the hell am I watching.
Omarey: The stuff with Marty, Clyde and the Dushkins was great. Jeannie and Tamara was good as well. Doug is just a complete fool.

The Following

The Following 3

Matthew: Well Annie Parisse was a big improvement over the last female FBI agent. I’m not sure if this episode was better than the pilot, but I think it made me more confident in its direction with the way it is weaving the serialized storytelling in with what will likely be a bit of Follower of the Week stuff.
Omarey: Annie Parisse was a huge step up from the other chick. I like the whole team now. It was interesting how the case unfolded. I also liked the on going “joke” about the word cult.

The Mindy Project

Omarey: The stuff in Mindy’s bed!!?!?! Danny is missing out. Lucy and Jamie are best friends is kinda weird. BJ Novak is amazing. Mindy flipping out on Brendan was great. Man her love life sucks.

Go On


Omarey: “You’re an adult, you should only have good underwear.” Owen being a body double for Lauren was hilarious. I liked the stuff with Ryan and Janie. I also liked Ryan and Simone’s storyline, they are good together.

Happy Endings


Matthew: EP1: One of the best episodes of the show probably. The prank war was glorious and the reveal of Alex’s role in it all at the end was classic. EP2: Not as good as the first episode, but there was some fun to have with this setup. As much as I like Alex and Dave being together again, plotlines they carry on their own haven’t always hit, but I did like this one.
Omarey: EP1- My favorite episode of Happy Endings it was hilarious from beginnning to end. Ep2-Jane and Penny’s presentation was hilarious, I loved everyone. “They are DTF, down to fight.” The resolution of the show was great. This show is brilliant.


Matthew: It was fun to see Seth Gabel in a different role here then he played on Fringe. Looking forward to seeing him return to the show at some point (which I assume he will). I enjoy Oliver and Felicity’s interactions. Like how he was out of sports bottles so put his energy drink in a syringe.
Didn’t enjoy Seth Gabel on here as much as I expected to. “Your BS stories are getting worse.” – Diggle.


Matthew: This show has been severely lacking in Dalia lately, but she had a good episode here. My favorite part of this episode was her walk with George which was great. When Tessa was describing Lisa’s date, I knew she was talking about Scott Strauss. Lisa’s realization at the end was well done too.

The Americans

FX_The Americans

Matthew: A good start to a new show. FX looks to have another winner here.
 I love Keri Russell and it was so great to see her back on TV. The show was well paced and acted, and the action was good. I am really looking forward to many more great episodes. See our full impressions here.

The Vampire Diaries

Matthew: Hey a plan of theirs actually worked. I think the plan to kill Kol was still questionable, but they deserve some credit for pulling it off. Another good thing is that it will hopefully push this cure story along faster. I can’t roll my eyes enough at Elena’s reaction to Stefan banging Rebekkah. Ugh.

The Big Bang Theory

Matthew: It was kind of fun to see Sheldon’s confidence shaken and him go along with the idea that sex was hurting his work, but this one was a little dull overall.

30 Rock


Matthew: I’m not sure this finale could have been any better. The various sendoffs for each of the relationships were excellent. Particularly Liz and Jack (his ability to describe love and not say the word and his short boat trip were both so good) and Liz and Tracy (a perfect place for their final goodbye). The payoff for all the teases about Kenneth over the years was pretty much perfect too. (Episode of the Week)
Omarey: Great finale. I loved the internet lingo and the message board part. Tracy was at his best today, one of my favorite performances for him. I loved all of the Cerie we got. The tag at the end was one of my favorite moments of the show. Liz’s great granddaughter=hottie.

Person of Interest


Omarey: Kara was always crazy but she was off her rocker here. It was cool to see more of her backstory and what led up to her here. I love the camaraderie and love within the team. They all genuinely care for each other. Mark Snow and John working together was awesome. I also love how topical and current the show is, talking about cyber terrorism. I am sorry that Kara and Mark Snow are dead, they were great foes. The tidbit about Harold at the end was neat and it will be cool to see what comes up with this program in 5 months.



Omarey: I love the flashbacks on this show. It was cool to see the Quinn story resolved. Mellie is a crazy person for inducing her pregnancy, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. If Hollis didn’t pay Becky who did?



I loved this episode. The pranks pulled on and by Louis were fun to see. He is quite awesome. I just hope the rest of the firm eases up on him soon. I loved seeing Mike and Rachel a little more cordial. Harvey’s special time getting interrupted twice was hilarious. It was also neat to see Rachel as the focus this week (It doesn’t hurt that she is unbelievably attractive). I also loved Wendell Pierce this episode, he was funny and plays Rachel’s dad really convincingly. The case was really cool and it was good to see the back and forth, and negotiating. I loved it. (Episode of the Week)

Join in by leaving your thoughts on the shows you watched in the comments. Check back next week to read our thoughts from this week in TV.

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