My Favorite 2013 Super Bowl Commercials

Every year I sit down and watch the Super Bowl with millions of my fellow Americans. We gorge ourselves on junk food, yell at our TVs and hopefully see some quality advertising. The Super Bowl is known just as much for its commercials as it is for the game itself. This year c0mmercials cost a whopping $3,600,000 for a 30 second spot. I feel that this year’s output was better than the last few years with 5 ads that rose above the rest.

5.  Hyndai-Team:

Lots of kids can identify with feeling bullied and left out. It was cool to see the kid assemble the super team and come back to unleash some well deserved retribution.

4. Kia-Space Babies

This was a really fun take on a classic issue. I love the fantastical tale the dad spun complete with adorable baby animals like the baby panda and giraffe. The resolution was hilarious as well. Kia and Wheels on the Bus for the save.

3. Budweiser-Brotherhood

I am not always blown away by the beer commercials especially as of late but the Clydesdales are classic and this was a beautiful story. You can’t tell me you didn’t feel something when you saw the horse galloping towards his former owner at the end.

2. Milk-Morning Run

The Rock is one of my favorite people and it was neat to see him in a cute role playing the dutiful dad that needs to rush out to get milk for his daughter and her friends. The ridiculousness of all of the stuff he passed in his quest made this one so fun. If there was ever a model to get people to drink milk he is it.

1. NFL-Leon Sandcastle

Who doesn’t love Primetime? What could be better than Neon Deion in a commercial? Deion creating a character that is starting over as a rookie in the NFL that has an afro and moustache. Well done NFL well done.

The WORST: There was one ad that was just terrible

Go Perfect Match

It did not go over well personally nor with anyone I watched the game with.

When it comes to SuperBowl Commercials there are so many all time classic ones. Mean Joe Greene, The Bud Weis ER Frogs, WHAZZUP, Jordan vs. Jordan, etc. I will leave you with my all time favorite. It had a huge impact on me.

Terry Tate Office Linebacker.

If office linebacker was a thing I would want to do that for a living.

Thanks for checking out this post on SuperBowl Commercials. Post some of your favorites in the comments.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite 2013 Super Bowl Commercials

    • Point well taken. You are totally right, previous year’s ads have had no focus or point just hot girls (Not a bad thing) just not good advertising. I feel like this just ruins the amazingly hot Bar Refaeli. Shame.

  1. My top three would be your top three exactly in that order. Also I kind of want to use that Leon Sandcastle picture as all our featured images from now on. I was so excited when I saw it staring me in the face when I arrived at the blog.

    • Awesome! Yeah they were all great. I am glad you dig seeing the Leon Sandcastle picture too. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

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