TV Roundup: Week of 2/10 to 2/16

This round up is a quick look back at this past week in TV. We pull no punches and Matthew and Omarey will give you their funny, angry, sometimes disappointed but always succinct thoughts on the shows they watch. SPOILER ALERT- Please only read things about shows you have already watched to ensure you don’t ruin your experience. Here’s a look at our thoughts about the week of 2/10 – 2/16


Matthew: Helen getting iced has to be a good thing. The initiative plotline has been just sort of there and this should push that forward in some big way. I liked how Emily put the childhood ring in the box. I really want her to end up with Jack though. Maybe Amanda will end up dead on a boat next week and I can still get that (sorry Amanda, you were actually pretty good this year).

House of Lies


Matthew: Matt Damon’s shtick on the show was funny for a bit, but they went too far with it. The video at the end was pretty great though. Marty’s son is always good. Kind of a respite from all the terrible human beings in this show.
Omarey: Matt Damon was hilarious in the opening interview and the commercial for Damonschildren

The Walking Dead

Matthew: I don’t like Rick turning Tyrese away even if it likely won’t be for long. Even more so I don’t like Daryl leaving the group. It goes without saying that everything happening with Andrea and the Governor in Woodbury is pretty terrible.
Omarey: Rick lost mad points from me for his crazy freakout that scared off Tyrese. Also ghost Lori, GET OUT forever.

The Following

The Following 3

Matthew: At first I thought maybe the shower threesome nonsense was a bit too ridiculous. Then I realized, I want the show to continue to be that ridiculous. That’s just what this show is at this point and I’m okay with it.
Omarey: The episode was solid but the ending in the shower? Absolutely ridiculous.

How I Met Your Mother


Matthew: I thought the Robin/Lily joke was really tired by the end though I kind of like the idea of Senator Mike Tyson.


survivor caramoan fans vs favorites

Matthew: It was pretty funny seeing Francesca going out first twice. She really is just terrible at Survivor. The cool kids clique on the Fans side is already pretty terrible. Someone needs to tell them that four isn’t the majority in a group of ten.
Omarey: Oh Francesca, Survivor is not your game. Philip was classic Philip and Cochran should be fun this year.


Omarey: I loved this episode. The flashback stuff was amazing! The confrontation with his mom. Felicity and Diggle and Felicity joining the team. (Episode of the Week)


Matthew:  I’m happy to see Lisa and Malik get back together. I didn’t really care much for the Dallas storyline, but drunk George at the dinner was really funny and it gave Dalia another chance for one of those multi-sentence descriptions like the one at the dance last year with Tessa and that is always welcome.


Matthew: This show is so consistently good. Never lets me down. Cooper was just classic Cooper. Ben continues to grow into being more of an ass and Sammy is still pretty awesome. I wish Tammi wasn’t back though. She’s the worst. Nice to see Lydia’s partner stick around another season.
Omarey: Another great episode. I can’t wait for Chad Michael Murray to be the world’s greatest trainwreck this year. I am glad Dorian Missick back with Lydia, he is a good fit for her. Cooper and his boot should be fun to watch this season too.

The Americans

FX_The Americans

Matthew: This feels like the beginning of a great TV show we are watching. The way they balance the family/relationship drama with the spy stuff is pretty fantastic. Philip is still the best.
I really enjoy this show. I miss the flashbacks and hope they come back soon but I love when they do stuff like when they made that girl disappear. I loved the conversation with Philip and Elizabeth at the end.



Omarey: This show is pure soap but I guess that’s the fun of it. I felt so bad for the kids but it was the right move. If they can’t be faithful why stay married.

The Vampire Diaries

Matthew: KATHERINE!!! My favorite character has returned! The end of this episode was just insane and Katherine’s return and Silas awakening makes me genuinely excited for the future of the show in a way I have struggled to be throughout this season. Also I feel like one way or another, Jeremy isn’t dead. (Episode of the Week)

The Big Bang Theory

Matthew: I think it is good that Raj has a girl now. His character has been in a real rut. Sheldon’s gift for Amy was pretty good too.



Matthew: The ring girl stuff was pretty funny. Both Annie’s entrance and the Dean’s costume. Overall this episode didn’t do a lot for me though.
Omarey: I actually really liked this episode. It felt like it was classic Community episode to me. Plus it was good to see Gilbert again.

Parks and Recreation


Matthew: I loved Leslie killing off the town in the drill and getting the best of Jam. My favorite part was Ron on the talk show though. Looks like a big episode next week! That couple has always been so easy to root for. Should be fun.
Omarey: The cliffhanger was so crazy. Classic Parks marrying people without warning. Ron and his advice was hilarious.

Person of Interest


Omarey: Mia Maestro was great in this ep and I enjoyed the hotel aspect this week. Feel bad for Carter’s love life this week. It was a pleasure as always to see Zoe. She’s the best! The return of Root. Amazing.



Omarey: Mellie you were unbelievable this episode and not in a good way. Fitz has lost his mind first at work and then snatching Olivia into that server room…Huck and Quinn will be good together and I love Scott Foley. This role included.



War is definitely brewing at Pearson…I love how awesome Louis has been lately, especially what he tried to do for Rachel. It will be a kind of a shame when Daniel is fully vanquished because he makes such a formidable foe. Jessica is great though.

Join in by leaving your thoughts on the shows you watched in the comments. Check back next week to read our thoughts from this week in TV.


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