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In the TV business, they refer to shows that might be cancelled or renewed to be “on the bubble”. I have developed a list of my own bubble shows. Sometimes when I start watching something, I just keep watching it. It is a problem I have. I’ve decided to really take a hard look at what I’m watching at this season’s end and cutting out stuff I don’t think is worth sticking with and spend that time either watching something better that is still airing, catching up on a good show I missed via Netflix or you know just doing something more worthwhile altogether. Here are the shows that are sort of on the bubble for me right now. If they can’t win me over by season’s end, I may need to just cut these out (these are in absolutely no order).

I sure won't miss Henry if I quit on this one.

I sure won’t miss Henry if I quit on this one.

Once Upon a Time: The first season of this wasn’t great, but it showed some promise. And hey it was a bit different than a lot of shows on TV (the fact that another new show had a similar premise last year not withstanding). I particularly liked the way the show would surprise me with how the fairy tales played out and those elements helped me overlook a really annoying kid, a dull lead and some of the worst CG around. I am not sure if it is the fact that the people in Storybrooke know about their fairy tale roots now or what, but I have just been really bored this season. I currently have four episodes sitting on my DVR which I will get to, but is not a good sign. Hopefully it can win me back a bit or this one might have to be dropped.

House of Lies: I don’t think this is a very good show, but more importantly it isn’t my kind of show. I reviewed the premiere earlier this year and the first few episodes of the season seemed to be headed in a good direction, but I fear we are back to the quality (or lack thereof) of the first season. The characters are just so unlikable and while that can be alright sometimes, it is kind of wearing on me here. I will however watch some crap to see Kristen Bell weekly. And hey she did help us towards getting that Veronica Mars movie (the role I love her so dearly for) so there is a good chance she keeps me watching. We’ll have to wait and see.

I got a little bored just looking at this picture of Nashville

I got a little bored just looking at this picture of Nashville

Nashville: I am not into the premise of this show at all. I really dislike country music. But since this seemed like a quality show particularly early on, I kept tuning in. But it has sort of lost me. I am the kind of person who ignores the outside world while watching a favorite show of mine and this show actually has me reaching for my phone occasionally during it. Not a good sign. I think the truth is Nashville just isn’t for me, so unless it does something to really hook me in I may have to let it go.

The Killing: I don’t even know what the situation is with The Killing going forward or if it will see a fourth season though I will watch the third for sure. And maybe there isn’t a great chance I drop it, but its first two seasons have sure earned it a spot on the bubble for me. The first season was such a frustrating experience and while I think Season 2 was better and wrapped up pretty well, the middle of that season had a lot of the same problems that the first season had. I am hoping a new case that only lasts one season will help improve the show’s structure. I really love the atmosphere of the show as well as the acting. And if anything has kept me here so far it is Joel Kinnaman and his character Dectective Stephen Holder. And he will probably be the reason I keep tuning in if I do. I’m hoping the show around him can get better though.

Sometimes I just like to pretend Revolution is about Gus Fring in a world with no electricity... It's better that way

Sometimes I just like to pretend Revolution is about Gus Fring in a world with no electricity…
It’s better that way

Revolution: This show has an interesting premise. I’m not sure it always makes sense, but I can just look the other way, if it is interesting and fun to watch. The latter has not really been happening and they have just not executed this one well. It stinks because they seem to have a really good creative team and writing staff here as well as a few good actors (Giancarlo Esposito seems wasted on this show). Even the flashbacks that were my favorite parts early on have become hit and miss including one that just assassinated Aaron’s character. I’m still willing to see what they can do with the second half of this season, but Revolution is definitely sitting on the bubble for me.

The Walking Dead: I’ll probably just keep watching The Walking Dead. It’s become kind of fun to hate-watch and since I read the comics, I can be a dick and complain about how much they are just completely botching characters and events from the source material. Honestly though, even if we ignore the books, they just do so many things that make for bad TV. How unnecessarily obtuse Micchone can be. How annoying Carl is (though I admit he’s been better this season). How Andrea is just THE WORST! But again I will probably keep watching. And hey if I didn’t where would I find my worst characters for our year-end TVawards?

Just finish the fucking story already Ted!!!

How I Met Your Mother: Okay, so there is one season left of this. I have watched eight seasons and I am going to see this through to the end at this point. But there is no show on TV I am more fed up with than How I Met Your Mother, so I’m taking this opportunity to complain about it. I was never really one to bitch and moan about all the stalling and shitty stuff they do in regards to the mother, but that was because the show was fairly consistently funny. Now I’m not laughing much and all that annoying stuff they do is frustrating me. Throw in the disaster that was last season’s finale, how they completely mishandled both Victoria and Quinn coming out of that mess and just how bored I am at this point and this show is driving me a little nuts right now. I’ll keep watching, but I decided to give HIMYM an honorary spot on the bubble. It’s earned it with its mediocrity.

That will do it for my bubble shows. A few of these I seem too far in to possibly give up on, but the rest are definitely on the edge. I hope to check back in with these at season’s end maybe individually for some of them. Do you have some shows you are thinking about dropping? What is on your “bubble” so to speak? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Matt’s Bubble Shows

  1. I just finished season 7 of HIMYM and I can say that I’m doing the smart thing: Ignore that show until the series finale, catch up on what’s happened real quick on Wikipedia, then watch that finale and pretend that shit with Ted and Victoria never happened. That really bothered me, made him look even worse because he just brought up he knew what it was like to have that exact same situation happen to him. How could the writers expect people to still like him after that?
    I’m done with Revolution also. That Aaron thing gave that show a two episode time limit to give me a reason to keep watching and it failed. Tell me if the show somehow miraculously manages to become good. Also you need to give up on Walking Dead and spend the time you would use to watch it on reading more of the comics instead. Great blog.

    • Ted really is a douche. So ready for that show to be done. I should do what you are saying with TWD, but it’s like one thing I do with my brother each week, so that will probably continue. I need to read more of the books though. My book focus at the moment is finishing the third GoT book before the the third season starts. Then I’ll get back to TWD books.

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