March Badness: A Bracket to Decide the Worst TV Character

We love March Madness here at The Whiteboard. We also love to say things are “THE WORST” especially TV characters. So we have decided to combine these two things and make up an NCAA Tournament style bracket to decide who is the worst character on TV. Our general rule for including people on this list were characters that made us go, “Ugh, he (or she) is THE WORST!” This could be because they are such badly written annoying characters or terrible human beings. We also included some current characters and ones from now off-the-air shows. In this blog, we want to introduce you to the characters and why they are so terrible. Be on the lookout for our first voting blog with polls tomorrow. Here are the first round matchups (some descriptions include spoilers for the show they are from, so watch out if you haven’t seen them):

Region 1

(1) Andrea – The Walking Dead vs. (8) Mark Benford – FlashForward

Andrea  Mark Benford

Omarey on Andrea: Andrea is a gigantic slut which is bad but what makes it even worse is her terrible choice in men. She picks the most awful dudes to hit the sack with. It’s a real shame because her comic book counterpart was one of the best characters EVER. Way to blow it, Andrea.

Matt on Benford: I actually started to like Mark Benford a bit by series end, but he was still a terrible FBI agent and husband. And there was the moment he just whipped that flask out or when he said, “Because I was loaded okay!” He’s a hilarious kind of awful. Not as bad as his wife or nearly as bad as his first round opponent, but a solid 8-seed.

(4) Nicholas BrodyHomeland vs. (5) Ted MosbyHow I Met Your Mother

Nicholas Brody  Ted Mosby

Matt on Brody: At some point, Brody just became too unlikable to get behind anymore. I think it was around the time of that shower at the car wash. He’s a terrorist. A murderer. A bad husband. And just all-around shitty guy who seems to only be out to save his own ass.

Matt on Ted: Ted is just a total douche at this point. And if you weren’t sure after seven years of him largely being a douche, he broke up a wedding to take a girl we all knew he wouldn’t be with very long. He’s a douche.

(3) Tammi – Southland vs. (6) Sean Walker – The Event

Tammi  Sean Walker

Matt on Tammi: Tammi is crazy. A drug addict. A terrible mother. An adulterer. But more than anything she just makes our man Sammy’s life a living hell and for that she is the worst.

Matt on Sean: I don’t remember exactly why I hated Sean Walker so much, but I remember asking why would anyone like Jason Ritter after watching him in this. If a character can make me hate Jason Ritter, he is doing something terribly wrong.

(2) Dana Brody – Homeland vs. (7) Elena Tyler – Felicity

Dana Brody  Elena Tyler

Omarey on Dana: Mope, mope, mope, brood. Also could you have any worse taste in men? Both of her boyfriends were the worst people ever. So she is the worst by extension.

Omarey on Elena: There are worse people in the world obviously, hence her low seed, but Elena is the worst on a good show. Elena was super slutty and dragged down her virginal boyfriend Tracy and took his virginity.

Region 2

(1) Carl Grimes – The Walking Dead vs. (8) Robin Scherbatsky – How I Met Your Mother

Carl Grimes  Robin

Matt on Carl: Carl has been tolerable this season, but it doesn’t make up for him being the worst character on TV for two seasons prior. He helps zombies kill much more likable survivors while somehow hanging around himself. Randomly teleports himself around farms and woods to get into trouble. I mean just look at his face. Kid is super annoying.

Omarey on Robin: Robin is so annoying and she is terrible to Ted. I know he is kind of a tool and deserves it a little bit, but she really took him through the emotional ringer. Also, Robin Sparkles isn’t the greatest thing in the world to me. It was kinda funny at first but is now played out.

(4) Hazel Wassername – 30 Rock vs. (5) Drew Holt – Parenthood

Hazel  Parenthood

Matt on Hazel: I pretty much like everyone on 30 Rock. And these final two seasons have generally been fantastic… unless Hazel was onscreen. For trying to bring down an otherwise great show, she gets a spot in this tourney.

Omarey on Drew: He is either invisible or brooding about something stupid or making colossally bad decisions. Way to get back with your ex via sympathy over your aunt’s cancer, then get her knocked up and then she has to get an abortion! Well done Drew! You’re the worst.

(3) Kate Austen – Lost vs. (6) Detective Sarah Linden –  The Killing

Kate Austen  Sarah Linden

Omarey on Kate: Jack is the best. So anyone that screws around with Jack and breaks his heart is the worst, also she has a general penchant for being annoying.

Omarey on Linden: Another moper and the world’s worst mom, I can’t believe her son Jack isn’t a bank robber or something by now.

(2) Ben Chang – Community vs. (7) Henry Mills – Once Upon a Time

Ben Chang  Henry Mills

Omarey on Chang: Chang! He ruins a fairly solid cast on the show, Community. He routinely has the worst storyline and I do not think he has ever contributed positively to an episode, not even one laugh. That is an amazingly impressive feat of terribleness.

Matt on Henry: Maybe I just hate kids that look like Henry and Carl? I don’t know. Henry just annoys the crap out of me. And like his mom, he doesn’t have an interesting fairy tale origin to fall back on.

Region 3

(1) Ziggy Sobotka – The Wire vs. (8) Charlie Matheson – Revolution

Ziggy  Charlie

Omarey on Ziggy: I can’t believe I had to see his penis. More than once! He was just a general buffoon that tanked a whole season of what is largely regarded as one of television’s best shows of all time.

Matt on Charlie: Why does Charlie always look like she’s going to cry? Why is she generally just screwing things up all the time? Why is she so whiny? All questions I ask every time I watch Revolution.

(4) Avery Barkley – Nashville vs. (5) Trey Atwood – The O.C.

Avery Barkley  Trey Atwood

Omarey on Avery: Whenever we can have a newer character on this list it just goes to show you how absolutely terrible they truly are. Avery is just a turd of a person, cheating on his girlfriend to climb the ladder then promptly falling back down that ladder on his face. LAME

Matt on Trey: So Trey basically causes Ryan to go to jail in the first place. Then he tries to bang his girlfriend. When she isn’t into it, he tries to rape her. He kind of sounds like the worst.

(3) Clyde Oberholt – House of Lies vs. (6) Skyler White – Breaking Bad

Clyde  TV-Breaking Bad-Gunn

Omarey on Clyde: Clyde has been a complete scumbag like the rest of the cast since the beginning but it seems like he has been stepping up his game more lately. When he started molesting/being a creep to Doug’s girlfriend that was across the line even for Clyde.

Matt on Skyler: Yeah I know Walt is a monster. Why is Skyler here instead? I think she’s not as interesting of a character, so when she annoys me it bothers me a whole lot. Plus she fucked Ted. Worse than being a meth-dealer/murderer… clearly.

(2) Declan Porter – Revenge vs. (7) Sara Tancredi – Prison Break

Declan  Sarah Tancredi

Matt on Declan: Has anything good ever happened involving Declan? No… I didn’t think so. I think he is really responsible for all things bad that ever occurred in the Hamptons. Not the Graysons or the Initiative. Well maybe not be he is responsible for tanking plotlines and dragging otherwise good characters done with his shitty self.

Omarey on Sara: Sara was only good because Michael loved her. She was all drugged up and tries to kill herself after letting her man out of jail. She should have been ecstatic. Not Sarah though.

Region 4

(1) Joffrey Baratheon – Game of Thrones vs. (8) Kim Bauer – 24

Joffrey  Kim Bauer

Matt on Joffrey: I’m not going to spoil anything here, but if you’ve seen GoT, you know Joffrey is the cause of all this terrible stuff happening plus just a grade-A dick. He also has a face you just want to slap and luckily a few characters do just that which are Joff’s best moments.

Omarey on Kim: Kim is annoying and stupid especially for the daughter the awesome specimen that is Jack Bauer. How do you almost get mauled by a cougar? C’Mon girl!

(4) Claire Littleton – Lost vs. (5) Max Braverman – Parenthood

Claire Littleton  Max

Matt on Claire: MAH BOYBEE! MAH BOYBEE! Ugh. Claire was annoying on island or in flashbacks. So annoying Omarey even thought it was cool for Charlie to go around kidnapping her baby and stuff. While I am not prepared to give him a license to baby-snatch, I can’t really blame Omar for doing so. She’s that annoying.

Matt on Max: What? I can’t pick on Max because he has a disorder? No I think we’ve gone beyond that at this point. He’s just kind of terrible. Sorry. I felt bad for him for as long as I could. I’m way past my threshold at this point.

(3) Tyler Evans – V (2009) vs. (6) Olivia Benford – FlashForward

Tyler Evans  Olivia Benford

Matt on Tyler: Tyler is that terrible edgy teen character that shows always have. He wears a leather jacket and rides a motorcycle. He rebels against his parents. Except he’s the worst version of this already awful character type.

Omarey on Olivia: I love Sonya Walger but she was the absolute worst on FlashForward. Just a wise cracking doctor that couldn’t even hold her marriage together when the future said there would be a problem. She had like a million chances not to mess it up! I guess bagging Lloyd was more important than avoiding this list.

(2) Claire Bennet – Heroes vs. (7) Manny Delgado – Modern Family

Claire Bennet  Manny Delgado

Omarey on Claire: Claire had her severed foot on a table, she whined ALL of the time, she had terrible choices in significant others both straight and lesbian. Each time she died I was hoping that her powers would fail permanently.

Omarey on Manny: Manny is such a little cocky tool. We get it you are kind of a bland person.

That will do it for our first (hopefully annual) Worst TV Character Bracket. We’re sorry if your least favorite character didn’t make it. The two of us only watch so many shows. Hopefully someone you hate is on here, so you’ll have someone to root for and help vote to the end. We’ll have polls up for the first round tomorrow, so make sure to come back and vote. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “March Badness: A Bracket to Decide the Worst TV Character

  1. Chang absolutely deserves a spot on this list, but he has had his moments. The paintball episodes had some great bits from him and the plotline where Britta rebels against him in the model UN episodes might be my favorite thing from that show. The bad outweighs the good, but there is some good at least.
    I hope either Ted, Andrea, or Skyler wins this. Carl may be worse than Andrea, but like Omarey said, they fucked up one of the best characters in the comics with her.

    • Some of these characters definitely have their moments. I did love Chang in the first paintball episode.

      And while we do have four number 1 seeds we actually ordered them all and Andrea was #1 overall. She really is fucking terrible and definitely worse right now in the show. How great she is in the books just makes it that much more painful.

      Also since you mentioned Andy to me on Twitter, we contemplated reaching out to some people for some worst characters in shows we weren’t watching. I think it is something we might do next year if this goes well. Maybe gets some readers/friends choices in.

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