March Badness: Vote for the Worst TV Character – Round 2

We love March Madness here at The Whiteboard. We also love to say things are “THE WORST” especially TV characters. So we have decided to combine these two things and make up an NCAA Tournament style bracket to decide who is the worst character on TV.

We have taken the results from Round 1 and are here with Round 2’s matchups. So take a look and let know who is THE WORST between these various pairs below. And be free to take a peek at our updated bracket here to spy some possible matchups down the line.

Region 1

(1) Andrea – The Walking Dead vs. (5) Ted Mosby – How I Met Your Mother

Andrea  Ted Mosby

It was no surprise to see Andrea steamroll Mark Benford in the biggest landslide of the first round. Mark is kind of a lovable worst and there is a reason Andrea was our overall #1 seed. She will face a little tougher competition in this round against Ted Mosby who beat out Brody in round 1 because being an annoying douche is much worse than being an adulterous terrorist. Hey the people have spoken. So who is worse this time? Andrea or Ted… go!

(3) Tammi – Southland vs. (2) Dana Brody – Homeland

Tammi  Dana Brody

I’d like to think Tammi just won big because lots of people watch Southland, but that really can’t be the case. But hey no one watched The Event either. It must just be because Tammi is so awful which we here at The Whiteboard agree with wholeheartedly. Meanwhile Dana Brody moved on against Elena who I think only Omarey hates with the kind of passion to get her in the tournament to begin with. Plus Dana dated Finn who may be even worse. Anyway, new matchup, Tammi versus Dana… who you got?

Region 2

(1) Carl Grimes – The Walking Dead vs. (4) Hazel Wassername – 30 Rock

Carl Grimes  Hazel

Carl and Hazel move on against characters that while we dislike here on The Whiteboard, I suppose some people may like (or so I’m told). So onto this new matchup. Carl has a lot of terrible history though on a show filled with some other terrible characters. Meanwhile Hazel was like a shining beacon of awful in an otherwise great cast of characters, but for just a short time. There is no question who we would vote for as the ones who seeded this thing, but let us know who you think is the worst.

(6) Detective Sarah Linden – The Killing vs. (7) Henry Mills – Once Upon a Time

Sarah Linden   Henry Mills

Two upsets! According to you guys we had these seedings all out of whack as Linden beat out Kate and Henry took out Chang. A matchup like this makes you wonder how Henry would be if he had a mom as terrible as Linden. I mean he’s annoying as hell and has two moms that seem to care about him, would a mom like Linden make him more or less tolerable? Wait that is not the question here. We simply need to know who is worse.

Region 3

(8) Charlie Matheson – Revolution vs. (5) Trey Atwood – The O.C.

Charlie  Trey Atwood

 One of our 1-seeds losing in the first round means we may have overrated Ziggy’s unbearability (though we are not ready to admit that). But when someone loses, someone else we hate wins, and as such Charlie moves on to face Ryan’s terrible brother Trey. This seems to be a classic matchup between that annoying character (Charlie) and the one that is just a terrible person (Trey). But who is the worse of the two?

(6) Skyler White – Breaking Bad vs. (2) Declan Porter – Revenge

TV-Breaking Bad-Gunn   Declan

I wondered if the Skylar defense force would be voting in full enough force here to get her out of this tournament, but it appears not. I’m thrilled to see Declan move on with close to 75% of the vote because he was one of my first choices when we started discussing this tournament. We’ll have to see how he fares against some bigger competition though.

Region 4

(1) Joffrey Baratheon – Game of Thrones vs. (5) Max Braverman – Parenthood

Joffrey  Max

On the one hand, I feel like Claire was lucky to get out of this tournament so early on. Maybe she is getting a pass for her looks. On the other hand, I’m delighted that Region 4 has become a battle between terrible teenagers. It’s hard to imagine a teenager competing with the awfulness of Joffrey, but hey that is why we vote. Also worth noting, we had nothing to feel bad about when including Max. Disorder or not, you guys are also clearly getting tired of him as well. Or again maybe you love Claire…

(3) Tyler Evans – V (2009) vs. (7) Manny Delgado – Modern Family

Tyler Evans  Manny Delgado

Another terrible Claire has somehow escaped this tournament early on and both the Benfords are out as well now… off being just about the worst couple ever somewhere I assume. But it sets up another matchup of annoying tennagers. Different styles though. The stereotypical annoying teen in Tyler vs. the “I’m all-grown up and don’t act like a teen at all” kind of annoying in Manny. Let us know who should prevail in this battle for the worst.

Well that will do it for Round 2, our not so sweet (read: truly awful) 16. Let us know who the worst is and we will post the results and Round 3 matchups this Thursday.  Feel free to let us know who you voted for in the comments below. Thanks for reading and voting and be sure to come back for Round 3!


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