March Badness: Vote for the Worst TV Character – Round 3

We love March Madness here at The Whiteboard. We also love to say things are “THE WORST” especially TV characters. So we have decided to combine these two things and make up an NCAA Tournament style bracket to decide who is the worst character on TV.

We have taken the results from Round 2 and are here with Round 3’s matchups. So take a look and let us know who is THE WORST between these various pairs below. And be free to take a peek at our updated bracket here to spy some possible matchups down the line.

Region 1

(1) Andrea – The Walking Dead vs. (2) Dana Brody – Homeland

Andrea  Dana Brody

Andrea is definitely earning that #1 seed and it is good to see you guys are thinking so as well. She comes up against the reigning champ of terrible on Homeland as her dad, Nick Brody was eliminated previously. There can be only one one Region 1 queen of terrible, so tell us, who is the worst?

Region 2

(1) Carl Grimes – The Walking Dead vs. (7) Henry Mills – Once Upon a Time

Carl Grimes  Henry Mills

This is a great matchup of wide-eyed terrible boys in fantastical situations. One is a kid living out a fantasy as an escape from his lame life. He faces off against one of the south’s most annoying kids who can’t seem to ever stay still. Is it really that hard to stay in the house, Carl? The real question here is who is the worst?

Region 3

(8) Charlie Matheson – Revolution vs. (6) Skyler White – Breaking Bad

Charlie  TV-Breaking Bad-Gunn

Will Charlie’s river of tears be enough to propel her onward or will Skyler’s generally grating personality propel her to over her opponent. Just keep in mind that Charlie is the worst on a show with a “bow guy”. When surrounded by the awesome people on Breaking Bad is Skyler really that bad? I mean she did bang Ted though…so you tell us, who’s the worst?

Region 4

(1) Joffrey Baratheon – Game of Thrones vs. (3) Tyler Evans – V (2009)

Joffrey  Tyler Evans

Two of the worst teens in TV history? That doesn’t even seem possible. There have been so many terrible ones but these guys are masters of the terrible teen game. Admit it, part of you is watching Games of Thrones just waiting for someone to drop a boulder on Joffrey. Tyler is amazing because he couldn’t even help being a complete and total tool even during an alien invasion. Really bro? There are cases for both but only one can be the worst, so who is it?

Well that will do it for Round 3, we are down to the awful 8. Let us know who the worst is and we will post the results and Round 4 matchups this Monday.  Feel free to let us know who you voted for in the comments below. Thanks for reading and voting and be sure to come back for Round 4!


2 thoughts on “March Badness: Vote for the Worst TV Character – Round 3

  1. This may lead to a very interesting matchup. Seems like we’ll have two terribly written characters (both naturally from The Walking Dead) against two well made characters written in a way where you to want to see something terrible happen to them. Hope it turns out that way, will lead to a great number one.

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