Multiplayer Month Here On The Whiteboard

Mario Kart 1

Between helping set up our March Badness bracket/blogs and not finishing any games recently to do reviews for, I’ve been low on ideas or time to write up any gaming blogs. After a little brainstorming, I had come up with some random ideas to write about and since both were multiplayer-focused I figured I’d take those as a jumping off point for a whole month focused on various multiplayer focused gaming blogs. So the next month will be Multiplayer Month here on The Whiteboard!

My favorite type of games are definitely of the singleplayer variety and because of that, my writing here over the past year has been focused on those types of experiences. So this will give me a chance to branch into new territory a bit and share some thoughts on multiplayer which while not as big a part of my gaming time, is still something I do quite a bit of. I don’t typically do announcement blogs like this on here just referencing upcoming blogs, but this will serve to let people know that more gaming blogs are coming (recently noticing how long it has been since I did one is one of the reasons I really sat down to do some brainstorming in the first place) and also help to keep me motivated towards doing it.

Here are some of the blogs that will be showing up over the course of the next month just to tease what is in store:

  • Memorable Co-op Experiences This Gen: A look at some of the co-op games or modes that stick out in my mind from this generation of consoles.
  • How Uncharted 3’s Multiplayer Let Me Down: I was a huge fan of Uncharted 2’s multiplayer, but the third game went in a direction I was not very happy with. This blog will discuss a little about why Uncharted 2’s was so good to me and how 3 went away from that too much for my taste.
  • Levels I Love: I’ll take a look at some of my favorite levels from my favorite multiplayer series. What is my favorite multiplayer series? Let’s say there is a giant hint in this blog.
  • Multiplayer Modes I Liked Way More Than I Should Have: Sometimes I play a multiplayer mode and it hits me the right way. Despite being either a rather unremarkable mode or something no one else really played, I loved it. I’ll talk about a few of these in here.
  • BattleBlock Theater Review: Currently I’m playing through The Behemoth’s latest game which seems to shine in its plethora of multiplayer modes, so that will fit perfectly into the theme of this month.

That is just a handful of the ideas I am working on. I am also kicking the idea around about a new feature called Second Chances that examines one-off games that I’d like to see get a sequel. It will look at what worked and didn’t work about the first game and how a sequel could build on that. Since a multiplayer game had been on my list of candidates for this new feature, I will attempt to make it my first in the series to fit in with this month’s theme.

Anyway, tonight and tomorrow’s work will likely be focused on getting the next round of March Badness and tonight’s Game of Thrones’ episode review up, but be on the lookout for the first of this month’s multiplayer madness sometime after Monday of this week (starting with the co-op blog). Thanks for reading and I hope some of you will be coming back in for some of these blogs!


7 thoughts on “Multiplayer Month Here On The Whiteboard

  1. Looking forward to reading these. Especially the one on Uncharted 3. I still say 2’s wasn’t that good, but at least we can agree that 3 was a step down when it should have been an improvement. In fact, I could do the same on Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

    • Yeah. Despite not feeling the same on the multiplayer in general, I think you will agree with a lot of the reasons I had issues with 3 which at this point you have heard me complain about at length already I imagine!

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