March Badness: Vote for the Worst TV Character – The Worst Championship

We love March Madness here at The Whiteboard. We also love to say things are “THE WORST” especially TV characters. So we have decided to combine these two things and make up an NCAA Tournament style bracket to decide who is the worst character on TV.

We are finally here with the worst of the worst. Our championship matchup to decide who THE WORST is when it comes to TV characters. Let us know which of these two is worse. We’re going to chime in with some thoughts on the matchup below and our own picks. Also check out the bracket here to see how these two got to the end.

(1) Andrea – The Walking Dead vs. (1) Joffrey Baratheon – Game of Thrones

Andrea  Joffrey

Omarey’s Thoughts and Pick: Joffrey’s stupid face and voice and well…everything about him, ugh. He is clearly one of the worst characters I have had to endure and that is the point. Andrea on the other hand can be good. I have seen it, in black and white. Whether it was poor writing, bad acting or just through sheer force of will she has emerged as the worst thing I have seen on my television screen. Every single time she is on screen I groan, EVERY TIME, without exception. She has also had a part in some of my least scenes in a show I would probably enjoy much more. So she is like an MVP of awful. So, without any more delay, my pick is Andrea. She’s THE WORST.

Matt’s Thoughts and Pick: This turned out to be a perfect matchup between the two types of “the worst” that Omarey and I always talk about. Andrea has been such a terribly written character. Horrible to watch, doing dumb stuff all the time and annoying as hell to have on your TV screen each week. And on top of all that, she’s awesome in the comic books, so her awfulness in the show hurts all that much more. Joffrey is a horrible human being. Anyone who watches the show knows the kind of shitty things he has done. And I groan when he pops up on screen. I hate him and hope terrible things happen to him. But that is the exact reaction he is supposed elicit from me. Whereas I don’t feel like Andrea was ever supposed to be that way at all. So while these two are both the worst and deserving of having made it this far, I think Andrea is the worse of the two. And she gets my vote.

And there is the final matchup in our Worst TV Character bracket. Let us know who the worst is and we will post the results and our big winner (or perhaps loser is more appropriate) on Monday.  Feel free to let us know who you voted for in the comments below. Thanks for reading and voting and be sure to come back to find out who is truly THE WORST.

2 thoughts on “March Badness: Vote for the Worst TV Character – The Worst Championship

  1. Andrea. Definitely, Andrea. And I haven’t even seen Season 3 yet. At least Joffery serves a purpose for being a whiny little dick. Although the show makes Joffery a lot creepier than book Joffery.

    • She is even worse in Season 3. Just wait until you watch it assuming you are going to eventually. If you hated her before, that hatred is going to reach a whole new level in Season 3. Thanks for voting!

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