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Suburgatory Season 2 Finale Review

Suburgatory Finale 1

It’s been an up and down season for Suburgatory, but with last night’s finale it ended on a good note. The plots moved forward in surprisingly big ways over the course of the hour. It featured a good bit of drama due to various relationship developments, but still had plenty of the absurd comedic moments that we have come to expect when we sit down to peer into the town of Chatswin each week.

On the comedic side of things, the standout moment for me was definitely the fight between Tessa and Dalia. The show has been building towards some kind of big confrontation between these two for weeks and I’m not sure you could expect anything better than this. I think what really pushed it over the top (in the best way possible) for me was when they started going at it with mop handles. Also great was Dalia referring to Tessa as a man randomly throughout. The fight was so ridiculous and so very Suburgatory, and it worked much better than say the dance off earlier this year.

There were a lot of other funny moments sprinkled throughout. There was Lisa’s “Meow Mix” where she meows the hits of the 80’s and early 90’s and Tessa not wanting to sway to her cat-style crooning. There was Tessa setting up shop in the girl’s bathroom after not finding a place to stay and her dancing to the jams of the Purity Ball. There was Dalia tipping George when he picked her up from school, Mr. Wolfe knowing that no one in school was still a virgin, or Lisa offering to make out with Tessa and Tessa turning her down because “Gum.” This was an episode loaded with great bits of varied comedy often with that special surreal style of Suburgatory written all over them and I found myself laughing often.

Suburgatory Finale 2

The show has showed its dramatic chops this year as well and with so many threads building over the season, this finale was sure to find things coming to a head. The biggest is probably the idea of George, Tessa, Dallas and Dalia moving in together. Tessa obviously reacts terribly to this given what is going on with Dalia, but George stands firm with his plan. He even goes all in by buying the house (with the leather living room?!?) that Dallas wanted so badly. It all ends in a fight between George and Dallas where she accuses George of just trying to learn to love her, but George points out that it is her that is the one keeping this from working. Dallas has been trying to sabotage this relationship throughout the year, so to see it end like this isn’t too surprising, but it still hurts to see George left like this. The argument was well acted though. It felt a little disjointed which I liked because it helped it feel that much more real.

The end of the episode finds things all shifted around in a way that should make for a more interesting third season. After reaching out to a bunch of people to find a place to stay, it is Tessa’s mother Alex who finally comes through for her and they will be living together for at least some time going forward. Ryan is heading off to college next year, but he and Tessa have a sweet final moment for this season and their relationship for the time being. Ryan has been one of the highlights of the show and him not being around as much (an assumption I’m making) will be a definite blow going forward. I must say though I am shocked just how invested in Tessa and Ryan’s relationship I was. It worked better than I could have imagined and I’m happy to see it go out on such a positive note this season. I’m also happy to see Dalia’s thing for George wasn’t romantic, but just her want for a better father. George has been a good father figure to her and her showing up at George’s new place made his ending a little easier to bear. Sure, Tessa is upset with him, but George is still a good father and really just a good guy and at least he gets a nice reminder of this with so many other things going wrong for him.

Suburgatory Finale 3

A few more things:

  • I am not sure if this is something I should have noticed in previous episodes, but the yogurt place George and Noah were at was called, “The Gurt Locker”… haha. Well done Suburgatory.
  • There was a weird plot here with Noah trying to get his revenge on Dr. Bob for taking Carmen. It was definitely the weak portion of the finale. First Noah wants revenge, then he doesn’t seem to care, and then he gives Dr. Bob some pointy teeth. It wasn’t without its moments (of course the idea of listening to someone would turn Noah off), but not on the level of the rest of the finale.
  • George’s line to Steven about being a father was pretty great: “Being a father isn’t a title you hold like some fighter’s belt. It’s an active job.”
  • This go between was so cheesy and yet felt perfect to segue into Tessa and Ryan’s love scene of sorts: Tessa says, “That’s not how you leave.” Ryan responds, “You don’t know how I leave.” Classic Ryan.
  • George has a dog now! I hope it sticks around.
  • The episode ends with George singing the Suburgatory theme song in full which was pretty great. Also comes full circle from when Tessa sang it at the talent show at the beginning of the season.

Suburgatory is an odd show. I recognize how inconsistent it is and yet there are few comedies I look forward to sitting down to watch more than it each week. Maybe it’s because at its best it can blow me away like few comedies still airing can. When I think back on this season of TV as a whole, one of the first episodes that will come to my mind will be Suburgatory’s Thanksgiving episode, “The Wishbone” which is the perfect example of how amazing this show can be. This finale was another strong episode in an otherwise uneven season. I hope in Season 3, assuming it returns, they can hit more of the high notes that littered this second season and build on the moves this season finale made, particularly Tessa living with Alex.

Do you have any thoughts on the Suburgatory Season 2 finale? What stood out for you from this episode and this season? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Suburgatory Season 2 Finale Review

  1. I have to agree it was a good season finale. There was a lot going on and I do hope the show gets renewed for season 3. I didn’t think I would like the show when it first started, but it has ended up being one of my favorites to follow each week.

    Also I’m with you with Ryan/Tessa. It was the ship I never knew I wanted. I will be sad to see Ryan “go”. I hope that they will figure something out and still have him around. Although I would like to see if Tessa’s mom will stick around and see how that pans out.

    • Hey someone else that likes Suburgatory! Awesome! I figure Ryan might return for holidays and stuff. He is in a new pilot for next season too which added to the going to college makes me think he’ll definitely be in a dminished role. Of course, the pilot might not go to series and maybe they decide to find more excuses to bring Ryan back on here which would be fine by me.

      Definitely hoping for a bigger presence of Alex and this doesn’t turn out to be a very short-lived experiment at the beginning of next season.

      Thanks for commenting!

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