March Badness: THE WORST 2013 Is…


The Walking Dead (Season 2)We love March Madness here at The Whiteboard. We also love to say things are “THE WORST” especially TV characters. So we have decided to combine these two things and make up an NCAA Tournament style bracket to decide who is the worst character on TV.

Check out the bracket here to see how Andrea crushed the compeition en route to her victory as the Whiteboard’s first annual THE WORST character on TV.

Andrea has created quite a resume of awful over her time on the Walking Dead, see below:


Florida / Phone – N/A / born 1976


To make an insanely frightening and difficult situation like the zombie apocalypse even more difficult and frustrating.


  • Extreme sluttiness
  • Poor decision-making
  • Quick to anger and provoking fights
  • Attraction to the wrong guys
  • Inability to pick up some pliers to save herself
  • Being mopey, depressed, suicidal and generally bringing down her group.

Employment History

Assistant Governor or at least she thinks she is an gives the world’s “most inspirational” speech to inspire Woodburians
Zombie Spotter on top of the RV shoots at a zombie, that is really an injured Darryl, and due to her poor aim she misses, luckily
Well Zombie extraction team member trying to secure a well full of tainted water. Why? No one knows.
Protector of her sister, Amy unfortunately she lets her sister die.
Civil rights lawyer and probably a horrible one at that based on her poor decision-making skills.


Shane – “The girl grabs your crotch and is ready to go, if you know what I mean.”

Michonne – “Well, she is really loyal and a good friend when you are taking care of her every need but does she trust you over a handsome but shady stranger? Nope.”

Rick Grimes-“Well she was in our group for a while…”

…and that is why Andrea won our competition. She’s THE WORST.

Thanks for reading and voting to show who is truly THE WORST 2013.

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