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Game of Thrones “Second Sons” Review

Second Sons 2

The weddings have begun! Last night’s Game of Thrones episode “Second Sons” featured the first of what feels like 27 different weddings currently planned for the characters of the show throughout the seven kingdoms. And what an entertaining wedding it was for everyone’s favorite dwarf.

Tyrion and Sansa’s wedding turned out to be about as awkward of a wedding as one could imagine thanks in large part to some of Joffrey’s meddling, but it was a showcase for Tyrion’s character as well. Joffrey was proving why he is the worst throughout whether it was taking the stepstool away so Tyrion couldn’t properly get his cloak around Sansa’s shoulders (it didn’t help that the girl who plays her is like a giant) or when the boy King was threatening to rape Sansa later. He’s such a creep and these past few weeks have really helped remind us of this fact as if we’d ever forget. It does give a very drunk Tyrion a chance to lay into him with a pretty choice line before heading off to consummate his new marriage. A drunk sarcastic Tyrion is always a good time and it made for some funny moments during this very uncomfortable situation. As for the consummation, this shows the other side of Tyrion. Despite being a Lannister and a bit of a degenerate, he is still a good guy at heart and he shows this by not sleeping with Sansa since it is obvious she is not interested in doing so. His line about his watch beginning in reference to her maybe never wanting to sleep with her got a laugh out of me too. And maybe after realizing they didn’t sleep together, Shae may lay off Tyrion a little herself. It was good to get a heavy dose of Tyrion too because he hasn’t had a lot to do up to this point in Season 3.

Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys is meeting with the captains of the” Second Sons,” a sellsword company hired to fight for Yunkai, the slave city Dany and her army are looking to sack. She offers them a chance to fight for her side instead, but the leader of the group seems uninterested. The man known as the Titan’s Bastard is more into making vulgar passes at her though none of it seems to faze the mother of dragons. In a scene that follows, the three sellsword captains discuss what they should do. Outnumbered by Dany’s army of Unsullied, they decide one of them will sneak into her camp and kill her and it is the young Daario Naharis that gets this task. He was the most against the idea of going to war with Dany and it turns out he has decided to join her instead. He shows her his loyalty by presenting her with the two heads of his fellow captains. I like the introduction of Daario here. He lacks some of his trademark characteristics from the book but that is for the better I think. His look was a bit too crazy and made it hard to imagine him being as good-looking as he was supposed to be when I had the image of a blue beard and gold tooth in my mind and that would have ended up looking a little silly on TV. I think they did a good job showing his cocky swagger and attitude though. His line about the two things worth living for sums up Daario well and I thought it was a nice touch to include the women shaped hilts on his weapons. He was quite taken with Daenerys’ beauty and it seemed the attraction was mutual. Add in the trustworthiness of the typical sellsword and Daario should be a character to watch going forward. Also his men just add to Dany’s growing army.

Second Sons 1

We also spend quite a bit of time at Dragonstone with Stannis and company. I liked the conversation between Stannis and Davos the most of this portion of the episode. Davos often feels like Stannis’ voice of reason especially when it comes to Melisandre and his comment towards the end about how Stannis came to him because he wanted to be talked out of sacrificing Gendry felt perfect. I didn’t really care for the Melisandre-Gendry scene though. I’m not the biggest fan of sex scenes in shows or movies generally (I feel like that sort of thing is better inferred than shown). It usually doesn’t bother me in this because despite the idea that HBO might just be “sexing” up the show, the books are filled with this sort of stuff. This one did feel kind of unnecessary and the reasoning Melisandre used for it didn’t really work for me. The main point of this scene is to get the blood from Gendry via leeches as a way to show Davos and Stannis just how powerful the King’s Blood could be. Throwing them into the fire, they seem to be cursing the three false kings (Joffrey Baratheon, Robb Stark and Balon Greyjoy) in some way.

The final scene of the episode is one I have been waiting to see happen and it gives Sam Tarly a rare chance to shine. Sam and Gilly are settling themselves inside an abandoned hut they found for the night when a bunch of crows (ravens?) start making a fuss outside. When Sam goes out to investigate he finds a White Walker shambling towards them. He makes his best attempt at being brave, approaching it with sword in hand, but the Walker quickly destroys the sword with just his hand. But as it lumbers toward Gilly, Sam runs up behind it and stabs it with his Dragonglass dagger (or arrowhead… it looks more like an arrowhead in the show to me or a spearpoint perhaps) which causes it to die and shatter. From here he grabs Gilly and the two take off as the crows fly after them. It’s an exciting sequence and seeing a White Walker again (and it getting killed) was pretty sweet as were the effects used. It also makes the scene where Sam talks about the Dragonglass he found a few weeks back make a lot more sense. I figured when that was the opening scene we were headed towards this one by that episode’s end. But we finally got there so no big deal.

Second Sons 3

A few more things worth noting:

  • The opening scene features Arya and the Hound and is pretty fun. I liked the back and forth when she approached him with the rock. It seems he plans to take Arya to The Twins to ransom her to her brother and mother.
  • I’m not sure I should have enjoyed it, but Cersei telling off both Margaery and Loras was hilarious to me. The explanation of The Rains of Castamere was cool too.
  • Olenna has a hilarious bit about how weird the relations of the families will be when Loras marries Cersei and Joffrey marries Margaery.
  • Probably the most focused episode of the year as far as how many characters it featured. It helped that a lot of the characters were in one location for the wedding, but they rarely leave so many storylines out (Theon, Bran, Jon, Jaime and Robb off the top of my head). Something they could probably do more often. Bigger chunks of one storyline instead of little bits of a bunch. It wasn’t quite as focused as say last year’s “Blackwater,” but this one’s setup would be more doable more often than that one which required a ton of pieces in one place.
  • On that note: No Theon? Yay! No Jaime? Boooooo.

“Second Sons” continues what has been the best Game of Thrones’ season yet with another strong episode. Our biggest dose of Tyrion this season and the larger time allotted to each storyline helped out a lot. No episode next week due to the holiday, but without saying too much the next episode of the show should be a winner. Let me know what you thought of last night’s episode of Game of Thrones in the comments below and thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones “Second Sons” Review

  1. I really liked it and agree with you. Dany’s scenes were great. When she actually goes after the Iron Throne there will be no one to stop her.

    What is with these chicks sexing these dudes then torturing them? Not cool.

    I really liked the Hound and Arya scene. Tyrion also continues to be awesome.

    Excited for what promises to be a crazy episode 9 apparently.

  2. The Dany scenes are probably my favorite this episode. I liked when Daario dropped the severed heads and Dany didn’t flinch. She just said “Is that supposed to be impress me?”.

    When Loras is about to give a monologue, Cersei abruptly brushes him off, “not interested” lol. I also liked Cersei ‘s explanation of House Castamere.

    I agree the episode is stronger when focusing on bigger chunks of story. However, I did wish we got scenes with Robb and Catelyn. Feels like Catelyn has been a background character since ep. 3.

    We finally get the white walker slayer scene. It was cool but it didn’t quite live up to my expectations like the fight with Beric vs The Hound. Did the arrowhead shatter too, because Sam could have reused it?

    • Yeah the Slayer scene wasn’t perfect. Definitely not as well translated as the Beric/Hound fight. Though I didn’t find myself as disappointed as say I was with the Jaime/Brienne fight. The Slayer scene felt like more of a struggle in the book. I think it helped that the Sam scene was much earlier in the book too. Which gave some of his brothers a chance to rib him over it before the whole Craster thing went down (unless I am remembering wrong). Now he probably won’t see any of them for a while it feels like.

      I totally meant to mention him leaving the arrowhead behind in the bullets. Because he totally did and it was a little frustrating. From what I recall it does shatter in the book. They probably should have just had it shatter because I think everyone watching pretty much just put face to palm on that one, like damn it Sam…

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