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Game of Thrones “The Rains of Castamere” Review

The Rains of Castamere 1

I think if I had to break down my review process for this show this season, it’d be 40% recap, 40% thoughts about the show/book and 20% trying to not in any way spoil what happens in this episode for non-book readers. The Red Wedding isn’t one of my favorite moments from the book to be honest. But it probably got the strongest reaction from me while reading. I think it was the one time I put the book down because I couldn’t read more. Not because I was tired, or because the point of view character wasn’t my favorite. But I literally needed a break after that. There was no denying how well-written and surprising it was, but still enough to have me stop for the day. This week’s episode of Game of Thrones aptly titled “The Rains of Castamere” portrays the source material extremely well and still felt like a punch in the gut even when I knew what was coming.

The big event here is the wedding between Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey. The early parts of the episode involving Robb and company and the Freys have some surprisingly funny moments for what is going to eventually go the worst direction ever. Of course, Edmure is somehow marrying the best-looking Frey girl possible and the look Walder gives Robb when she is revealed is kind of humorous. Probably more so if I didn’t know shit was about to go sideways. Things are definitely uncomfortable early on in these two families’ interactions, but I think the show did a good job of hiding the fact that it would all be going to hell. I think until the doors closed and “The Rains of Castamere” began to play (love that Cersei talked about this an episode back), it wasn’t obvious something was going to go wrong. And even then, if I hadn’t read it, I’m not sure I would have known how wrong it was going to go. The final sequence was gut-wrenching though well-done and filled with small moments that made it extra great (or terrible… whichever way you want to put it). Roose Bolton’s description of why he chose the wife he did or the look on him and Cat’s face as she realizes he is wearing chainmail. The discussion between Talisa and Robb about a little Ned Stark running around in their future. There were a couple of other moments that were a bit different than the book, but for this blog I’ve decided to push those to the bullet points. If you are curious about them, they won’t spoil anything that hasn’t occurred on the show, just point out some differences between the two portrayals of The Red Wedding.

The Rains of Castamere 2

I’ve been wondering to myself which event was worse between this or Ned’s death in season 1. I think I’m going to side with this one. I was more of a fan of Ned than any characters we lost here, but this was such a massacre. And I think even when Ned died, you had Robb and Cat to root for as far as getting some kind of vengeance. As far as who I want to take the Iron Throne, I actually want that to be Daenerys, but I still root for the Starks. It’s hard not to. And I would have loved to have Robb cut down Joffrey or something like that. So now that is gone too. Though I guess our hopes shift to a different Stark maybe. I think the way these events unfold. The way Cat pleaded for her son’s life. The way Talisa was killed. The idea that Cat died thinking all her children were likely dead save Sansa who is married to Tyrion (which as far as anyone knows sort of makes him Lord of Winterfell). Or Grey Wind’s death (animal deaths always hit me super hard). Or how about just how close Arya got to meeting back up with her family. Arya has always been a favorite of mine. Easily my favorite Stark and I just want her to catch a break. But no. That’s not going to happen here.

I think the Hound and Arya have been a great pairing though. And while some fans have always loved the Hound, he is someone that had to grow on me and his interactions with Arya have been a lot of fun prior to the heartbreaking end to this episode. She isn’t afraid to call out The Hound for being scared against Beric’s fiery blade or threaten him either. These two should continue being fun going forward.

There were some storylines separated from the madness in the Riverlands. After a whole lot of nothing  post-meeting the Reeds this season, Bran has his most substantial episode yet. We see Bran warg his way into Hodor (!) and then Summer, the latter of which he does to help out his half-brother Jon. So not only do we get to see Bran flex his abilities, but also another close call between this family re-uniting which is both exciting and a little heartbreaking. Meanwhile Jon finally showed his allegiance lies with the Night’s Watch as he takes out some Wildlings and rides off. We’ll have to see what happens with him and Ygritte from here on out, but I will miss their interactions for the time being.

The other two storylines were a little less meaty. Dany’s plot finds Jorah, Daario and Grey Worm sneaking into Yunkai to help them take the city and at the very least gave us a really entertaining small-scale battle scene. Game of Thrones’ fight scenes have actually been a little hit and miss, but this was a good one and I particularly liked seeing Grey Worm’s fighting skills in action. He had a certain smoothness to his fighting style that was fun to watch. I didn’t even mind the one-off scene this week with Sam and Gilly. Much like Jon and Ygritte’s scenes, it shows how different a world these two come from and Gilly saying Sam was like a wizard cracked me up.

The Rains of Castamere 3

In the bullets here, I will be making some comparisons between the show’s Red Wedding and the books for those curious about differences or just those who read the books:

  • Talisa is actually a fairly different character than the girl that Robb marries in the book, Jeyne Westerling, but the big difference here is Jeyne doesn’t come to the wedding. Talisa and as a result Robb’s heir coming to the wedding and getting killed made the Wedding a bit rougher in that way.
  • The Blackfish also doesn’t come to the Wedding in the book. I wonder if we will see him next week? He had left to go to the bathroom before the slaughter here in the show.
  • In the book, Cat grabs and kills a lackwit grandson of Walder Frey’s at the end. In the show she kills Walder’s latest wife. This might be an improvement and makes Walder’s reaction even more shitty maybe? Really he just sucks either way though.
  • I kind of missed some of the actions Cat made at the end of the book chapter. Maybe her scratching her face up might have been a bit much, but I liked the “Ned loved my hair” bit and kind of figured it would be in. On the other hand, the more silent ending (especially in the credits) was good, so not a huge loss I guess.
  • The band is terrible in the book. Which foreshadows that they are actually crossbowmen and the like. I totally didn’t get this the first time around, but it is kind of neat in hindsight.
  • They play up the “Guest Right” more in the book. When one has eaten food and drink under another’s roof, they are supposed to be safe from one another. It’s one of those honor-type codes in this world. Robb and company do so at the beginning of this episode. Honestly making a big deal of it in the show all of the sudden might have tipped off the bad proceedings to follow (Guest Right was discussed at Craster’s Keep in the show earlier this season I believe though).
  • There are a couple others, but I want to see what they show of the aftermath of the wedding before I mention them.

This was an event (or perhaps the event) that book readers were waiting for and it is hard to complain much about how it was adapted here. It made for an excellent television sequence well-acted and portayed all-around. Throw in a good step forward for Bran and the show once again focusing on fewer storylines and it made for one heck of an hour of television. The Red Wedding is definitely a little depressing, but it also feels very Game of Thrones. It subverts our expectations in a way shows rarely do. It’s evokes a number of feelings from the viewer too. We feel terrible for Cat and Robb (I worried that not handling Robb as well as I’d have liked in the show this season might hurt this moment, but it did not and the internet seems to agree). We absolutely loathe the Freys and Bolton (and Lannisters for whatever role they played). And we’ll root that much harder for the remaining Starks to be okay against mounting grim odds. Again this isn’t one of my favorite parts, but I definitely see why it is so great and moments like these are probably why this show and the books stand out so much. And for that I appreciate it immensely and am glad it transitioned to the screen so well. Despite knowing what is coming, I am curious what will be featured in next week’s season finale. Based on the internet’s reactions, it seems people might need a win. We’ll have to see if that is in the cards.

I’m dying to hear what people thought of this episode. Non-book readers, was this as shocking as it was supposed to be? Did you see it coming? Did you love it or hate it? Book-readers were you satisfied with how they handled this pivotal event? Both groups how does this compare to Ned’s death in Season 1/Book 1? Did that prepare you for a moment like this or did this still blow your mind? Let me know in the comments any thoughts you have on The Red Wedding (or other stuff this ep I guess!). As always thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Game of Thrones “The Rains of Castamere” Review

  1. Excellent episode and another awesome review.

    I am a non book reader and I was most definitely shocked by the proceedings. I know with the death of the revered Ned Stark, I should have expected that anyone was expendable but Robb, his pregnant wife and mother? Not expecting them. Rains of Castamere is a cool tune and it was neat to hear then the bloodbath began and I was like WHAT!

    Ned’s death was more shocking and disturbing. He was one of my favorite characters.

    The Hound and Arya storyline is so fun.

    I am pissed at Jon for his crazy rebellion. He didn’t even take Ygritte with him. Not a fan of that at all.

    • Yeah, I figured you’d go with the Ned scene as worse. I’m a little surprised that people were pissed off at Jon. Though I love him and Ygritte together, so that is a bummer in that regard.

  2. Even in a gruesome episode there are some lighter moments; Edmure looking at who will be his bride, Arya smacking the old man when he regained consciousness, and Blackfish excusing himself to find a tree. Who knew relieving himself would save his life? lol.

    The book played up the guest-rights which added to the feeling of dread through out the chapter. I liked the TV version too, showing them eating bread and salt but not explaining it. (They could have explained it in the Craster episode like you said but I can’t remember). This made the massacre more shocking.

    Also, if the Starks were shown requesting the food and an explanation of the tradition given, like the book, it might over emphasize their distrust and fear of the Freys which puts into question why they would bring Talisa to the Wedding. (Sidenote: Her presence can be seen as an insult to the Freys).

    I had to re-read this section in the book to process it all. I remember thinking, did that really happen??

    • Yeah I really like that they made it more surprising in the show. It was fore-shadowed more in the book that something bad might happen with Grey Wind making a fuss and some other stuff, but I think that would have been harder to make subtle in the visual medium of the show. Might have made it too obvious.

      I am kind of glad Talisa came (I know this sounds like a terrible thing to say) for the simple fact that since the show never really plays up some of Robb’s best bannermen/soldiers or whatever (like Dacey Mormont and the GreatJon) in the show, they didn’t have them to kill at the Wedding in the show. So I feel Talisa replaces them in that scene to make the wedding nice and red the way it was supposed to be. Though it did seem like an odd decision to bring her after reading the book side of why Robb left her home.

    • I’d guess the next wedding is somewhere around the third episode of next year to be honest. Just a guess. I don’t see it happening this season, but I guess you never know. Very curious how they finish the season. I have some ideas, but not sure what they will go with.

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