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Concert Review: Lit @ The Party Pit in Atlantic City – 06/28/13

20130628_234737This seems like it is becoming a tradition, and I couldn’t be happier with that fact. This is Lit’s second year in a row playing a free show at the party pit at the Showboat casino in Atlantic City. I attended both years and had a blast both times. I review the show below and even included some pictures I took. NOTE: The photos I took were taken on my cellphone in the crowd. I am not a professional photographer, they are just intended to give you an idea of what the show was like.

20130628_234747 20130628_234129 20130628_221742

The band rocked out the small stage and kept the standing room only crowd in rapt attention. The sound was as tight as ever. The band were positively bursting with energy and smiles. Their performance even seemed to draw the attention of passerbys in the casino who wanted to see the good time all of us were clearly having. I have recently seen a few other 90s bands in what seems to be a bit of a revival wave and it is clear, that Lit stands head and shoulders above their peers. They made a packed hour and a half set seem like a 30 minute opening slot, it went by so quickly and everyone was having fun.

20130628_234301 20130628_233708 20130628_233703 20130628_230205

I go to concerts frequently, and as many shows as I have been to, and its a lot, very few fall into a truly special category. There is a passion that only certain bands can convey. Lit is one of those bands. Their shows reinvigorate me. Lead singer, A.Jay Popoff was all over the place. Running back and forth across the stage and even going into the crowd and to the back of the party pit and dancing with one of the dancers. Being up front and rocking out, A.Jay even came over to share the mic with me a few times. Also during the extended bridge of “Ziplock”, bassist Kevin Baldes handed me his bass to hold as he took a quick break for a little refreshment. This fun little moment almost made me feel like I was in Lit for a bit, holding that feedback resonating bass.

20130628_231214 20130628_225627 20130628_223802 20130628_221742

Drummer Nathan Walker sounded even more comfortable and stronger behind the kit then he did last year. Even though the band as a whole misses their fallen bandmate and brother, Allen Shellenberger, the band seems to have found the perfect fit for Lit in Walker. Guitarist Jeremy Popoff still sounds amazing, tearing through solo after solo in a way only he can.

20130628_222533 20130628_223243 20130628_232902

The setlist was something both a diehard fan and a new fan just passing through the casino could enjoy. They played material from all of their albums. At last year’s show they debuted new songs from their upcoming album that would become, The View From The Bottom. This year, those songs sounded bolder and even tighter than they did the first time I saw them live. Highlights of the set were “The Broken”, “Quicksand”, and fan favorite and their biggest hit, “My Own Worst Enemy”. It was neat to hear the crowd singing back every word.

20130628_222533 20130628_225540 20130628_222037

As I said before. Lit is a can’t miss proposition. They are energetic, fun and tight musically. Although they have no shows planned in the near future, keeping checking their website, facebook, and twitter to make sure that you don’t miss their next show in your area. I promise you that it will be an excellent time.

The setlist was as follows: (Not all of the songs pictured were played. They swapped out  Lipstick and Bruises and Happy)

20130628_221016(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding (Elvis Costello cover)
Over My Head
You Tonight
She Don’t Know
The Broken
Something to Someone
No Big Thing
Last Time Again
Looks Like They Were Right
My Own Worst Enemy


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