Best of 24 – Part 2: Episodes

This is the second part of the two part series highlighting the top 10 best moments and 10 best episodes of 24. I love this show. It is one of my all time favorite shows. I was sad when it signed off the air but I have 8 years of great memories following the adventures of CTU and Mr. Bauer. I have ordered the episodes in descending order from least to most awesome. Over the course of 192 episodes of television these episodes stuck out most to me the most. WARNING: This is intended for fans of the series and does contain spoilers.


10) Season 4: 1-2 pm

This episode was great mainly because of its last scene. It was a steady build to the end but that is what really made it. Analyst Edgar Styles was working on a solution to stop the override device from melting down all of the country’s nuclear reactors. The suspense of those scenes was great and when he was able to succeed it was a really cool moment. It was quickly taken away when there were a few that were  still left vulnerable, which was a neat new thread. I am not a huge fan of the Araz family storyline but Dina getting shot was an interesting twist. The real gold of the episode was the end, where Jack has to escape a facility with the mostly useless Audrey Raines. They ended up pinned down and without anyone they could trust at CTU to call for help. They end up being rescued by the only person Jack trusts, TONY ALMEIDA. It was such a triumphant rescue by Almeida.

9) Season 6: 6-7 am

This day/season starts out with Wayne Palmer as president, Morris O’ Brien has joined his wife in CTU and brought his patented wit with him. Milo Pressman returns to CTU and Bill Buchanan is still in charge, this is CTU’s staff is its best. Jack Bauer has been in a Chinese Prison being tortured for the last two years and has gnarly scars and an awesome beard to prove it. The scenes with Jack returning are so haunting to watch. It is a sad but interesting storyline in sacrificing Jack’s life to stop terror attacks. It is crazy that Jack finds out about Fayed’s plans and then is able to put a plan in motion to try to stop him. Also, Jack gets a ridiculous neck bite kill. Bauer Count +1.


8) Season 1: 10 -11 am

Jack Bauer doing what Jack Bauer does best, interrogating someone. He has abducted a man named Ted Cofell. I am not one hundred percent sure that he is involved with Bauer’s wife and daughter’s kidnapping. But Jack is, and thats all that matters, he decides to torture him and does some neat psychological things to play mind games with him. Nina Myers and Tony Almeida continue to circumvent temporary CTU boss, Alberta Green to assist Jack. Meanwhile, Teri and Kim are able to kill one of their captors and decide to hide the body. It was one of the only good things they manage to do.


7) Season 2 10 -11 pm

 President Palmer decides that the bomb is going to go off anyway so they find a place in the desert to detonate the bomb with minimal casualty and damage. Jack Bauer decides he is going to fly the bomb into the desert. Jack finally gets in touch with Kim and has heartbreaking conversation with his daughter. Both sides of the call are gut wrenching to watch. Just when he has resigned himself to his fate, George Mason reveals he has been on the plane the whole time and since he is dying that he is going to take over for Bauer. This allows Jack to parachute to safety just before the plane explodes into a giant mushroom cloud.


6) Season 8: 7-8 am

The last season didn’t have a lot for me to be excited about, but this was a high point. Jack’s interrogation of Dana Walsh was great. Her boldness was frustrating and just rose the tension. I love when he gets rough with the suspects especially those that deserve it. Cole Ortiz, fellow agent and Walsh’s former fiancée is the personification of what we feel like, wanting to wring Dana’s neck. Jack has to mount a last minute rescue mission for President Omar Hassan with his girl, Renee Walker at his side. It is crushing when he can’t succeed. We rarely ever see Jack fail and it is especially poignant when he does so here.

5) Season 7: 9-10 am

We  get a glimpse of Tony as a bad guy. It is truly messed up.  Using the CIP module on those planes is a frightening proposition. The first gentleman is a mess embroiled in a conspiracy. He is a good enough guy but the pain over his son’s death is written all over his face and in his actions. Jack has a conversation with a young agent who says everything we have been meaning to say in reference to the ridiculous Senate hearings that started off the day. Jack and Renee track down Tony and apprehend them with Jack leveling his former friend and colleague with an awesome leaping clothesline and Jack with a bewildered look on his face, “What happened to you?”.


4) Season 5: 7-8 am

Frank Flynn is really Jack Bauer in hiding and it is interesting to see him somewhat domesticated and happy. It is painful to see Palmer die but it sets up all of the awesome that follows. It is also difficult watching Michelle Dessler die as Tony holds her. It is suspenseful watching Chloe run away and how quickly Jack puts his shades and messenger bag over his shoulder to get back into action and save his girl, Chloe. There is so much good stuff set up in this episode it is no wonder this is largely regarded as 24‘s best season.

3) Season 1: 10 -11 pm

Alexis Drazen dies. Senator David Palmer traps his assistant Patty and then fires her after he finds out that she is seducing him a pawn for his wife. If that wasn’t bad enough, he is almost blown up by Jack Bauer. He lets Jack up to his suite against the advice of his security personnel because of his trust with Bauer. It is neat to see how quickly their legendary friendship developed. After he once again saves the Senator’s life, they cover up the fact that Palmer is alive to help buy Bauer some time to try to save his family. This doesn’t work for long because the Drazens had one more mole inside CTU that tells them they have been fooled. Nina Myers. This reveal was shocking, frustrating and awesome. It served to show that no one was safe.


2) Season 2: 10 -11 am

This is one of my favorite thrilling episodes. Jack who is undercover warns White House aide, Lynn Kresge about the impending bombing of CTU. It is miraculous that Bauer is able to get a message out in an age before text messaging. It doesn’t matter because she is prevented from telling President Palmer by NSA Director Eric Rayburn. Meanwhile, CTU director George Mason tries to get out of the city, but due to personnel being stretched thin, has to investigate a lead and ends up getting exposed to radiation. It is a truly unfortunate circumstance. Jack’s daughter Kim arrives at CTU looking for help, just like her father advised her to. The problem was that it was just when the building was blown up despite Bauer’s best efforts to prevent that. It was such a thrilling episode because it was a race against time to stop the bombing but keep Jack undercover. So good.


1) Season 3: 6-7 am

So here it is, my favorite 24 episode. In this one, big baddie, Stephen Saunders demands that Division’s Ryan Chappelle has to die. He gives no reason for this, although we as the audience knows that it serves as a distraction and because Chappelle was getting a little too close to Saunders, even though he doesn’t know that. Michelle Dessler deals with all of the death at the hotel and realizes someone might have slipped out slightly before the lockdown. Uh-oh. President Palmer begrudingly authorizes Chappelle’s death if they can’t find him in time and charges Jack with this task. They all try desparately to find Saunders, unfortunately they were unsuccessful. There are a lot of great moments with Chappelle in this episode like his “I’m just going out for a smoke” escape attempt. He begs Jack to let him go out like a man and do it himself, before he realizes he cannot. Jack carries out the duty professionally after uttering a solemn, “God forgive me”. The shot rings out and the episode ends with a well deserved silent clock.  The episode was great because of its unbelivable tension, stakes-raising murder, and tremendous acting all around.

Are these some of your favorite 24 episodes? Also check out my top 10 moments on 24. Reminisce, share your favorites, or argue about my choices in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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