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Concert Review – Vans Warped Tour 2013 – July 12, 2013

This is my 11th year attending the summer rock festival tour, the Vans Warped Tour. It is a nationwide tour that hits over 50 cities from coast to coast. There is always a Camden date at the Susquehanna Bank Center. This year it was another hot day with thousands of people running all over the venue.

I started out my day in the ampitheater part of the venue where the main stage was divided in two sides. It was packed, as people were trying to work their way into the venue and find good seats or a good spot in the pit. I worked my way down to the pit area as Silverstein played their set. They played a good mix of new and old songs. They are seasoned pros and knew exactly what to do with their 30 minute slot. The show was blazing fast and high energy. Check out their setlist below:

In Silent Seas We Drown
Your Sword vs. My Dagger
Broken Stars
Stand Amid the Roar
Smashed into Pieces
My Heroine
Hearts (American Nightmare cover)
Smile in Your Sleep

Next, I moved into the front of the pit for my most anticipated set of the day, Story of the Year. I had not seen them live in 6 or 7 years so this was a real treat. They announced that they plan to return in the fall so this was pretty much a rehearsal set for this fall’s tour but it didn’t feel like it. I loved every second of it though. They were energetic and really into playing, all of the members had smiles on their faces and seemed to enjoy rocking out. One of the highlights of the set was when vocalist, Dan Marsala came down into the crowd. Check out their setlist:


Story of the Year
And the Hero Will Drown
Falling Down
The Antidote
Anthem of Our Dying Day
Wake Up
“Is This My Fate,” He Asked Them
Until the Day I Die


I was planning on checking out some other bands but I ended up staying put in preparation for Reel Big Fish. I got a chance to see Bring Me the Horizon for the first time since I saw them open up for Thursday in 2009. They are not really my thing but I must say that they put on an impressive set. You cannot deny the band’s showmanship and the crowd was really into it. Check out their setlist:

Bring Me the Horizon
Shadow Moses
Chelsea Smile
Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake
The House of Wolves
Diamonds Aren’t Forever


I have seen Reel Big Fish a number of times and they have always been fun. This show was no different. They played all the hits you’ve come to know and love and a few tunes from their new album, Candy Coated Fury, which is a great album. They had all of us dancing and pogoing up and down to every song. They even threw in a few covers, which were both really well done.  Check out the setlist below.


Reel Big Fish
Sell Out
Thank You for Not Moshing
Everyone Else is an A**hole
Your Guts (I Hate ‘Em)
Another F.U. Song
She Has a Girlfriend Now / Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jespen cover)
Take On Me (A-ha cover)


I finally decided to go outside of the amphitheater to one of the side stages to see local boys, the Early November. This Hammonton band rocked out in the sun and kept the crowd’s rapt attention even when it began to rain a little. They played a really good set consisting of some of my favorite older tunes as well as my favorite songs off of their most recent album, In Currents. Check out their setlist below.


The Early November
Baby Blue
Frayed in Doubt
I Want to Hear You Sad
Tell Me Why
In Currents
Every Night’s Another Story


I enjoy Memphis May Fire but I have never had the chance to see them live. I got back to the amphitheater just in time to catch their set. I thought they were energetic and engaging. Their music was also a bit heavier than I was expecting. Lead singer Matty Mullins projected a positive and uplifting message in his in-between song banter too, which I liked. Overall I enjoyed their set. Their setlist:

Memphis May Fire
Without Walls
Alive In the Lights
The Victim
The Sinner
Prove Me Right

My favorite band delivered just like I knew they would. It was cool to see new member, Claudio Riveria behind the drum kit rocking out. They have a massive and very strong discography and I thought they did a great job selecting songs for this set. They kept it completely upbeat and fun. One of the best parts of MCS’ shows is all of the crowd participation and singing. The warped crowd did not disappoint as we belted all of the words back to the stage along with jumping up and down, clapping and dancing to the tunes. I was completely impressed by the new track, “Inside Out”. It fit into the set very naturally and has me really excited for their next album. They put on my favorite set of the day. Check out their setlist:


Motion City Soundtrack
Attractive Today
This is For Real
Capital H
LG Fuad
My Favorite Accident
Inside Out
The Future Freaks Me Out
Everything is Alright


I last saw August Burns Red  on their spring tour last year, where they put on a spectacular set. How would they do in a shortened set? Really well! They packed all of the fury of a 90 minute set into a third of that time with all of the same energy. The pit was furious as always and the kids were moshing and screaming every word. Songs from their new album, Rescue and Restore, sounded amazing. The highlight of the set was probably “Internal Cannon”. That song just sounds absolutely awesome live. Check out the setlist:


August Burns Red
Back Burner
Internal Cannon
Fault Line
White Washed


I was never a huge Wonder Years fan, I have always liked them, but not nearly as much as their rabid fan base. This year with the release of the newest album, The Greatest Generation, my fondness for them grew. I went back to the seats to collect myself after the craziness of August Burns Red and decided to watch the Philly natives. I am glad I did. They put on a really tight show playing both new and old tracks. Check out their setlist:

The Wonder Years

Passing Through a Screen Door 
Local Man Ruins Everything
Woke Up Older
Washington Square Park
Logan Circle
Dismantling Summer
Don’t Let Me Cave In 
Came Out Swinging

Every year, it seems like I watch one band that I had heard of or heard a little of and give them a shot. After hearing a few songs from this band in passing over the last few years and listening more intently to the songs they have been releasing in anticipation of their upcoming album, Tracing Back Roots, I decided WCAR would be that band this year. I enjoyed watching their set and their mix of dance beats, synths, and clean vocals with breakdowns and death metal growls. I liked what I heard. They also did a really good job engaging the crowd and seemed to be having a good time up there. This will definitely not be the last time I see them live. Check out their setlist:

We Came As Romans

To Move On Is to Grow
Fade Away
Broken Statues
Glad You Came
Roads That Don’t End and Views That Never Cease
Tracing Back Roots
To Plant a Seed

Overall it was another great Warped Tour. There were, as there always is, a few conflicts and bands that I did not get to see but in general I was happy with all of the bands I chose to see. If you get a chance to check out one of the tour’s remaining dates, I highly recommend it or try to check out any of the bands mentioned above on tour. Live music is awesome, go see some.

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