Our Most Anticipated Upcoming New TV Shows

The new network television season is almost upon us and with it comes all kinds of new shows airing for the first time.  In this blog we each pick out the five new shows that we are looking forward to checking out the most.

Omarey’s Picks

The Michael J. Fox Show

5. The Michael J. Fox Show: I think Michael J. Fox is a super awesome guy. Not only is he awesome for acting in classics like Back to the Future and Family Ties but he is also acting amidst dealing with Parkinson’s disease. It is cool that he is doing what he does best, entertaining people, despite his personal struggles. I like the promo trailers that I have seen and the cast looks great. This should be a fun, wholesome family comedy which will be a refreshing change from gritty, edgy dramatic programming that seems to fill the airwaves these days.

4. Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Joss Whedon, can he make it three whole seasons or more? I really hope so. I liked his shows Firefly, its subsequent follow up film, Serenity; and Dollhouse. I really enjoy his signature dialogue and action style. The subject material seems ripe for taking everything he does well and putting it into a package that a network can support for years on end. Plus, who doesn’t like superheroes? Especially ones from the Marvel Universe. I am sold on this one. It should be a lot of fun for years to come…hopefully.

Sleepy Hollow

3. Sleepy Hollow: Surprise! This show had a premise on paper that I initially laughed at, and now it is one of my most anticipated. I am really excited for this. I love the creative team of Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci that worked magic on Fringe and Alias. The cast looks good, the trailers are engaging and it looks like it will be a fun ride. The show also looks to have a little bit of a twisted historical mythology which promises to be a lot of fun. This show feels like it is going to surprise a lot of people this season, in a very good way.

2. Almost Human: After what he did with Fringe, I am really excited to see what J.H. Wyman does with this show. It looks really cool and if Fringe‘s future episodes are any indication there will be a lot of neat stuff in this futuristic drama. Going in I was not a big fan of Michael Ealy or Karl Urban but based off their chemistry in the trailer, it looks like they might be able to change my mind about that. Having this show takes a little of the sting of not having Fringe around away, just a little bit.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: This show immediately caught my interest when I heard the concept a comedy cop show, produced by The Office (US) and Parks and Recreation magicians Mike Schur and Dan Goor starring Andy Samberg. See how good it sounds? Throw in Andre Braugher and Terry Crews and I am definitely sold. The trailer looked good and the show continues to look better and better. I am excited about all of the fun and hilarity that this show will provide in years to come.

Matt’s Picks

Marvel Agents of SHIELD

5. Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Honestly I did not have a real good fifth pick. While I will be checking out a lot more than four new shows, I’m not super-excited for any others outside my top four. I assume Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be a huge deal. It reminds me a bit of The Walking Dead a few years back. I ended up reading some of the comics for that and then checking out the show. And I think I will be doing the same here. Catching up on the prerequisite movies to watch and then checking out the show which I will imagine will be something everyone will be talking about. Hopefully this works out better for me than TWD show did.

4. Sleepy Hollow: When I watched all the trailers from upfronts last May, this was the biggest surprise of the bunch. Sleepy Hollow didn’t sound like much on paper, but something about that trailer caught my attention and it became one of my most anticipated shows. This modern re-telling of the classic short story looks to combine procedural elements with some interesting backstory and fun action. It probably has the most potential to miss of the shows on this list, but I’m hoping it can live up to the exciting initial trailer.

The Originals

3. The Originals: I absolutely loved the Klaus character when he was introduced on The Vampire Diaries back in its amazing second season, but by the end of Season 3 the writers didn’t seem to quite know what to do with him. That’s why I think it is good for both TVD and Klaus that he heads over to this spinoff show. Throw in the always awesome Elijah and you have a couple of great characters to build a new show around. The new setting and more mature style might be a nice change from its parent series. The backdoor pilot that aired during Season 4 of TVD was high quality stuff too, so I have high hopes for The Originals.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: I just love the cast of this one (Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, Terry Crews and Chelsea Peretti) and while the footage of it so far doesn’t exactly look like my kind of comedy, I think with Mike Schur (creator of Parks and Recreation) at the helm this should be a winner. While cop shows are a bit overdone, a comedic one should be a nice change of pace and Brooklyn Nine-Nine stands out to me as the best looking new comedy of the upcoming season.

Almost Human

1. Almost Human: When one of the showrunners (Joel Wyman) of my all-time favorite show (Fringe) creates a new show, it automatically has my attention. But I will admit the initial premise didn’t really do a lot for me. What sounded like a futuristic buddy-cop show with a robot just doesn’t seem nearly as cool as Fringe. But this is another case of a trailer really changing my view on it. It looked fantastic with great productions values. And the near-future setting and character relationships presented in it look like something Wyman can work his magic on. Almost Human is definitely the upcoming new show I’m most excited to check out.

Those are the new shows coming up this season that we are looking forward to the most. Which shows are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below. We’ll be back next week with a look at our most anticipated returning TV shows this coming season.


6 thoughts on “Our Most Anticipated Upcoming New TV Shows

  1. Out of these I’ll be checking out Michael J Fox Show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and most importantly Marvel: Agents of Shield. I normally only get my superhero fix off of cartoons, so to see a big budget show based on the Marvel universe immediately grabbed my attention.

    I’ll be checking what you guys think of Almost Human also and check it out if you say enough good things

    • We will definitely let you know about Almost Human. The others should be fun as well. Brooklyn Nine-Nine looked good on the first episode.

  2. I think I’m one of the few that was underwhelmed by The Originals backdoor pilot but I intend on giving it a chance. SHIELD would be my most anticipated; I’m not expecting it to be great out of the gates but hopefully it’s entertaining enough to stick with it until it finds it’s footing.

  3. Well a quick update to this post. I did not enjoy Sleepy Hollow as much as I expected. The cast was great and had a good rapport. They just went a little over the top on the supernatural elements for my tastes. I wish they had shown some indication of that to save me some time…At least Zero Hour was upfront and had their demon baby in the trailer.

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