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Haven “Fallout” Review

Haven Fallout 3

Dangerous weather troubles return in Haven’s fourth season premiere

The Season 3 finale of Haven was a little out there even by Haven standards. Meteor showers and magical barns… it was a bit much and left me not sure where they’d go with Season 4. Last night’s season premiere “Fallout” answers these questions with a direction I think I can get behind.

After a brief segment showing what Duke saw in the barn, we jump ahead six months where everything is amiss. Duke has randomly appeared in an aquarium tank. Nathan is getting beat up for money with a newly grown beard. The troubles are still around in Haven and Dwight, the town fixer, has taken over as sheriff in Nathan’s absence.

None of the usual gang knows where Audrey is, but it isn’t long before the show reveals to the audience what she is up to. She’s “Lexie” and is off tending bar somewhere. The way everything went down at the barn last year didn’t have the normal effect which isn’t a surprise. With the show ongoing, she likely wasn’t going to disappear for 27 years again. Nor were the troubles going to go away. A stranger that Audrey meets, played by SyFy alum Colin Ferguson, seems to know about her past. He and Jennifer, the woman that helps Duke escape the hospital, are probably going to be the key to her returning to her old life, but I wonder how long it will be before it occurs. I’ve always enjoyed Haven’s mythology regardless of how wacky it gets at times, but the show has always doled out those parts of its overarching plots at a bit of a drip feed. I think Audrey’s current predicament could force them to keep it at the forefront, so if they kept this going for an extended arc and can keep it interesting, it might be a good thing. I guess we will have to see how they handle it.

Haven Fallout 1

Audrey’s new look

Even while dealing with all the titular fallout of the great barn disappearance, this episode managed to get its typical procedural case in as well. Dwight and Duke have convinced Nathan to return to the force as a detective and he ends up helping this week’s troubled Haven resident through her current ordeal. In a callback to the show’s first episode, Marion Caldwell, the first person Audrey helped in Haven, is once again causing adverse effects on the weather and Nathan helps her snap out of it. There is a bit of a cheese factor like there often is in the case of the week solutions, but I think bringing back an old case was a neat idea.

Nathan also has a brilliant new idea of how to stop the troubles. Apparently Duke’s new friend Jennifer heard that if Audrey kills the one she loves most or something along those lines, that will end the troubles. So Nathan is ready to take one for the team. I expect this plot to loom over the season much like last year’s meteor shower, but of course I’m not expecting Audrey to actually off Nathan or anything.

A few more things worth noting:

  • I love the way TV shows differentiate different versions of a person. As Lexie, Audrey has a nose piercing of course. Also I like the idea that a beard is the universal TV sign that someone has given up. See Nathan here or Jack Shephard on Lost.
  • I totally forgot Dwight was a bullet magnet… oh Haven.
  • I’m pretty done with Jordan and the Guard at this point. It’s too bad because I was pretty into the mysterious tattoo plot at first. It’s a shame Vince is involved so it is probably going to hang around for a while.
  • I can’t see myself covering this weekly, but I may pop in now and again for an episode. At the very least, I’d like to do a finale review to see how everything turns out.

Overall this was a solid new premiere for Haven. It’s not top-tier television by any means, but a fun weekly romp to scratch my sci-fi itch. I’m intrigued by what they might do with Audrey’s current plotline and hope it means a better balance between “Trouble of the Week” and overarching mythology going forward as well as acting as a good way to shake up the show’s normal formula. We’ll just have to see if that is the case as the season rolls on.

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