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Person of Interest “Lady Killer” Review

POI-LadyThree extremely attractive women out on the town. What’s not to like? Once I heard about the premise for the next episode, I was excited for it. This episode most definitely delivered. The episode opened on Reese and Shaw on a boat on a “date” that was really a chance to surveil their most recent number, Ian Murphy, who was actually on a date. The team was quick to label Murphy as a perpetrator thanks to some suspicious behavior like making a quick change to entice another woman; which prompted Shaw to say, “Our guy just went from blue blood to hipster faster than you can say ironic facial hair”. I loved that line and Finch’s response “I don’t understand a word you just said.” Also a quick break-in of his apartment yielded a super detailed file on women he had dated, a few of them had even died or gone missing. That was enough to put everyone on alert.

They quickly sprung into action setting a trap at a club he frequented. The bait? “Finch’s Angels” – Carter, Zoe, and Shaw. The lovely ladies all donned high heels and tight dresses and would be the perfect bait. It was nice to see them all dolled up not only because they looked so great but also because it was a nice change of pace. The ladies dissuaded any fears that they would fall victim to the latest POI. There was a great scene were each woman showed off their respective weapons and Shaw and Carter even bonded over their sidearms.

The ladies set out for the club, get their dance on and try to seduce this guy. Carter is the lucky gal he chooses and after poi2a few nice dates and run in with some mercenaries, the team discovers that he is not a perpetrator but a victim. He is the target of an extremely wealthy man, Bruce Wellington. It turns out Mr. Murphy dated Wellington’s daughter, and she was his one true love, before her untimely death that is. The problem was that he was *self described* “Southie trash” and was not seen as good enough. To raise the stakes even more, unbeknownst to Ian, his love, bore him a son. Wellington’s plan was to put Ian in the ground before he ever had a chance to find out about his son.  The team tries to help Ian get his son back before his grandfather take him away to London. Ian jumps the gun and kidnaps his son but returns him, no worse for wear.  Officer Carter manages to get the boy’s birth certificate to use as evidence to and to help keep him in the states so that they can get to know each other.

Meanwhile, Root is still in the mental hospital but not for long. She plans to break out thanks to a great plan the machine hatches. Hersh manages to finally track her down, so it is time for her to go. She runs through her plan to Doctor Carmichael who still believes it is just a delusion, until the phone rings on command just like she predicted. Then we get to  see the fallout of the plan, everyone knocked out due to the drugs she put in the ventilation system and Doctor Carmichael suffering from the non-fatal wound she promised him. It all played out brilliantly, the best part was Root’s calmness, even amidst Hersh trying to shoot her. I love how calm, cool, and collected she was. She takes out the deadly Hersh and leaves moments before Harold shows up. Seeing Finch’s face as he surveyed the damage Root left in her wake was amazing and it ended on a perfect note when he called John and said, “Mr Reese, we have a problem”.

Other notes from the Machine:

  • Favorite Moment: When Root spun around and took out the lethal Hersh with one shot was super cool, thanks machine!
  • I like how Harold Wren’s “niece”‘s name  was Robin Farrow, continuing the bird naming thread. Clever.
  • Guest Stars Warren Kole as POI Ian Murphy and Bruce Altman as a Doctor Carmichael were both great.
  • It is always fun to see Bear and it was a particularly good episode for him. He got a new collar, a humongous bone, Shaw played with him and took him and walks and he didn’t have to take anyone down.
  • Reese and Finch’s conversation was interesting. Are they setting up some love triangles for Reese? I am not normally a shipper and I don’t think this show needs a love triangle, at least not yet.


“Lady Killer” was another great episode from Person of Interest. They have found a really good balance adding in the new team members this season. I am really looking forward to seeing more cases, and the development of all of the threads with HR, Elias, the new privacy minded group, and Root and the Machine’s adventures. I can tell that there is a lot of fun stuff to come and I am excited to be along for the ride.


2 thoughts on “Person of Interest “Lady Killer” Review

  1. I was cracking up when someone called out Shaw for looking all angry (Harold I think) because it was exactly what I was thinking watching her in that scene. Even though the POI turned out to not be the bad guy, I still never really liked him. Still came off a little creepy to me I guess. Root was so awesomely insane in that final sequence. Good episode.

    • Hahaha I liked when she squirmed in her dress a little it was cute. I liked the girls cutting loose it was fun to see. He was kind of a creep but it seems like his system worked. Homeboy was getting dates. Root was amazing. I didn’t want to give it a mark against the ep but I did miss the ascending/descending tones to locate the threats. It was cool. Fun episode.

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