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Revenge “Confession” Review

Revenge Confessions 2

In the latest episode of Revenge titled “Confession,” Emily seeks to extract just that from Conrad. The episode opens with Conrad having a nightmare about Charlotte stabbing him. With Jack’s revelation to her last week, Conrad lost the final family member that remained in his corner. Emily is ready to capitalize on this and as Conrad awakens she is there to lend him her ear and continue to propel her latest schemes.

Everything seems to be falling into place for her plan to work. What seemed like a typical takedown last week revealed a possible ally to her in the form of Father Paul Whitley. After making a confession of her own and coming clean about what she had done to him, Emily persuades (that might be a kind of way of putting it) Whitley to aid her in drawing a confession from Conrad about what he did to her father (for a second I thought she was actually going to admit to him her real identity, but she continued to play the part of Emily Thorne, friend of Amanda Clarke’s). So now with his family abandoning him, Emily and Father Paul steering him toward clearing his conscience, and his seemingly looming death (another scheme of Emily’s coming into play), Conrad is ready to let the world know what he has done. Of course, that just wasn’t going to go off without a hitch. The episode’s cliffhanger leaves us with Father Paul dead and Conrad staggering away from his flaming car that he seemingly crashed. We’ll have to see where this all picks up next week, but I doubt Conrad will still be going through with his big confession.

Until that ending everything seemed going right for her latest scheme, but Emily is still struggling elsewhere. The girl that seemed to be able to talk her way out of most any situation a couple of seasons ago finds herself hitting brick walls with some people these days. Victoria isn’t the only one that seems to see through the girl next door anymore. Daniel is questioning his fiancé and Patrick as he showed last week doesn’t trust Emily either. While Daniel may cause some problems for her in the short term, it is Jack and Charlotte rejecting her that really hurts. Her quest for revenge costing Emily her first love and only family left is tough and continues to show the give and take of her actions this season. It was odd to watch Emily continue to put her foot in her mouth when speaking to Charlotte, but it has been happening often this season. Though I do think she gained a little ground with Jack in their last conversation at the bar which was a plus after a couple of rough weeks between the two regardless of how small of a step it was in the right direction.

Revenge Confessions

And then there is Aiden. I was not surprised at all to see that Aiden was really on Emily’s side. It always felt a little convenient and out of place how Aiden was working with Victoria and it turns out it was for the obvious reasons. He’s planted himself on Victoria’s side for Emily’s gain and yet still their relationship is a far cry from what it was before. While this twist didn’t shock me, I was surprised to see them bring last year’s confrontation between Aiden and Daniel back into the light. With Revenge leaving so many of last season’s storylines behind and this particular incident not really touched upon yet, I figured it might just be ignored, but that was not the case.

An episode of Revenge wouldn’t be complete without some sort of social gathering. This week that comes in the form of Nolan’s housewarming party. This included the incredibly fun argument between Emily, Daniel, Victoria and Aiden where Ems revealed that the Graysons had gone bankrupt. I also loved the look on Daniel’s face when he saw Aiden. Something about it just cracked me up. The party saw the start of a couple possible new pairings too. Nolan and Patrick certainly makes a lot of sense and given fan speculation, I wasn’t too surprised to see them start interacting this episode. The other was Jack and Margaux. It was nice to see Jack a little more involved in some of the plots this week though I still find Margaux to be a bit boring and this potential relationship doesn’t do much for me at all. Her and Daniel’s squabbling over what to do with magazine cover story kept that plotline right where it was last week: largely forgettable.

A few more things worth noting:

  • I really like the phone conversation between Emily and Father Paul. Worked well I thought.
  • Nolan let me down with no particularly memorable lines this week (I even had a word document open this time to take them down). I did enjoy the back and forth with him and Patrick like the bit about the swans though. He had several completely ridiculous outfits too I guess. Still I expect more from Nolan.
  • Not sure why I’m just noticing, but the music seems to be laying it on a bit thick lately which of course fits Revenge perfectly.
  • What caused the accident? I thought maybe Emily having messed with Conrad’s meds might have inadvertently done so. I’ve also heard some say it was set up by Conrad or Victoria. We shall see.

“Confession” is another solid episode of Revenge that ended with several big moves that will be a lot of fun going forward as well as some shifting character relationships that should be interesting to see developed further. I didn’t enjoy it as much as last week’s episode, but it definitely adds to what has been a very good start for Season 3.


One thought on “Revenge “Confession” Review

  1. Solid episode. I liked the confrontation at the party, Nolan and Patrick’s convos and the cliffhanger. It has definitely been better than last year.

    It sucks that Jack needs to “slum it a bit” with Margaux. I am not a fan of her either.

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