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Person of Interest “Reasonable Doubt” Review


It is interesting when you get your wish and you are not wholly satisfied. For weeks, ever since I realized that it has been quite a while since we last had a Person Of Interest case of the week that was a perpetrator, I have been wanting one. This week granted my wish but the problem was that it also brought a twisty, turny somewhat difficult to follow story along with it.

There were a lot of things in this episode that I liked, including the opening sequence. It featured Bear at the vet because he was under the weather, or so we thought. Actually it was all a ruse and Dr. Jensen, Bear’s vet was their latest person of interest. Bear sprung into action to protect her and save the day. I love these little side mission POIs. I always like to see these quick takedowns, it shows that not every situation needs to be fleshed out.

This week’s POI was Vanessa Watkins, a prosecutor, who was charged with killing her defense attorney husband. There was something about Watkins from the beginning of the episode that didn’t sit right with me. I guess that makes sense in the light of the fact that despite a lot of weird circumstances and twists it ultimately turned out that Watkins and her husband were both bad people. She didn’t kill her husband but she did conspire to fake his death and abscond with him by defrauding their charity. After Reese tracks them down and gets the full details of the situation, he leaves them to deal with each other and their respective betrayals. This ends in a few gunshots signaling the end for the Watkins. It was a fitting end but it feels like the team wasted their considerable efforts on two people who didn’t deserve it.

There was some cool things like her Mrs. Watkins knocking out her attorney and escaping from police custody, and also acquiring a brick of coke from a dude named Reverb to use in a setup.  I did not however, like the “trial” that Reese, Finch and Carter conducted. It wasn’t particularly engaging to watch like previous interrogations on this show have been and also it didn’t work. They basically found her innocent and decided to help her when she was a bad person.


Other notes from the Machine:

  • Favorite Moment: Fusco and Shaw at the bank. They were funny. I also really liked Shaw’s impression of the other ladies at the book club, “Bunch of pseudo-intellectual trophy wives.”
  • I missed Root but she would have only crowded this episode so I am glad she wasn’t around.
  • Is it just me or does Laskey look like Terney? I think he is an unaware accomplice to HR. He might even be looking after Carter as a favor to his detective uncle. Anyone with me?
  • With the exception of the absence of Root. I think they have the character balance figured out for this show and the team now. Everyone feels essential and useful.
  • It is tough seeing Carter dealing with just being a beat cop but I like the dynamic it provides. “You think I would be standing here in uniform if the system always worked” – Carter

Reasonable Doubt was an okay episode of Person of Interest. I enjoyed the episode but it is one of those that is not as good as the show’s typical standard. Not every episode is going to be nearly perfect but I hope future episodes are better than this one. Here’s hoping the next perpetrator one is a little easier to follow.


One thought on “Person of Interest “Reasonable Doubt” Review

  1. I feel very similarly to this. It felt too twisty for its own good and I couldn’t even be happy with her being the perpetrator at the end or whatever because of that. It was an okay episode, but relative to the rest of this season felt like a bit of a dud (mostly because it has been so great this season). My favorite moment was probably Shaw at the book club.

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