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Person of Interest “Razgovor” Review

poi3052If I would have told you last week that by the end of last night’s episode “Razgovor”, that Shaw would be hugging a little girl you might have laughed at me, but that is exactly what happened. How did we get there? This week’s Person of Interest was Genrika Zhirova. Danielle Kotch who played this week’s guest star did a fantastic job. Genrika or Gen for short emigrated from Russia to stay from with her grandfather, who has recently passed. The young girl was fascinated with spycraft and decided to dabble in it a little herself. This led to her inadvertently recording Russian drug dealers and HR planning to set up a bath salts ring.

Shaw and Reese come to her aid but despite their best efforts, she is captured. This is an unfortunate thing for the bad guys, which includes Peter Yogorov’s crew, because Shaw and the girl formed a bond. I loved their conversation while they were hiding especially the girl poking Shaw to make sure she wasn’t a robot. “Razgovor” means ‘the conversation’ in Russian and this episode contained a lot of meaningful ones. I liked the conversation Carter and Reese had over a couple of beers. It is always nice to see their friendship. The highlight of the episode was Carter’s conversation with her new partner Laskey. I like that they brought the Laskey spying storyline to the forefront instead of letting it draw out. The scene itself was great. I also really liked the final conversation between Shaw and Gen. How can you not love that line about Shaw’s emotion being like the volume was turned down. Awesome.  It was neat to see a little crack in the wall of Shaw’s emotions and I am sure we will see more of that in the future. I agree with Finch that Shaw is actually understanding what they do a little bit more.

This episode also had a lot of cool fight scenes. It was cool to see John back in the action as well. His fight with Simmons was a long time coming but well worth the wait. It is a shame the police broke it up but I am sure that will not be the last time they tango. I also really liked the flashbacks for Shaw. They had some really good character revelations and I thought the acting from young Shaw and the firefighter were both really good. There was even a neat cinematic moment in this episode for me. I loved the shot of Shaw where she showed up at Yogorov’s holding the needles.


Other notes from the Machine:

  • Favorite Moment: I loved the scene where Carter confronts Laskey. I loved the way it played out and it is great that Carter has him under her thumb, “You work for me now.”
  • This week’s POI rescue to open the episode was Shaw preventing an organ delivery theft. These short ‘cases’ are a fun way to start off the episode.
  • We learn that Shaw’s real first name is Sameen and that her father died in a car accident when she was young. Interesting.
  • Finch’s smile at Shaw’s question of how much he knew about chemistry was fantastic.
  • Root turning up at the very end was cool and she even came back with a new title, “analog interface” of the Machine
  • “Finch, whoever this girl is, she has adult problems.” – Shaw

“Razgovor” was the type of episode that I have been waiting for this season. It had great stuff all around, action, mythology and a fun case. I loved all of the insight that we got into Shaw’s character. I am excited for all of the developments in the story. I am also really excited to see where the Shaw/Root, and Carter/Laskey/HR storylines go from here. This was another enjoyable episode from Person of Interest and a nice bounce back from last week’s less than stellar episode.

2 thoughts on “Person of Interest “Razgovor” Review

  1. Probably partly because I’m a sucker for Shaw, this may be one of my favorite episodes of POI. The case for the week was really cool (that robot line!) and the way they managed to intertwine all the mythology stuff was pretty cool. Flashbacks, HR stuff and a Root appearance. Hopefully more like this and less like last week going forward.

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