My Gaming Jack-O-Lanterns of Years Past

Hello all. For the past handful of years, I have been making video game-themed Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween. And while this isn’t like our typical blogs here on The Whiteboard, I thought some of our followers (particularly those that found us through my gaming blogs) might enjoy seeing some of these. So here are all of my gaming creations over the years with a little about each of them. I’ll post my new ones around Halloween this week. You can click on the pictures for bigger versions too.

Jak and Daxter

Jak Art   JakOLantern

My first gaming pumpkin carving is inspired by my favorite series, Jak and Daxter. It’s a bit more line-focused than my newer ones, but I still love the way it came out. Oddly enough it is based on Jak II‘s cover art which is my least favorite game of the trilogy, but I think some art I had done of it seemed to translate well to the carving so I went with it. The quality of this picture leaves a lot to be desired. It’s a picture of a picture. I have since lost the original digital copy and am not sure where the hard copy is either (I could probably get a better scan of it now if I had it).

Sly Cooper

Sly Jack-O-Lantern   Sly 2

The following year I was a little pressed for time, so I went with a bit simpler design based on Sly Cooper. It is basically a silhouette of Sly running with cane in hand. Because this was such a quick carving I actually decided to try and add a little extra to this Jack-O-Lantern. In the second picture you can see the Cooper symbol which I carved into the back of the pumpkin. It projected that symbol on the wall behind the pumpkin (sort of like the Bat Signal). That effect was hard to capture in picture form though. It was a neat feature to experiment with and looked pretty cool (and the blemish in the eye was not visible in the projection).

The Legend of Zelda

Link Art 2   Link Jack-O-Lantern

Tetra Art 2   Tetra Jack-O-Lantern

The following year I doubled down with two carvings based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They are based on the heads of both Link and Tetra.  They both represented new challenges for me. I had never cut out a piece as large as Link’s Hair for one. More troubling was Tetra’s hair. Since it goes down either side of her face, it was not long before her face began to fall back into the pumpkin itself. I ended up propping her head up with a fork to make it last a little longer. The cel-shaded look and big eyes of these characters really lent themselves well to my style of carving (I don’t shave, just fully cut out pieces which makes keeping everything together a little trickier).

Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet Art 2   Ratchet Jack-O-Lantern

This one is based on the Ratchet & Clank series more specifically the cover art for 2009’s A Crack in Time. It remains my favorite carving I have done. I think it is still the toughest one I have created and I really felt like I stepped things up with this one. I still remember how scared I was when carving Clank’s mouth in. I’m surprised I didn’t break it. Also pretty cool is that I posted it over on NeoGAF back then and the Insomniac (R&C‘s developer) community manager saw it and apparently showed it around the office to some of the devs and everyone really got a kick out of it. So that was a neat little bonus for this one.

Koopa Troopa

KoopaTroopa Art   Koopa Troopa Jack-O-Lantern

The following year I did one based on Koopa Troopa from various Mario games. He’s my go-to Mario Kart character (you know… because he’s the best). The carving of his belly actually gives him a bit of a Dry Bones vibe too, but Koopa Troopa was the intention.


Rayman Art2   Rayman 1

My latest from 2012 was based on some Rayman Origins art. Rayman’s iconic limbless look really worked well for my style of carving. I did actually mess up a little bit on his hoodie, but sort of called an audible and was able to fix it for the most part. Really happy with this carving. One of my favorites.

I just picked up three new pumpkins this past weekend and am kicking around some ideas for carving. Everything from Fringe to Game of Thrones to The Last of Us. It is really going to depend on which designs I think will work the best. Hopefully I will be able to share whichever I create later this week. Hope you guys enjoyed these. Thanks for checking out this blog!


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