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Person of Interest “Mors Praematura” Review

poi3061It was an extra treat to have Fringe‘s Kirk Acevado on the screen as this week’s Person of Interest. This was the cherry on top in addition to an absolutely fantastic episode, in what has been a really strong start to season 3. Shaw and Root took center stage and begrudgingly at first, worked together really well this week. The combination is really interesting, they have this undeniable chemistry but there is also mistrust and some rivalry that Shaw must keep under wraps to complete this week’s mission. It was a neat moment when Shaw takes out the last two mercenaries threatening Root and asks, “Mission Accomplished?” Root responds with “Absolutely” and gets a punch in the face and a satisfied smile from Shaw. This is such a fun relationship and it will be neat to cull it more in the future.

Kirk Acevado played Timothy Sloan, an insurance claim investigator that gets pulled into the crosshairs of Vigilance due to his foster brother’s involvement with them. Vigilance is the group that is bent on fighting any invasions of privacy, especially by the government. Their most visible member is Peter Collier, or whatever his name is. Collier is played by Leslie Odom Jr. He is a chilling and menancing threat, as is his group Vigilance. They first appeared earlier this season in the episode, “Nothing to Hide.” They make a really formidable and intriguing foe and I look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

It was really cool how the episode came together. Shaw and Root’s mission as well as Reese and Finch’s and how they all intersected at the point of the attempted assassination of Greenfield. It was cool how the machine led Root around the city, setting everything into motion, including leaving the package at the bench where the ambush would take place. That was such a cool touch.

The Carter/Laskey storyline was pretty good as well, as he really got a taste of what HR was about. I wonder if she can really turn him around and make him more than an asset but actually turn him into a good cop. The look on his face when he realized that his friend had been killed was heartbreaking, even for a guy that was such a tool in the past. I won’t ever forget what you said about Carter, Laskey, but that would have been rough to deal with for anyone. My condolences.

I don’t know how I feel about the ending with Root being locked up. I loved the scene with the interaction of Root and Finch and I know she is dangerous but it seems kinda cruel, especially after she did something good and that she is clearly doing the work of the machine. I love seeing her as the Machine’s analog interface. Some of my favorite scenes this week were of Root doing “Her” bidding. I hope we get to see more of that.


Other notes from the Machine:

  • Favorite Moment: I loved the rescue of Sloan and Greenfield. It was cool how everything led up to it and because of everyone’s actions and timing, both guys got out safely. It was pretty cool.
  • How cool was it to see Kirk Acevado this week as the POI. It would be cool to see more Fringe actors show up.
  • Root eating the apple during the fight was really neat. The precision with which Root carries out her tasks is great.
  • It was a little frigid this episode, Root, Shaw, and Collier all have kinda cold personalities, but in a really good way.
  • I also loved all of the references to the American Revolution.
  • “Safety first” – Root to Shaw as she put on glasses to shield Shaw’s eyes from the heat lance. So sweet with a hint of ominousness. That is what makes Root so great.

“Mors Praematura” was another fantastic episode. The show seems to have hit a nice stride this season. I like the big bad of this year, Vigilance. I think they are an ominous and threatening organization. Also, the addition of Shaw and Root has led to some really interesting storylines. I am excited to see where these threads will lead to. This show is on such a high level and I hope that this quality run continues.

2 thoughts on “Person of Interest “Mors Praematura” Review

    • I knew you would love seeing Mr. Francis! With this universe it might not be the last time. He has those great instincts/detective-like skills to be used. I agree that it has been great lately. That is why it is a top 3 show for me.

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