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Brooklyn Nine-Nine “48 Hours” Review

Brooklyn Nine Nine 48 Hours 2

This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Peralta’s actions get everyone stuck at the precinct for the weekend. How did this come about? During a new investigation, Peralta recognized the M.O. of an old collar of his, Dustin Whitman, who was recently released from prison. When he goes to confront him about it he is provoked into making a hasty arrest. Though who can blame him, Whitman’s taunt of “Joke Peralta” is pretty excellent. So the Ninety-Ninth has 48 hours to find some evidence so this guy doesn’t get away with the crime. The “Peralta-bites-off-more-than-he-can-chew-and-the-gang-has-to-work-together-to-get-him-out-of-a-bind” setup is something this show has actually gone to before, but there was a still a lot of fun to be had with this week’s premise.

When you have a cast as good as Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s, any of them could steal the show each week. And I think Sergeant Jeffords took the top spot in “48 Hours.” Terry Crews certainly had his moments in the first couple episodes of the show, but I felt like he wasn’t given as much material to work with as some of the other characters. That has certainly changed as the show has progressed. I loved him at the gun range in “The Vulture” and this was another great episode for his character. Holt notices that he has been making excuses to stay at work and apparently his brother-in-law is the reason. In a fun twist, the completely jacked Terry Crews is being bullied by a towering in-law. The storyline actually intertwines nicely with both of the other plots of this episode. Jake’s screw-up has given him another reason to stay on the job despite having a couple sleepless nights leading into the weekend. And the pie storyline (Gina and Rosa have asked Boyle to decide whose favorite pie is the best) leads to a great moment where he decides the only way to see which places pie wins is for everyone to try every pie from both establishments. That was just one of many laughs Terry provided this week. A couple of my personal favorites were the look he got on his face as he tried to stifle a yawn in front of the captain and the fact that he can’t sleep without his whale songs. I also thought the way Holt helped make him look tough to his brother-in-law at the end was a nice way to cap off the episode.

Brooklyn Nine Nine 48 Hours 1

Everything wraps up neatly with the Peralta storyline. He figures out Whitman had an accomplice and he offers to cover a shift for everyone after ruining their weekend. I did enjoy some of the back and forth during his scenes with Whitman such as Peralta trying to annoy his rival into a confession complete with guitar and horrible screaming or the final exchange with the bits about the statue and Jake’s Regis impression. The line, “You’ve changed. You used to go straight to jail” during one of the interrogation scenes also got a chuckle out of me too.

More great bits from this episode:

  • Braugher’s deadpan shined during this exchange: Holt – “I know everyone’s mad at Peralta for ruining their weekend.” Peralta – “But?” Holt – “That was it. I was just demonstrating for Peralta what a fact is.
  • Santiago when asked why she took makeup advice from a prostitute in lockup: “I just wanted to know how she got such smoky eyes. Turns out it was an STD rash.”
  • Peralta to Santiago after trying her glasses on: “You’re a blind cop. How has there not been a made for TV movie about your struggles.”
  • Boyle on Linetti’s unexpected arrival: “Holt said you didn’t have to come in here… you don’t come in on days you are supposed to work.”

The setup being a tiny bit been there done that for such a young series was a small minus for this episode and I hope they’ll be able to mix things up plenty as the series continues. Beyond that, I just didn’t find it quite as funny as the last few. A relatively weaker episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine though is still a good time for me and everyone seemed to get a nice moment or two while the crew was stuck working for the weekend. Overall “48 Hours” was a solid addition to B99’s breakout freshman season.

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine “48 Hours” Review

  1. I’m still waiting for that one unforgettable like the Snake Juice one in Parks and Rec or The Office where Michael burned his foot, but Brooklyn’s doing a good job of getting laughs out of me every week. I agree Terry was the best, but I also really enjoyed Boyle’s pie bit. Pretty much anything with Boyle is a win in my book.

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